Updated Index of ‘You’ Series Season 1 & 2 (Review, Cast & Episodes)


‘You’ is the sort of series that you don’t always find. This is a non-conventional tale, and the thrillers’ edge has made it one of the most successful psychological thriller series of the last few days. You’re a U.S. series that streams on Netflix currently. You should blindly go for it if you are in the mood to see anything in the genre of the psycho-thriller romance.
The series is about a man named Joe Goldberg who has a big fascination with a beautiful girl watching at a library. He was going to do something about it to get his love and affection to any extreme. He can’t stand anyone seeing her. He isn’t what he represents to the people at all.

One explanation of its unanimous success is that the leads were played in the series. The actors in the series will have top-notch appearances that lead you into the ‘You’ universe.

‘You’ series details 

  • Release Date of the first episode: 9 September 2018
  • Genre: Psychological crime thriller, Romance
  • Total number of seasons: 2 seasons
  • Total number of episodes: 20 episodes
  • Length of per episode: 40 – 49 minutes per episode
  • Available in: Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • Direction: Lee Toland Krieger, Marcos Siega, Cherie Nowlan, Vic Mahoney, Silver Tree
  • Writing: Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble
  • IMDb rating: 7.8 / 10

List of the main characters

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

Elizabeth Lail as Guinevere Beck

Elizabeth Lail as Guinevere Beck

Zach Cherry as Ethan

Zach Cherry as Ethan

Luca Padovan as Paco

Luca Padovan as Paco

Shay Mitchell as Peach Salinger

Shay Mitchell as Peach Salinger

Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn

Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn

Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves

Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves

Ambyr Childers as Candace Stone

Ambyr Childers as Candace Stone

Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves

Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves

Kathryn Gallagher as Annika Atwater

Kathryn Gallagher as Annika Atwater

Index Of ‘You’ Season 1 – Episodes List

EpisodeName of EpisodeLink
Episode 1PilotWatch Now
Episode 2The Last Nice Guy in New YorkWatch Now
Episode 3MaybeWatch Now
Episode 4The CaptainWatch Now
Episode 5Living with the EnemyWatch Now
Episode 6Amour FouWatch Now
Episode 7verythingshipWatch Now
Episode 8You Got Me, BabeWatch Now
Episode 9CandaceWatch Now
Episode 10Bluebeard’s CastleWatch Now

Index of ‘You’ – Season 1 


Episode 1 – Pilot

The bookstore manager is Joe Goldberg. From the very first time he sees her, he attracts a stunning woman named Guinevere Beck. Joe continues to track her everywhere she goes to know more about Beck. He stuck them on social media in order to find out who her friends are and how she likes them. By chasing her, he finds her house.

Beck, intoxicated, becomes instable one day and crashes on the trains’ subway. Joe’s saving her and dropping her off. When saving her he steals her telephone, because it wasn’t fully conscious. He discovers who his friends are via her computer. He gets to meet her boyfriend Benji as well. Beck then thanks Joe and urges him to ask her to save her.

Beck’s reality with a boyfriend cannot be handled by Joe. So he is kidnapping Benji and slowly killing him.

Episode 2 – The Last Nice Guy in New York

Beck is being exploited in the second episode by her teacher to have a physical connection to him. After Beck refuses him, he challenges her that if she did not sleep with him he would fire her from her teaching assistant’s work. Beck answers the professor that if he fires her, she will reveal her character to the world. She informs him she’s going to show him to six women he worked with earlier.

Beck’s close and very rich friend is Peach, too. Peach begins to question the character of Joe.

Episode 3 – Maybe 

Benji’s dead body has begun to collapse. Thus, Joe is trying to get the body off. When he finds out that Beck sleeps with other men to cross Benji, Joe gets disappointed. Joe listens to Beck’s chat with her friends secretly. She tells her friends during the conversation that she is not so sure of a connection with Joe because he could be a relationship with him. When Beck and Joe become intimate and start making love, Peach will interrupt them. She says Beck wants medical care because she has a chronic illness.

To burn the trees, Joe takes the dead Benji body. The episode ends in Beck’s apartment with Beck and Joe making love.

Episode 4 – The Captain 

When he has Beck’s cell, Joe can see all her talk to her social media buddies, since her stolen phone accounts are still synchronised. Joe knows that Beck is deceived by the love she conveys via a messaging community to her peers. Beck doesn’t talk about anyone called ‘The Captain,’ to her mates. She doesn’t disclose this to anyone. Joe’s curious to see who’s the captain. Joe follows Beck to see who she is going to meet at the Charles Dickens Festival. He discovers that Beck’s father is the captain.

Joe and Beck meet with their dad and stepmother at the Charles Dicken Festival, and Beck introduces Joe. When Beck’s stepmother insults her during a family meal, Beck is furious. Beck tells Joe why for many years she had been separated from her father. Her father was a heroin addict at the time, but recently he was addicted. However, Beck wanted him to remain a long way off.

Beck and Joe make love end the show. Beck is happy with his lovemaking this time.

Episode 5 – Living With the Enemy 

The Rich Friend Peach of Beck becomes extremely suspected of Joe. Beck and a prominent literary personality are organising a meeting between Peach. During the conference, the person who also tells her that Peach criticised her is insulting Beck. Beck gets really upset and avoids talking to her after knowing this and witnessing the insult.

Peach fakes her suicide to get back with Beck. Joe gets to know that Peach has a crush on Beck on Peach’s laptop, and then she tries to isolate her from Joe. When she’s alone in the morning, Joe hits Peach with a rock on her head.

Joe saves Ron from his stepdad, his neighbour, who has been drugging him. Yet, Ron’s stepdad beats Joe. He also learns he’s not dead Peach.

Episode 6 – Amour Fou 

Beck speaks to her again and remains with her though Peach is unhappy. Joe can’t reach or speak with her, therefore. Peach and an old friend Raj schedule a threesome for a dinner. This proposal is rejected by Beck. Peach kisses Beck this evening. On the next day, Beck is faced with the kiss yesterday night.

When Peach finds Joe inside her house, she picks up a weapon to shoot him. But Peach is fired by Joe to everybody’s horror.

Joe takes Peach’s laptop and writes a suicide note to make it look like a suicide. The case is closed because the police thought Peach actually committed suicide.

Episode 7 – Everything ship 

Joe consults a doctor named Nicky, whose original name he doesn’t say. His name’s Paul, he tells the doctor. He tells the doctor all about his life but in his storey he does not disclose Beck’s identity or other people. He advises the doctor that this is a very remote and distressing behaviour of Beck.

She asks him why if Beck discovers that Joe follows her. But she breaks down with him, Joe accuses her of adultery.

One day, he hacks the computer of his doctor and sees the photos with Beck. He knows they slept together. He knows that without Beck he’s happy to live. So, with her life, he lets her continue.

Episode 8 – You got me, Babe

It’s been three months since Joe’s with Beck broke up. He is now in a happy connection with the woman Karen. One day, coincidentally, Beck and Joe meet one another. Even months later after meeting, they both know that they have feelings. You make love. You make love. Beck shouts and says to Joe she’s wrong and she just loves him.

Now Joe breaks up with Karen and returns with his Beck affection. However, Karen confronts Beck and reveals to her some unknown things. Beck is also wary of Joe.

Episode 9 – Candace 

Candace is a woman Joe’s had in relation to a few years ago and Joe tells Beck that Candace and another guy named Elijah have cheated on him. But about Candace, he didn’t say more, he was pretty timid. Beck was looking for answers. After she left Joe, she wondered why Candace had no details or parking space.

To meet his daddy figure Mooney, Joe takes Beck. Mooney was the original bookstore owner now working for Joe. Paco will tell Beck something that will take her to the place of Joe and finally find her old property.

In Joe’s Place, she discovers her old missing phone and Nicke’s laptop. Please, Peach’s laptop. She was shocked to see this whole thing. Joe gets to know all this has been discovered by Beck. So he locks her inside the book vault in which Benji had previously locked him.

Episode 10 – Bluebeard’s Castle 

In order to find out how Peach died, the Peach family assigned an investigator. Beck advises Joe to use Dr. Nicky for a scapegoat to escape from the book vault. Her life storey and incidents that contributed to misfortune are also written by her. She convinces Joe that she’s glad she got him and she’s going to put full trust in him. She does everything to free her from the book vault. Too much happens and Joe kills Beck, eventually.

Now it’s been four months since the death of Beck. Joe wrote a book in which he called Nicky the killer for his killings. At the end of the season, Candace appears to return to Joe to complete an unsuccessful job.

Index Of ‘You’ Season 2 – Episodes List

EpisodeName of EpisodeLink
Episode 1A Fresh StartWatch Now
Episode 2Just the TipWatch Now
Episode 3What Are Friends For?Watch Now
Episode 4The Good, the Bad, & the HendyWatch Now
Episode 5Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!Watch Now
Episode 6Farewell, My BunnyWatch Now
Episode 7Ex-istential CrisisWatch Now
Episode 8Fear and Loathing in Beverly HillsWatch Now
Episode 9P.I. JoeWatch Now
Episode 10Love, ActuallyWatch Now

Index of ‘You’ – Season 2 


Episode 1 – A fresh start 

Joe left his bookshop with his friend and fled back to Los Angeles, after Candace had unexpectedly appeared outside Joseph. In Will’s name, he begins to live there. It shows clearly that he hides something. Los Angeles differs too much from his former New York home town. Joe’s at a Los Angeles book cafe.

He meets a woman known as ‘Love’ at the café. Yeah, that right you heard! Her name is Love. Her name is Love. Love is returned to Joe’s life officially. Love is a bubbly happy child. The 15-yr-old neighbour of Joe is Ellie Alves. She instructs Joe to appeal to his social media.

Joe and Love begin to get to know one another and finally both get attracted. The scene now reverts to Joe Will, who is in plexiglass locked up. The initial Will that had Joe’s name robbed.

He tells why he got a job at the café. He saw love and got drawn to her right away before he got the job. He followed her and found out that she is working in a café. So he had a job to win her love there for himself.

Episode 2 – Just the tip 

The episode begins with a backlash that reveals Joe’s arrival in Los Angeles. The original owes an individual named Jasper $50,000. As Joe has stolen the identity of Will, he’s the one who ought to repay Jasper.

He began to stalk Love and her friends just as he stalked Beck. Lucy and Gabe are mates with love. Gabe is a pansexual love pal and Lucy is a hollywood agent.

Joe and LOVE enter into a discussion and Joe reveals that he wanted to make good friends, because he feared love, that love would ultimately hurt it.

Joe is shown in the grinder of his kitchen, collapsing Jasper’s body. He also reattaches his Jasper finger joint. Ellie has Delilah’s oldest sibling. At the age of 17, Délilah opens the door to Joe.

Episode 3 – What Are Friends For? 

Joe becomes acquainted here with the fact that Love has a twin brother, Forty, who aspires to be a director, producer and writer. Forty are self-obsessed and attached too much to his sister.

Joe sees Henderson and Ellie hanging out. He promises to protect Ellie from him. He promises himself. One day, forty gets wasted and is almost unconscious at a party, Joe safely gets him home and calls Love to tell her.

Love and Joe return and make love together. Now Joe discovers that love has a whole new side. Joe also says that Will will release him if he promised Joe that after he had gone out he would keep his mouth shut.

Episode 4 – The Good, the Bad and the Hendy 

With mates of Love, Joe becomes good friends. Will is seen in Joe’s wake as he still is in Henderson’s home. Joe goes into one of the rooms of Henderson to find too many unconscious polaroid images of women. One of them was Delilah’s picture.

Joe takes all the pictures and leaves Delilah in front of her door in order to prosecute Henderson. By tricking Joe, Ellie goes to Henderson’s flat.

As she becomes unconscious, Joe sees that Henderson combines something with Ellie’s drink to profit from her. Joe is knocking and killing Henderson

Love and forty meet a beautiful woman named Amy, Candace dishonoured like Amy, at the movie festival. Will is released by Joe as he vowed to keep his mouth shut.

Episode 5 – Have a good weekend Joe 

When Joe goes with Love and visits his family, he and Love’s twin brother Forty are visited by Candace. After watching a Forty online video shared with Joe, Candace found Joe in Los Angeles. Joe had buried Candice in the past to kill her, but heavily fled and survived. The family of love is chaotic and awkward. Joe is also confronted with Candace’s problems.

Finally, in a situation in which Joe loves her, Joe reveals to Love. The police believe that the death of Henderson was not a suicide.

Forty was persuaded by Candace to play the book of Joe.

Episode 6 – Farewell My Bunny 

Love is remembered for her ex-husband as everyone attends the funeral of Henderson. Love suspects the actions of Candace, hiring a researcher to stalk her and find out more about her.

Candace breaks one day into Joe’s apartment where she already finds Love waiting. They show things, and Candace with Joe to Love reveals everything about her past. Love is confronted with Joe; Joe cleverly persuades her. But with Joe, love breaks. Forty tells him to maintain the role as Joe attempts to quit his job at the café.

That evening Joe spoke to Delilah and made her feel fine. They make love, finally.

Episode 7 – Existential crisis 

Love is seen with Milo, the best friend of her husband. To meet new people, Joe puts Dating Apps on his computer. But there is none. Friend Gabe of Love brings him to spiritual therapy to overcome Love. Delilah was thankful that Joe had made her feel good and both of them made love in the middle of the street as they got wasted again. Finally, the police apprehend them. Forty is helping Joe get out of prison.

Milo wishes to take the next step of his friendship with Love. She’s not fully interested in him, though.

If the police suspect Joe for the murder of Henderson, Delilah goes to the vault and finds out about the secrets of Joe. Within the vault, Joe discovers it and seals it into it. He promises that after he escapes from that city he will let her go.

Episode 8 – Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills

Help him complete his script, Joe helps Forty. Ellie is also accompanied by them. But now is the time for Joe to leave town to prevent Henderson’s assassination. So Joe ought to do him a full job soon.

Ellie says to restart the script again, so Forty gets upset and leaves to a pub. Forty blend into Joe’s drink to enhance his script imagination. Joe attempts to escape, but this makes him unstable and changes his function of the brain.

After finding his farewell note, Love persuades Joe to remain in Los Angeles. Forty tells Joe he killed his lover when he was young. The next morning he finds her dead inside the vault as Joe is about to release Delilah.

Episode 9 – PI Joe 

Joe certainly knew he didn’t kill and did not want Delilah. What happened before night doesn’t entirely recall him. Now Candace is coming to the vault and inside the vault locks Joe down. She’s calling Love and showing her who Joe is.

When Love enters the vault, Joe says it all, and also excuses Candace. But Love Kills Candace, to everyone’s shock.

For Joe, passion proclaims its love.

Episode 10 – Love, Actually 

After Love proclaimed Joe her love, she disclosed to him her master plan. She says she researched the past of Joe and made her love for him very carefully. She tells him that they could intend in Henderson’s case to frame Ellie as the killer, and also to leave the family.

It also looks like Delilah committed suicide. She, Forty and Joe were after all able to escape from this position.

Now Joe tries to kill Love, but when he discovers she’s pregnant with the baby he could not do it. Forty knows Joe’s the killer of Beck. Love makes it comprehensible.

Joe gives her some money and advises her to flee this place before Ellie is caught in the police for the crime she never had committed. Forty are trying to kill Joe, but Fincher is murdered. For the assassinations of Henderson and Candace Love uses her contacts to call her brother.

Now that it’s all sorted out, Joe and Love launch their new life in a new home.

Now, though, there’s a twist as Joe sees and gets stuck with a lovely neighbour.

From the beginning all begins again.


‘You’ was unanimously received well for its unique story and characters. The second season of the series concluded with a major storyline, in which Joe Goldberg was seen obsessing over his neighbor, despite ‘Love’ pregnant with his child. Fans of ‘You’ can’t wait for the series’ third season and it’s major twists. Fingers are crossed!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. When was ‘You’ released?

‘You’ series was released in September in the year 2018.

2. Where is the ‘You’ series streamed online?

Your series is streamed on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

3. How many seasons are there in ‘You’?

‘You’ has a total of two seasons. Season three is expected to arrive by the upcoming year. 

4. How many episodes are there in each season?

Both seasons have 10 episodes each. Each episode is 40-50 minutes lengthy.

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