Diablo Immortal Essence Transfer Guide – How To Unlock, Extract And Inherit Essence

Diablo Immortal Essence Transfer Guide How To Unlock, Extract And Inherit Essence

Essence Transfer is one of the best services in Diablo Immortal that you are not utilizing. In Diablo Immortal, equipment is crucial to your success. The more you progress in the game, the more advantageous it becomes to extract the essence of legendary items. Here you may learn how essence transfer works.

Essentially, it allows players to transfer a legendary item’s name, appearance, and benefit to another. Those who have played prior installments of Diablo may observe that Essence Transfer acts similarly to Kanai’s Cube. Continue reading for more information on Diablo Immortal’s Essence Transfer.

How to Unlock Essence Transfer

What is Essence in Diablo Immortal

Simply put, essence enables the transfer of a legendary item’s appearance, name, and benefit to another item, allowing for greater loadout and build customization. For those who have played prior Diablo games, the transfer function is comparable to Kanai’s Cube. Newcomers, if you continue reading, you will discover everything there is to know about essence in Diablo Immortal.

Essence Transfer is a new feature in Diablo Immortal. It allows you to repurpose your old equipment rather than reclaim it. To reach the maximum level in Diablo Immortal more quickly, inheriting and extracting essence is of immense assistance.

Basics of Essence Transfer

  • It unlocks when a second Legendary Item for the same equipment slot is discovered.
  • Essence Transfer is exclusively available in Westmarch from a unique NPC located adjacent to the Rakkis Plaza Waypoint.
  • It permits the use of any Legendary Power combination on loaded equipment. This allows you to permanently wear your best-rolled things.
  • You must extract (destroy) one copy of each Legendary Item whose power you intend to transfer before you can transfer it. The inheritance process is free and can be repeated indefinitely.
  • Items that inherit (transform into) a specific power change their name and appearance but retain all of their stats and upgrades.
  • Essence Transfer is exclusive to Legendary Items, meaning that only the right side of your inventory (armor and weapons) can utilize the technique.
  • Early on, you may wish to extract only the intriguing powers and salvage Legendary Items that you will not utilize as Glowing Shards upgrading components (required for Rank 6 and beyond).

How to Unlock Essence Transfer

To enable essence transfer, you must first gather two legendary pieces of identical equipment. This will likely occur as you progress through the main game, but it is not guaranteed. It is extremely unlikely for legendary items of any type to drop.

You can acquire legendaries through grinding monsters, completing dungeons, rifts, etc., or through battle pass awards, log-in prizes, and possibly more in the future (but that’s all we have for now). Don’t give up if it takes a while to obtain legendaries; just keep playing, and they will eventually drop. That is the nature of the situation.

After obtaining two identical items, a Westmarch NPC named Zamina will grant you access to her extract and inherit services. She is positioned in Rakkis Plaza near the other merchants.

How to Extract Essence in Diablo Immortal

Once they are in your inventory, you must approach Zamina and then use the transfer menu. On the following page, selecting the Extract option will allow you to select a legendary item from which to extract the essence. Note that stored things will not be accessible in this container.

After gaining access to essence transfer, you’ll be able to extract the essence, but you’ll need at least two legendary items of the same type in your inventory to begin the process.

You will then see several alternatives to extract, such as “Spirit’s Reach,” along with the item’s description. The description of Spirit’s Reach states that the seven-sided attack creates a runic circle in which all foes become trapped.

Since you will not own all legendary items, some of the alternatives will be in black and white, indicating that the item cannot be extracted.

If you have the requisite legendary goods in your inventory, the option will be highlighted in gold, and the word “extractable” will appear in the bottom right corner. As seen in the image above, “Zaynula’s Last Hymn” is extractable. Therefore, the “extractable” text is in gold while the others are in black and white.

In Diablo Immortal, essence extraction is most successful when you obtain a legendary item that is weak but has a beneficial benefit. You can extract this item’s component and apply it to another item with better overall statistics.

As long as both legendary items are of the same type, there are no limits on extracting the essence from legendary items in Diablo Immortal.

Steps for Extracting Essence in Diablo Immortal

  1. Clicking extract after opening the essence transfer displays the extractable components. Remember to review the extraction prerequisites before extracting. If the item is not in your inventory, you must go on a hunt.
  2. You must also choose the appropriate item and pay the required gold before clicking “Extract.” For 3,000 gold, most of the things will be retrieved. However, the prices of nearly all things will be nearly identical.
  3. After clicking extract, a confirmation dialogue box will appear. Since the material from which the essence is being extracted will be destroyed, be certain that your decision is irreversible.
  4. Once you select “OK,” your extract essence will appear in your inventory. It may permanently save and transfer to any object.

The Cost of Extracting

However, remember that extracting comes at a price. You must initially spend gold to extract the essence from the legendary object. When you extract the essence from a legendary item, that item will be destroyed once the extraction is complete. Nonetheless, the extracted essence can be utilized multiple times.

It means that you will no longer be able to use it, so be cautious when determining the value of each legendary item you are extracting from and to.

However, until the item is destroyed, it can be repurposed for luminous shards, which will be in high demand once you reach level 6 with Zami

How to Inherit Essence in Diablo Immortal

After extracting the power from your legendary item, you can inherit or transfer it to another item of the same type.

Zamina will allow you to inherit the power of items. When an item is inherited from another of the same type, it inherits the removed item’s name, looks, and legendary quality.

Not to worry! Even if you inherit the item’s stats by accident, you can always return it to its original form at no cost.

How to Use Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal

How to Use Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal

After acquiring two pieces of legendary equipment of the same sort, speak with Zamina, an NPC in Westmarch. This zone becomes accessible after rescuing Wortham and completing the main campaign’s beginning and novice material.

She is located in Rakkis Plaza with the other vendors, and you can chat with her to use the Extract or Inherit feature.

You will require 3,000 Gold to utilize the extraction procedure. When the perk is extracted, you will be able to click Inherit to select the equipment that will inherit the perk.

This service is completely free, and selecting the Inherit option will display the item before and after the transformation is complete. After the Inherit procedure is complete, the item’s name, look, and attributes typically change.

That is all there is to know about essence transfer in Diablo Immortal. Twinfinite should be searched for further suggestions and manuals. Additionally, please feel free to explore the pertinent resources provided below.

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