Didi No. 1 Season 9 (2021) – Audition & Online Registration through Zee5

    The iconic Bengali Television game show Didi no. 1 is back with its next season 9. The show launched in 2010. This is the only game show on Indian television being completely women-centric. In the first season, Pushpita Mukherjee hosted the show. But from season 2 Rachna Banerjee is hosting it. Didi No. 1 except season 3 and 5. June Maliya and Debashree Roy were the anchors for seasons 3 and 5 respectively. Didi No 1 Season 9 Auditions will begin shortly. We are here to give you all updates about the auditions for season 9.

    Format of Didi no. 1

    There is a total of 4 rounds in Didi no. 1. Each round is different from the other and the participants can win exciting prizes in every e round. The participant with the highest number wins the show and they get a different rest than other participants. Where she wins more exciting prizes.


    Search game show completely dedicated to two housewives Or women is not new for the Bengali television industry. Before that, there was a related show like Rojgere Ginni. Which was also very popular at its time. And following the same path in 2010 Zee entertainment company launched Didi no. 1. And it’s their ninth season 2 come shortly.

    First of all the participants are women who are mostly housewives. But in many episodes, they invite married or Child participants too. The game show gives chance to every housewife or simple women out there to become popular and appear on TV. Anyone can apply for or being a participant. The procedure is also very simple.

    Many participants appeared on the show belonged from different background. He got an outstanding chance to showcase their talent and strength. Another best thing about Didi number 1 is that the participant gets to share their life story their struggles and achievements through the platform. We found several Hidden Gems and understood the perspective of the woman of the house. Hence the show has an emotional touch and that’s why the common people relate to it to another extent.

    Didi No. 1 season 9 audition Process

    The registration for Didi number 1 season 9 auditions will start very soon on the official website of the channel. Will update as soon as we get to know about it.

    • Firstly, you can visit the Zee5 official website or you can also download the Zee5 app from Google Play Store or Apple Store
    • On the home page of the website, you will find the online registration link for Didi number 1 season 9 auditions.
    • After that click on that link and there will be an audition form in front of you.
    • Fill out all the details including your name age mail ID phone number etc. Make sure you provide correct contact details because that will be the only way for the channel to contact you.
    • Special mention for the point where they ask why you want to participate in Didi number 1. Make sure you give an impressive answer to that.
    • Check all the details that you have filled and click on submit in.
    • If they accept your application the official team of Didi number one will contact you shortly for the next process.

    For more updates and about the starting dates for Didi no. 1 season 9 auditions stay tuned to our website.

    How do I audition for Didi No 1?

    The interested person can visit the official website of Zee5 or can download the Zee5 app. Where they will find the link for audition form. Just fill out the details and wait for them to contact you.

    How can I go to Didi No. 1?

    The interested person can visit the official website of Zee5 or can download the Zee5 app. Where they will find the link for audition form of Didi No. 1. Just fill out the details and wait for them to contact you.

    Note: if you want to join Dadagiri visit here: Dadagiri Season 10 Auditions & Online Registration Details 2021

    When did Didi No. 1 start?

    Didi No. 1 started in 2010.

    Where can I watch Didi No. 1?

    You can watch Didi No. 1 at Zee Bangla. Or you can also watch it on Zee5 app.

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    2. Hi I am Moumita Sen.i want to participate didi no 1… very much..please zee bangla give me a chance..plz plz

    3. Hello . I’m Urmila Mondal and I want to participate didi no.1 . Please zee bangla tell me how to participate

    4. Hi i am sunita bej…. i want to participate didi no.1 very much….. please zee Bengal give me one chance….. please

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    6. Ami Didi no 1 roj dekhi amr khub valo lage dekhte eai program ta stti khub sundor.ami O chai amr life E r ki6u Katha shear krte are rochona di r 7a ekbar meet krte ekti bar onake hug krte chai Ami onar khub boro fan

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