The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail Lounge AKA City Bar – Bar Rescue Update | What Happened Next Open Or Closed?

The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail Lounge

On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Las Vegas, Nevada to try to rescue the City Bar. City Bar was bought in 2015 by Brad Stegman and he is supposedly down to his last few months and is in $140,000 in debt from the bar. The bartenders are holding fetish events at the bar, which Brad supposedly doesn’t approve of.

Status 😯

Is The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail Lounge open?

No, it’s “Closed”

  • Episode Title: “12 Beers a Slave”
  • Episode No.: Season 5 Episode 3 (Season 5 1st Set Episode 3)
  • Episode Air Date: August 21, 2016
  • Episode Was Filmed: April 2016
  • The Bar’s Original Name Was: the City Bar.
  • The Bar’s New Name: The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail Lounge
  • The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail Lounge Address: 1000 E Sahara Ave UNIT 105, Las Vegas, NV 89104, United States

Brad Stegman sold the bar soon after the rescue and well before the episode “12 Beers a Slave” aired on Sunday night.

City Bar is owned by Brad Stegman, who left corporate management to open City Bar. He planned to make the bar like a tavern with entertainment, but it didn’t take off and now he has minimal staff, so they rely on entertainment themselves from Jazz night to fetish nights. The bartenders don’t get along well and fight regularly over work hours being cut without warning or reason.

Brad and his staff are cleaning toilets while serving drinks to customers in front of them. Jon sees this as a big no-no as customers know the bartender was cleaning and soon after serving drinks and it could put them off. Brad is upset and Jon goads him to shut it all down. They need the bar to succeed. The stress test is a failure and Brad shuts down the bar.

city bar the bradly lasvegas nevada

Brad has changed a lot since relaunch night. He shaved, he’s wearing a suit, and there are new features inside The Bradley Bar such as an entertainment system for trivia games and music videos in the lounge section along with two touch POS systems from 2Touch Systems powered by Orange Door Technologies that have been installed at no cost out of taxes paid to Players Advantage over the next three months.

There is also one year subscription for all staff members to Taffer Virtual Teacher which will be provided free courtesy of VTS Industries who own Players Advantage People file into the room, their eyes lighting up as Meghan steps on stage. She is no longer nervous and can work with ease now that she has overcome her fears about performing in front of a crowd.

The band takes the small stage next to where customers are seated at long tables covered by white tablecloths while they enjoy dinner dishes from local restaurants—a collaboration organized through Jon’s connections within the community. Brad watches eagerly out one side of his eye for sales numbers; he knows it will take some time before these people open their wallets, but finally there seems to be light peeking over this hill they’ve been trying so hard.

Bar Rescue City Bar Las Vegas jhon traffer

Recent Customer Reviews after the Bar Rescue Episode:

Derby’s Bar & Grill (The Wheelhouse Bar) Google Review

Positive Reviews:

  • “Full bar. Nice furniture and good place to people watch. Drinks are very reasonable price. Very relaxing, great place just to hang out.”
  • “Full bar. Nice furniture and good place to people watch. Drinks are very reasonable price. Very relaxing, great place just to hang out.”

Negative Reviews:

  • “Employees were rude and unfriendly, we will not go back for a second tryout.”

  • “Hole in the wall..”

Google Ratings 3.1/5

The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail Lounge Yelp Review

Positive Reviews:

  • “Nicely remodeled from the former city bar.  Great live music tonight, listening to Chris Heers, Hunter Sealy, JJ Bailey, and Terry Greene. Great service from the staff! Good prices on drinks. The Sahara Sunrise was delicious. The only thing missing is food service. Great locals place!”

Negative Reviews:

  • “Another remodel success story.
  • “It’s always a good idea to remodel before you close the doors and walk away.Wah wah wah waaaaah.”

Yelp Ratings 4/5

My Review on The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail Lounge 🤔

The bar is not so good . also not hygenic . so personaly i don’t have any sweet memories in this bar. so i does not like this. And due to some reason the bar is closed in june 2016.

2.1/5 Star

What Happened Next at The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail Lounge

  • Jon Taffer changed the name  of City Bar to The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail Lounge
  • Six weeks after Bar Rescue, sales were up 10%.
  • The cocktails were popular and the bar tenders were working together better.
  • The Bradley closed in June 2016.
  • The bar closed before the episode aired as owner Brad sold the bar.
  • The Sahara Lounge opened in it’s place and returned the fetish themed nights and live entertainment.

News & Update on The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail Lounge

  • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in April 2016.
  • On July 2nd, The Bradley posted the following message announcing their closure: “To All : On June 30th, The Bradley was sold to the Sahara Lounge. To everyone that ever visited City Bar or The Bradley: Thank you for your patronage and letting us host you. To all the entertainers that ever perfomed at the bar/lounge: Your great talents were inspirational and it was a pleasure to have you perform. To everyone that ever worked at City Bar or The Bradley: Thank you for all of your efforts. I hope to see everyone out again soon, only this time as one of the customers. May peace and good times always be with you all!”
  • Here are the Facebook pages of Brad (owner), Kim (bartender), Balinda (bartender), Megan (bartender), Elizabeth (bartender) Aaron (fetish guy).
  • Here is the Sahara Lounge Facebook page, which is the bar that replaced The Bradley after it was sold.


The bar, The Bradley, closed after the makeover. It was quickly sold to another owner who kept it open for a few months before closing again and reopening as their own establishment in the same location. Brad knew about fetishistic events that were held at his bar because he received complaints from other customers prior to Bar Rescue coming around but decided not take any action on them until they came back with Jonathan Longo during taping of an episode entitled “The Tantalizing Tuesday Aftermath”. There is evidence this occurred when some equipment had been destroyed by unknown parties which made things difficult for both sides going forward afterward since Bar Rescue already helped clean up the bad situation once so there wasn’t much more work left in improving operations or making sure everything stayed.

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