Bofuri Season 2 – Storyline, Release Date, Trailer Everything You Need to Know?

Bofuri Season2

Before we go into the Bofuri, let me make it clear what this piece is about. In this essay, we will discuss the new Japanese season, known as Bofuri. This section will inform you of the release date, cast, and platform for the upcoming anime series Bofuri Season 2. The first season of Bofuri was broadcast to viewers all around the world. However, it was a stalemate. After the first season ended, the producers revealed that they were working on a second season, which would ultimately resolve all of the mysteries left unanswered by the previous season. After hearing the news of the second season, Fans are looking forward to seeing how their favorite characters will be dealt with in the upcoming season. Before, season 2 has now been suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation on the ground. Season 2 will, however, be broadcast somewhere towards the end of 2022.

Bofuri Season 2 Overview

Season 2 of Bofuri is the most eagerly awaited season to air on television. Those who adore fiction are more eager to know the upcoming season of Bofuri Release Date so that they may enjoy viewing the Season online. Please read on for additional important information about the upcoming season of Bofuri before you continue. The First Season of Bofuri was released on 8 January 2020 and it was ended on 25 March 2020.

Bofuri 2
SeasonBofuri Season 2
DirectorMirai Minato, Shin Onuma, Yûshi Ibe
Release Date2022
CategoryAnimation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

What Will Happen In Bofuri previous season?

Kaede Honjou joins the virtual reality massively multiplayer online game New World Online after getting an invitation from her friend Risa Shiromine. She plays the character Maple. Because she has no prior game experience, The majority of her status points are devoted to defense. As a result, her motions are sluggish, she cannot perform magic, and bunnies even attack her. As a result of exhausting her vitality points, she gains the ability “Absolute Defense,” a counter-skill that kills in a single strike. She embarks on adventures even though she is a “mobile fortress type” newbie with a toxic talent that renders all assaults invalid and overrides all impediments.

Spoilers for Bofuri Season 2 (Plot)

First and foremost, we discuss the facts of the anime series Bofuri’s production and its origins. Their Japanese novel, I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense, was released in Japan under the title I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense. Yuumikan was the author of this piece. Following the adaptation of that novel, the Bofuri television series has continued to produce new episodes each season.

The storyline of season 2 revolves around Kaede Hondo, who is the series’ timid and bashful leading lady. Her buddy, Risa Shiramine, stands up for her pal and invites her to an online game where she gets lost in a new world. However, because Kaede is not focused on the game, she tends to flow with the maple game, making it difficult to get the more protective points. She serves as the center for skill development, as opposed to character progression. Let’s wait till the fall of 2020 to discover how the Second Season will continue the story’s progression.

Who Will Be Part Of Bofuri Season 2 ? (Cast & Character)

Even though there has been no official announcement of the upcoming Bofuri Season, We can, however, expect practically every character to return if season 2 is indeed scheduled to premiere. There are some new recurring and side parts that we may see in the following season, in addition to the majority of them returning.

The show features some well-known and talented actors, including:

  • Jad Saxton presents Risa.
  • Megan Shipman portrays Kaede.
  • Anthony Bowling plays Kuromu.
  • Caitlin Glass represents iz.
  • Tia Lynn Ballard performs Kasumi.
  • Kanade is presented by Brittney Karbowski.
  • Kristen McGuire plays yui.

Bofuri Season 2 Rating & Reviews


If you’ve never seen the series before and are curious about its quality, I can assure you that it’s pretty good! 7.5/10 is a respectable IMDb score, and in Myanimelist, the show has 7.56/10 critics score. So definitely, this show is in my book. If you’re still undecided about seeing it, have a look at what others had to say about it after you.


My face was plastered with a huge smile for the majority of the time I was watching this. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a show that was just plain entertaining, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Most of the time, I save spaces at 9 or 10 stars for programs that are exceptional in every category, particularly the plot, but this show’s lack of emotional content did not detract from its overall quality in any way. Man, I adored this show! That is something I cannot emphasize enough! I was expecting a typical fantasy familiar performance, and that is precisely what it is, but the awesomeness factor is turned up to 11! There aren’t any characters that you despise (it is, after all, a video game). The central characters are excellent and endearing, the action is exciting, and there are some hilarious moments! I can’t suggest it highly enough, and I’m looking forward to season 2 even more!

Similar Shows Like Bofuri

Bofuri is just one of the many TV shows that are very similar to other famous ones. Many people have watched the show and have enjoyed it, but there are also some who have noticed some similarities to other popular Anime. Many anime series have gained popularity in recent years, and many of them have a striking resemblance. For anyone interested in watching series that are comparable to Bofuri, I must say that you will also appreciate the other show.

Bofuri 3

Here are the top 5 handpick similar shows by us:

  • Cautious Hero
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero
  • Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
  • Rise Up

When is season 2 of Bofuri coming out? (Release Date)

Fans of the show “Bofuri” will be pleased to know that not only the upcoming season has been announced, but it is also scheduled to premiere shortly. Silver Link, the show’s makers, wrapped up the loose ends of Season 1’s ending with the announcement that the upcoming season will premiere in 2022. The production of Bofuri Season 2 has been halted for the time being due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Japan. During the COVID-19 epidemic, which began in October, the announcement for Season 2 occurred when even the most successful shows were experiencing delays regularly. On the other hand, Silver Link’s failure to respond to the situation is a positive indication that everything is proceeding as planned.

How many episodes will be included in the upcoming season of Bofuri?

The showrunner decides to make the upcoming season of Bofuri then it might have 12 or more episodes as the past seasons also have 12 episodes. so we can expect at least 12 episodes in the upcoming season.

In the previous season, we saw 12 episodes, which included the following:

  • Defense and First Battle; Episode 1
  • Defense and Friends; Episode 2
  • Defense and Reaching Second Level; Episode 3
  • Defense and Second Event; Episode 4
  • Defense and Spoils of War; Episode 5
  • Defense and Reinforcements; Episode 6
  • Defense and Upgrades; Episode 7
  • Defense and Third Event; Episode 8
  • Defense and Fourth Event; Episode 9
  • Defense and Attack; Episode 10
  • Defense and Mighty Foe; Episode 11
  • Defense and Bonds; Episode 12

Will there be any update on Bofuri Season 2 Trailer?

There is currently no trailer for the next Bofuri Season available. But be sure to keep checking back on our page since we will continue to update you on any new information surrounding the upcoming Bofuri Season. However, if it is available, you will be able to view it on Netflix. You can watch the season 1 trailer while you wait for the season 2 trailer to arrive.


Our mission is to keep Bofuri upcoming Season release date, accurate information and up to date by using publicly available data and resources like IMDb, The Movie Database, and epguides to gather this information. Please inform us through comment, if you find a mistake so we can make it right.

Frequently Asked Question about Bofuri

1) Will There Be a Season 2 of Bofuri?

There are currently no official announcements on the continuation of Bofuri season 2.

2) Is There Any News Of Bofuri Season 2 Trailer?

There is currently no trailer for the next Bofuri Season available.

3) How Can I watch Bofuri For free?

No, you can’t watch this series for free. You have to have a Netflix subscription to watch all previous seasons. But there are many sites available on the internet where you can watch for free.

Amazefeed does not promote any form of piracy. Go and watch this series from Netflix legally and support the creator. Thank You.

4) When Will We Get To Know Bofuri Release Date?

No official word has been made regarding the release date for Bofuri Season 2 as of yet. But be sure to keep checking back on our page since we will continue to update you on any new information surrounding the upcoming Bofuri Season.

5) Did Bofuri Season 2 Get Cancelled?

There are currently no official announcements about the cancelation of Bofuri. if the creators follow their dreams, we may anticipate the film to be released towards the end of 2022.

6) Where To Watch Bofuri Season2?

According to what we’ve already stated, the second season of Bofuri is set to premiere very shortly. Despite the fact that there is no official word on when the anime will return, fans should expect it to happen at around the fall of 2022. Netflix has a streaming version of this anime available.

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