Arnab Goswami exposed! Leaked WhatsApp Chats Reveal – download leaked pdf

arnab goswami exposed

On January 17, the leaked WhatsApp chat between Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami and BARC CEO Partho Dasgupta went viral. This conversation raises concern regarding the extent of media manipulation.

The leaked chat shows a conversation between them Where Arnab leaked confidential information about military activities. It is a total of 500 pages of WhatsApp chat that is allegedly a part of 3400 pages charge sheet.

And the current news says that the charge sheet also has been leaked. In this article, we will discuss the sensitive poem that has come up in that chat. Also The authenticity of these WhatsApp chats. And if these are legit what major concerns we as Indian citizens should be facing.

At first before talking about the leaked WhatsApp chats. You might be having one question if WhatsApp is end to end encrypted how the chats can be leaked? Putting aside the recent privacy policy controversy of WhatsApp.

We know that without the sender and receiver of the WhatsApp messages, no one can read them. Not even WhatsApp. It’s only because WhatsApp is end to end encrypted. But the leaked chats that we are seeing online are from the end of BARC president Partha Dasgupta.

He Is currently under arrest by Mumbai Police and the Mumbai police have also retrieved his phone. These leaked chats do not have Arnab Goswami’s conversation with other persons. It only has the conversation between Arnab and Partho.

BARC – broadcast audience research council of India is an independent organization that gives a rating to the different TV channels. Recently in a TRP scam of BARC, the Mumbai police took Partho Dasgupta under arrest. The Mumbai police have accused Dasgupta of manipulating the TRP ratings of different news channels. They have also accused him of favoring the Republic TV media house. That we saw in different scenarios, we will discuss later on.

So why is there hype about these leaked WhatsApp chats? What they are talking about and what all sensitive data we could retrieve from it?

Sensitive Points Of WhatsApp Conversation

How he knew about a confidential military venture 3 days prior to it?

arnab goswami leaked chats

The first point that comes up is where Arnab Goswami is saying “something big will happen”.

arnab goswami leaked chats

He also mentioned a strike. Which allegedly is the balakot strike he might be talking about. His exact word is, “Bigger than a normal strike. And also at the same time something major in Jammu and Kashmir.

Striking in a way that people will be elated. Exact words used .” Here Arnab was allegedly talking about the Balakot strike. The chats are from February 23, 2019, it is a top confidential military venture which Arnab knew already.

Leaking about the top-secret military missions and sharing them publicly is a punishable act under the official secrets act, 1923. The major concern that Rises from this conversation. It is that how he knew about a military venture 3 days before it

Insensitive statement on Pulwama attack

arnab goswami leaked chats

Allegedly after the Pulwama attack, Arnab Goswami said to Partha Dasgupta on WhatsApp. That how their channel is present in Kashmir. and they are doing ground reporting from there.

He also said that their channel was reporting the news 20 minutes ahead of every other news channel. In the end, he said, “This attack we have won like crazy”. This particular scenario shows his insensitivity towards the loss India had during this attack. Moreover, he is probably happy because he won a TRP war with other channels through this attack.

Arnab goswami’s insensitivity towards the death of Arun Jaitley

leaked chats

On August 19th, 2009 when Arun Jaitley the former minister of finance and corporate was on life support. Arnab Goswami said to Partha Dasgupta “Jaitley is stretching it” and he had to delay the meeting for it.

The corruption going on between Arnab Goswami and the government


In several events, Arnav Goswami and Partha Dasgupta talked about their link with the ministers. And how How there is a big influence of government on these media houses. On May 17, 2017, Arnab Goswami wrote “all ministers are with us.”

arnab goswami leaked chats

Also, On October 16 2019 Partha Dasgupta allegedly asked Arnab. To get him a job in the PMO office as the media advisor. Because he is fed up with his BARC job.

arnab goswami leaked chats

In one of the events, Partha Dasgupta also said. That there is a complaint that has been lodged against Republic TV to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. To which Goswami replied that “about the dish FTA thing, Rathore told me and said he is giving it aside”. Rathore here is allegedly Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. And he was the former Union Minister of state information and broadcasting. This conversation shows that a Minister helped Republic TV to get away with the complaint.

How Arnab Goswami knew about the announcement on article 370 beforehand?

arnab goswami leaked chats

It seems that Arnab Goswami already knew about the Government’s announcement on withdrawing article 370. The conversation shows that he had already sent a team of 50 crew members to Jammu and Kashmir.

And they were there to cover the news report. Also, how Republic Bharat broke the news before everyone. The conversation also gives hints about Arnab Goswami’s meeting with national security advisor Ajit Doval on 3rd August.

talking about other journalists

arnab goswami leaked chats
arnab goswami leaked chats
arnab goswami leaked chats

Other than these major concerns there are also some conversations of them where Arnab Goswami talks ill about other journalists. About Rajdeep Sardesai, he says “he is losing his job”. About Sagarika Ghose he said “She is rotting in Times”. Also about Rajat Sharma he wrote “an utter fool with a sub-standard channel”. Lastly, he wrote “an ass” mentioning Rahul Shivshankar from Times Now.

Arising questions on the judiciary


The conversation between Arnab Goswami and Partha Dasgupta arises major concerns regarding the judiciary. In the total conversation questions arising on the independence of the judiciary about twice. Once, he said, “buy the judge”. Secondly, he said, “hope the judge is not the one who can be bought by India today”. The total scenario here indicates that bribing the judge by the media journalists is not a big deal.

Arnab Leaked WhatsApp Chats PDF

Download Chat file from the google drive

After all this Revelation you might think what is the relation between Arnab Goswami and the BARC Ex CEO Partha Dasgupta?

Because in several incidents we have seen him heavily backing up Arnab. Arnab Goswami wrote to Mr. Das Gupta before the launch of Republic TV “had you not met me in Delhi. I would have been languishing in NDTV can never say thanks enough”. On one of the occasions, Mr. Raj Gupta wrote to Arnab Goswami that he has jammed other people. And also saved Arnab’s back from a controversial thing. In addition to that, he wrote to Arnab “have supported you without saying so”. In one of the incidents, We also noticed that Partho asked Arnab Goswami to get him a job. A job in the PMO office as a media head. All these things evidently say that they shared a good bonding.

These were all the details retrieved from the leaked WhatsApp chat between Arnab Goswami and Partha Dasgupta. But the biggest question that we face is whether the chats are authentic. Or someone actually typed 500 pages WhatsApp chat script to frame Arnab Goswami? Well, we do not know the answer. But if the chats are authentic this puts the Republic TV media houses in major concerns. Also, the fact that to what extent media manipulation. And meddling is going on in the country arises questions in front of the government.

People’s reaction to it is outrageous. #ArnabGate is trending on Twitter. Here we have listed down some of the tweets by personalities on this topic.

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