Is Zootopia 2 Finally Coming? Zootopia 2 Confirmed Release Date, Cast, Trailer, News & Update

Zootopia Part 2 Release date

Zootopia has been one of the best movies by Walt Disney and has made its Fans go crazy with its animation and with a unique storyline. And the love which Zootopia received was unbelievable, and also, the fans of Zootopia are now demanding the Zootopia part 2.

And already, the hype for the second Part is increasing. And we know you are eager to know about the renewal status of Zootopia movie Part 2, so read our article and know all the details of Zootopia part 2.

Zootopia Part 2 Overview

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Zootopia Part 2 Quick Info

Zootopia Part 2

Zootopia 2 Renewed Or Canceled
  • Season: Zootopia
  • Part: 1
  • No. of Episode: 8 (Season 1)
  • Status: part 2 (Upcoming)
  • Taglines: Welcome to the urban jungle.
  • Writer: Byron Howard, Rich Moore
  • Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
  • Cast: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba
  • Production: Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Producer(S): John Lasseter
  • Music: Michael Giacchino
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • First Part Release Date: March 25, 2016
  • Next Part Release Date: TBA
  • Release Time: NA
  • Available On: Disney+

What Will Be The Storyline Of Zootopia Part 2

If the movie is ever-renewed in the future due to its high demand, then probably the storyline of Zootopia part 2 will have a very different series of events compared to part 1 as we all know, part 1 of Zootopia was concluded with a resolved ending.

So there are chances that the new renewed movie of Zootopia will take a different storyline with the same characters and some exciting news characters. We really can’t be sure about the storyline of Zootopia part 2, and all we can do is make a prediction based on the previous Part. Still, we can wait until the official statements of Walt Disney to know more about the storyline of Zootopia part 2.

Zootopia 2 Renewed Or Canceled?

The news is not good: the studio has decided to cancel the film. This was a big surprise as the first movie was a huge hit, but with changing times and a crowded movie market it may have been a mistake. Fans of the movie are heartbroken and angry, but there is still hope that a second movie can be made.

Zootopia part 2 Expected Release Date And Time

Talking about the release date would be pointless when the show is on the edge of cancellation. But still, if Walt Disney comes with an undependable decision and renews the Zootopia for another part, we will be updating all the details on our website.

Zootopia 2

Zootopia 2 Cast And Character

As there is significantly less chance of renewal of Zootopia part 2 and as the Fan of Zootopia movie even, I’m a bit disappointed. So to refresh the memories of the Zootopia movie part, look at the cast members of Zootopia movie Part 1.

Ginnifer Goodwin gives the adult Judy Hopps’s voice, whereas Della Saba voices the young Judy Hopps. The latter will be a bright and cheerful rabbit and will be appointed as the new police officer of the Zootopia department and was given the work to grade the 1st border of Zootopia.

Jason Bateman has given the voice for Nick Wilde, and the young Nick Wilde is voiced by Kath Soucie, who will be the cunning red fox, and he was the small-time con artist Zootopia.

Nate Torrence is the voice actor of Benjamin Clawhauser, who is an overweight cheetah. Benjamin will be working as a dispatcher for the Zootopia police, and he will also be handling the work of the desk sergeant.

Jenny Slate is the voice actor of Dawn Bellwether, a tiny sheep who will be the assistant mayor of Zootopia.

Hype Around Zootopia 2

Rumors are flying that Zootopia 2 is on the verge of being canceled, but fans of the movie are rallying together to renew their hope. It’s been reported that Disney is considering canceling the sequel due to low box office returns and mixed reviews from critics. While this may be the case, fans are still coming out in force to show their support for the movie on social media.

What Was The Studio’s Statement, And Why Did They Cancel The Show’s Renewal

The popular anime movie by Walt Disney was first released in Belgium on 13 February 2016. The movie was a great hit and had made a huge box office collection of $1.024 billion.

The audience loved the movie and demanded the second Part, but Walt Disney had concluded the film with a resolved ending. And they don’t want to bring the Zootopia movie for part 2, and it’s been almost seven years since the release of the last film, so the chances of Part seem lower.

Where You Can Watch Zootopia 2

Netflix is now offering a streaming version of the 2015 comedy picture Zootopia, which stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, and Shakira. It is possible to watch it on Disney Plus, Prime Video, the Vudu Movie & TV Store, VUDU, and Redbox simultaneously. Zootopia 2 can also be seen online via streaming services such as Disney Plus and Netflix.

Zootopia 2 Trailer Update

The official trailer of Zootopia 2 has not arrived yet. It seems that it will soon be released. Let’s watch the official trailer of Zootopia.


The animation studio is going off-limits to give all the entertainment to their fans and is leaving up with their Fans’ expectations. And Walt Disney is one of them. The anime of Walt Disney never disappointed their viewers and always lived up to their expectations by giving the best storyline and excellent animation experience.

So to know all about the latest season of Walt Disney’s popular anime movie Zootopia stay up-to-date with our website.And you can also read the articles on many other popular anime available on our website.

Frequently Ask Question About Zootopia 2?

1) What is the IMDb rating of the Zootopia movie?

The Zootopia anime movie has an IMDb rating of 8/10.

2) Where can you watch the Zootopia movie?

As the animation Studio of Zootopia is Walt Disney, you would be able to watch the full movie on Disney Hotstar.

3) What is the running time of the Zootopia part 1?

Zootopia part 1 has a running time of 108 minutes.

4) Is Zootopia 2 coming out?

Right now there is no official confirmation about Zootopia 2.

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