10 Commandments Of Seven Deadly Sins, Demon Clan Member with Their Fighting Class & Ablities

10 Commandments of Seven Deadly Sins (1600 × 1000 px)

In Seven Deadly Sins, the Demon Clan has 10 commandments by which they must abide. In Seven Deadly Sins, the demon Clan is a formidable and dreaded society. These rules are what lead people to the righteous life they seek. They firmly follow a set of ten precepts that guide their way of life.

The Seven Deadly Sins is the title of a manga series by Suzuki Nakaba, also published in Japan under the title Nanatsu no Taizai. The seven deadly sins are embodied here by a legion of demons who serve as the story’s main antagonists. Ten of the Demon Clan’s commandments from Seven Deadly Sins will be discussed here.

10. Drole The Patience – 54,000

_Drole The Patience

The colossal Drole represents the virtue of patience as a commandment. In addition, Drole’s commandment rule was never articulated before he passed away. According to what is written in Gloxinia’s journal, Drole passed away with Gloxinia during the conflict with Chandler. The fighting class of the Drole is 54,000. 14,000 in magical prowess, 36,500 in physical prowess, and 3,500 in spiritual prowess. The Ground ability is his primary one. Drole possesses the capacity to manipulate the earth and use Creation to produce power dwarfs, similar to Diane’s ability to work the ground. Drole is also famous for his power-boosting dance, which is called Drole’s Dance and is frequently performed by Diane.

9. Galand The Truth – 40,000

Galand The Truth

With a combat class of 27,000, Galand’s natural form is the lowest of the 10 Commandments. Those with 1,000 in magic, 24,000 in strength, and 2,000 in spirit are considered to be very powerful. Any person who knowingly breaks the Truth Commandment will have their lips turned to stone. With Critical Over, Galand can increase his combat class to 40,000, making it his primary ability.

As Galand fought Escanor, he established a rule that the fight would end when one of them was killed. However, Galand tries to escape the conflict during the day and is turned to stone by his own commandment after being terrified of Escanor’s might.

8. Fraudrin The Selflessness – 31,000

Fraudrin The Selflessness

The commandment of selflessness, known as Fraudrin, is considered the most meritorious of the 10 Commandments. He has taken over the body of the Holy Knight Dreyfus and is now functioning as Gowther’s substitute. The commandment of Fraudrin leads those who are self-centered to lose every sense of who they are, including their memories and their emotions. The level of combat that Fraudrin possesses is 31,000. 13,000 in the realm of magic, 15,000 in the realm of strength, and 3,000 in the realm of spirit. His primary talent, Full Size, gives him the capacity to grow, so enhancing both his power and his range. Meliodas deals a fatal blow on Fraudrin, and she expires instantly after being reduced to ashes by the blow.

7. Melascula The Faith – 34,000

Melascula The Faith

Melascula takes the form of a young woman with pink hair that is very long. Despite the fact that she was once a little, venomous snake, she has survived for three hundred years by soaking in the miasma that comes from the Demon Realm. Because of the miasma, she is able to transform into a massive hooded serpent and then finally into a young woman. Both of these transformations are possible for her. She is ultimately in possession of the Commandment Faith and is recruited by the Demon King at some point.

She has demonstrated the capacity to manipulate the dying and the dead, as well as their souls, and she has the ability to create gateways that can be used for a variety of purposes. By performing a demonological incantation, she can also extract the opponent’s soul from their body. Her curse, Faith, will cause the eyes of anyone who disobeys her faith while she is around to catch fire and burn.

6. Grayroad The Pacifism – 39,000

Grayroad The Pacifism

Grayroad is a mutant grey demon and the youngest among the Ten Commandments. She is so ruthless that she will convert people into inferior demons in order to pit them against each other and drive a wedge between them. Her first ability consists of implanting demon plants inside creatures that are not magically inclined and then encasing them in egg-shaped pods. If it is allowed to sit there for too long, it will detach, and the eggs it lays will hatch into low-level demons that are destined to serve her.

Curse is her primary power, and it consists of the capacity to inflict her targets with a variety of alignments that will motivate them to engage in aggressive behavior. This power works nicely in conjunction with her curse, Pacifism, which states that anyone who kills another person while they are in her presence will have their time stolen and rapidly age until they pass away.

5. Derieri The Purity – 52,000

Derieri The Purity

Derieri, who has an incredible haircut and is partially hidden by her own darkness, is the personification of the commandment of Purity. Her commandment guidelines, like Gloxinia’s, were never made public before she passed away. After it is discovered that Estarossa is actually Mael, Gowther, King, Sariel, Tarmiel, and Derieri band up to fight.

During the course of the battle, Mael successfully pierces the heart of Derieri, therefore securing her mandate. A fighting class of 52,000 is assigned to Derieri. 1,500 in magic, 48,000 in strength, and 2,500 in spirit are the three most important attributes. The Combo Star ability is her primary one. If she is able to launch consecutive attacks, she gains an additional 200,000 pounds of force; this bonus is nullified if her offensive momentum is broken.

4. Gloxinia The Repose – 50,000

Gloxinia The Repose

After being betrayed by a human named Rou and Stigma, an alliance comprised of humans, fairies, giants, and goddess clans during the Holy War 3000 years ago, Gloxinia, the first king of the Fairy King’s Forest, turned into a demon and became the current ruler of the Fairy King’s Demon Clan. His outward demeanor is initially cheery and carefree, but beyond that lies a cruel disposition that takes pleasure in tormenting others and taking their lives. Because of the treachery committed by the human Rou, he held a profound animosity for all people of the human race.

His curse, known as Repose, states that anybody who engages in combat without taking a break while in his presence will have their magic stifled. In addition to this, he is in possession of the Spirit Spear Basquias and possesses the power known as Disaster. Similar to King, it grants him the ability to exert control over life and death across the natural world in order to access the might of Basquias.

3. Monspeet The Reticence – 53,000

Monspeet The Reticence

The commandment of Reticence is the gentleman demon Monspeet. Those who fought back against reserve by making public displays of emotion would have their speech muffled. With a combat class of 53,000, Monspeet is a formidable foe. In terms of magic, you have 34,000, strength, 16,000, and spirit, 3,000. There are two key skills that Monspeet possesses. With Hellblaze, he can make smoldering, inky flames. Although he isn’t the only one to wield Hellblaze, Monspeet is widely regarded as one of the series’ most proficient users. Whenever Monspeet wants to, he can trade places with another item by using Trick Star. Monspeet gives his life to protect Derieri from Estarossa during combat.

2. Zeldris The Piety – 61,000

Zeldris The Piety

Zeldris, Meliodas’s younger brother, is a paragon of piety. A person who disobeys this command becomes a slave to Zeldris or the Demon King. Zeldris is a 61,000-class fighter. There are 3,800 spiritual, 47,200 physicals, and 10,000 magical capabilities. Zeldris has Hellblaze and two other significant powers at his disposal. Because God is a piece of power he borrowed from the Demon King, he can counteract spells cast by his enemies. Ominous Nebula is the second, and it spins up a deadly vortex that slashes anything in its way.

1. Mael The Love (Estarossa) – 88,000

Mael The Love (Estarossa)

After Hendrickson breaks the seal, Estarossa takes Meliodas’ place as the demon of the Commandment Love. He, like other demons, can control the power of night. Full Counter is Estarossa’s primary ability, identical to Meliodas’ but he can only counter physical assaults with more than double the starting strength. In addition, his ability to control the Hellblaze black flames can destroy an immortal’s ability to heal.

His mandate is derived from one of the Ten Commandments: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Whoever comes before him with malice in their heart will be rendered helpless to harm or damage anybody else by his curse of Love. His true identity is Mael, one of the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan; but, as a result of the demon Gowther and his “son,” everyone’s memories have been reforged to make the archangel seem like he was killed by Gowther’s lover in the Holy War, which took place some three thousand years ago.

About Seven Deadly Sins

Anime can be a great source of entertainment. It can also be a great way to learn about different cultures. However, there are some anime that are not appropriate for all audiences. Seven Deadly Sins ANIME is one of those anime. It is an anime that depicts the seven deadly sins in a very graphic and explicit way. It is not suitable for younger viewers or for those who are sensitive to violence.

Holy Knights of Britannia are feared and admired for protecting the territory of Britannia and its kingdoms from harm with extremely potent magic in a setting reminiscent of the European Middle Ages. However, some of the Knights reputedly turned into traitors and used their swords against their fellow villagers in an effort to topple the king of Liones. Legends persisted that the so-called “Seven Deadly Sins,” legendary knights who the Holy Knights had defeated, were somehow still alive. The Holy Knights themselves staged a coup ten years later, taking power in the Kingdom of Liones and establishing a regime of oppression and brutality.

Adapted from the popular manga series of the same name, Nanatsu no Taizai chronicles the exploits of Princess Elizabeth III of the Kingdom of Liones as she seeks for the Seven Deadly Sins. Helped by them, she plans to reclaim her kingdom from the Holy Knights and fight for fairness in an unfair world.


Anime can be a great source of entertainment. It can also be a great way to learn about different cultures. However, there are some anime that are not appropriate for all audiences. Seven Deadly Sins ANIME is one of those anime. It is an anime that depicts the seven deadly sins in a very graphic and explicit way. It is not suitable for younger viewers or for those who are sensitive to violence.

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