Books vs. the internet: why books are better than the internet?

    I know this might be a debatable topic for a lot of us. I see questions coming up at lightening-speed. “Why would I spend money on books when I can have that information for free?” “Looking up for something on the internet is far easier than reading a whole book to find the answer.” Internet is ‘faster’; ‘easier’; “handier” that comes with so many options and answers too. “They cut trees to produce papers, which is harmful to the environment.”

    Okay, so I can only give you a few marks on the last point, because yes, to produce paper, they cut down trees, which is not at all okay. I personally condemn this act. But on the other hand, there are a growing number of companies producing “tree-free” paper alternative. There is a whopping number of substitutes that can be used instead of wood pulp, such as 

    Books vs. the internet

    1. kenaf – a plant similar to a cotton plant that reduces the energy usage by 15-20% than conventional trees to make pulp 

    2. bamboo – the tallest and fastest growing grass that produces a 4 to 5 times fibre than any other commercial tree 

    3. Agri-pulp – the agricultural waste, including post-consumer waste. (sugarcane bagasse, husk, straw, used books, fibrous material is an alternative to the wood pulp).

     Other than these, they produce paper from cotton, hemp, jute, or flax too. The world’s top book publishers like Penguin Random House, Hachette Livre, Harper Collins are using environmentally sustainable paper.

    Moreover, I would like to address other aspects of why books are way better than the internet:

    1.Books are reliable

    Books are enlightening that provides us single topic information. But, type a question on your search bar, and there you are, bombarded with a thousand results. Ironically not all of them are the same every time. That leads us to more wrong answers. You know Google is not in charge of detecting false or misleading information. They bring us information resulting in more confusion and dilemma. Just a few days earlier, Google showed the picture of Donald Trump on searching “most stupid people in the world” (though I am not condemning that), but today if you write the same phrase in your search bar, it will show someone else’s picture. It all narrows down to algorithms and trends.

    But books do not work like that. No matter after how many days or years you read them, they will tell the same thing they said years ago. Most importantly, years of research and hard work of the author is there in a book. So if you want a reliable source of knowledge that will give you in-depth information on a specific topic, you should pick a book rather than depending on the internet. 

    2.Books are relaxing

    They have scientifically proven that looking at your mobile or laptop screen will not stress your eyes only but also your brain. Moreover, don’t we already look at those lightened up screen thorough out the day? Books give us mental relief (that is too scientifically proven). The feel of an actual book in your hand and the smell of that book is already so calming that when you dive into the pages, it is far more catchy and relaxing at the same time. Our intelligence quotient should increase with some authentic information. It is said reading books ignite our brain’s imaginative cells, helping us to build our ideology and beliefs. It is more like giving wings to your imagination that can take you far, far away.

    On the contrary, the internet does provide a lot of information, but it’s up to you which one would you believe and which one not.

    3.Books bring positivity

    It is not an unknown fact how powerful the internet has become that it affected the elections too. Not only elections, but it creates polarization, intolerance, extremism, and conspiracy theories. In simpler terms, it is the exploitation of user data for financial gain thorough surveillance capitalism and data mining. The AI is designed in such a way to keep us in the bubble. There we are more likely to connect with likeminded people and see similar posts, rooting our beliefs deeper (no matter how wrongful they might be). I assume you all know about the flat-earth theory and the pizzagate (if you don’t do check it out. It went to such extents!) 

    But books, they won’t ask you to enable cookies to collect your data, or ask your location and accumulate data about all the books you have read before to use it as a weapon against you. They will tell you the truth no matter you like it or not. Also, they do not give in to any conspiracy theories or money-driven propaganda. So let’s sit back and think do we want the world we are rooting for right now?

    4.Books give us lifelong experience

    you see a post online, and how long do you cherish it or even think about it? To my knowledge, it is not more than a minute. But when you read a good book, you revere it for a lifetime. You remember how fruitful, enlightening, and refreshing it was. The after taste stays for years. On a mere mention of that book, you could tell what the author said and how. But you are not going to feel the same about anything you read on the internet (only if that is not breathtakingly good). The authors put a spell on us that only they know.

    5.Books equal mentor talks

    Writing a book is not an easy job. Authors either sum up things from their personal experience or rigorous research, providing us with the best knowledge available out there. The best examples are non-fiction or self-help books. The solution to some problems and the right way to face them is legitimately on point. They are the mentors we need to face real-world problems. Their wisdom, knowledge, and how they dealt with the issues in their life is not only motivational but also life-changing. 

    Lastly, get your hands on some good books!

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