Will the Shannara Chronicles Season 3 ever happen, or will the studio cancel it? Everything we know so far

shannara chronicles season 2 release date

The Shannara Chronicles, as the name suggests, is a very interesting fantasy adventure series for 2016 that has won the hearts of many adventure lovers. After the successful airing of 2 seasons of this series, fans have been eagerly waiting for the renewal of the series for a season 3.

Will there be The Shannara Chronicles season 3? If you wish to know more about this series, then worry not because we have got you covered with everything you want about The Shannara Chronicles season 3.

What can we expect from the show?

Since this series is based on the bestselling novel by Terry Brooks, you cannot doubt the story. While the storyline of this series acts as the driving force for the show, all the other aspects seem to join in well. That is why you can expect nail-biting thrill, adventure, and action from the series.

Shannara Chronicles Overview

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The Shannara Chronicles Quick Info

the shannara chronicles season 3 quick info
SeriesThe Shannara Chronicles
No. of Seasons2
Total Episodes20 (Season 1 – 2)
StatusUpcoming season 3
DirectorJonathan Liebesman
Jenna Glazier, David Gardner, Tim Coddington, Tim Scanlan
Writer(s)Alfred Gough, Miles Miller
CastAustin Butler, Ivana Baquero, Aron Jakubenko
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Original LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish
First Episode Aired OnJanuary 05, 2016
Last Episode Aired OnNovember 22, 2017
Season 3 Release DateCanceled
Available OnNetflix

Plotline of The Shannara Chronicles

The ‘Shannara Chronicles’ is an adventure fantasy series created for the fun of adventure lovers. This series is pretty awesome series with sick execution. The story of this series is based on the book by Terry Brooks.

This story follows the story of four lands, all on a journey to hunt and stop a demon from destroying the entire universe. The world’s fate lies in the hands of Elvin Princess Ambrele, Rover Eretria, and Wil, who are all destined to save the world from evil.

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The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 cast and characters

The acting cast of any series plays a very important role in the success or failure of the series. The creators must be careful when selecting the right actors for the show. Luckily, this has been carefully thought in the case of The Shannara Chronicles, including actors like Austin Butler as Wil Ohmsford, Ivana Banquero as Melise as Mareth, Aron Jakubenko as Ander Ellesedil and many more.

The Shannara Chronicles Season 3: Expected Release date & time

The past two seasons of The Shannara Chronicles have been loved by the fans a lot which is pretty evident in the great ratings of the show. But even with decent responses from the audience and critics, the series doesn’t seem to have a good future.

As per the news, The creators canceled the series for any further seasons after the show’s completion with season 2 in 2017. Hence, there will be no season 3 of The Shannara Chronicles. 

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How Does The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 End?

By the end of season 2, the series gets darker and darker when Eretria confesses a dark secret to Wi, and Bandon gets his wishes granted with some conditions.

On the other hand, we see Wil in a dire situation where he has to save the Four Lands with no slack at all, but in the process, Wil, Mareth, and Eretria lose someone special to them.

What will be going to happen next in The Shannara Chronicles Season 3?

After the cancellation of the series for season 3 due to failed attempts to shift the series to another streaming network, the story of this series concludes in season 2 itself, leaving no open ends for the story to continue forward in any season. That is why there are no speculations on what might happen in The Shannara Chronicles season 3.

How has the show been rated so far?

Even though this series has been canceled for any other seasons, this series has been discarded for any different season for now. This is why there will be no release date and time for the show until further notice. Based on the performance and response of season 2, the critics and audience have gone crazy for the show, which has been rated a decent 7.1 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

shannara chronicles season 2 ratings

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 review

Where season 1 of The Shannara Chronicles was fun to watch with the prime focus on setting up the story for further continuation and seasons, season 2 was the season that took the story seriously and to milestones that season 1 couldn’t even touch.

The Shannara Chronicles season 2 truly does justice to the novel series. Overall, The Shannara Chronicles is a decent series with nice content to grab the audience’s attention and retain them.

Incredibly, I’ve spent time watching such a fascinating program. I would love to have more options for purchasing a collection, but there is only one thing that I can rely on to be amusing: decent generation fantasy adventur.

I recommend this show to everyone who enjoys these genres… I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a third season of this program. Spike isn’t the only TV network interested in these types of genres; we have thousands of other networks eager to acquire similar content. Continue…and make it practical for next season.

Readers Rating

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Shannara Chronicles Age Rating And Parental Guide

Age Rating

The practice of categorizing a piece of media based on how appropriate it is for viewers of varying ages is referred to as the age rating. The television show “Shannara Chronicles” has received a TV-14 rating for its age range. We strongly advise avoiding it for anyone under 14, as it contains mature content.

Parental Guide

The Parents Guide is intended to assist parents in becoming familiar with the series. This series makes use of profane speech, graphic violence, and a variety of other disturbing elements. Therefore, we strongly recommend that parents not grant their children (younger than 14) permission to view this show.

Shows Like Shannara Chronicles

Season 2 of Shannara Chronicles isn’t yet released. But you can enjoy shows that are similar to Camping. These are some of the similar shows.

Where can I watch the show?

The Shannara Chronicles is a great series with huge potential. It is very popular, but the sad part is that shows like this do not get the exposure they deserve due to the lack of availability of the shows on popular platforms. Luckily, this is not the case with The Shannara Chronicles which is available on Netflix to stream.

Is the show worth your time?

The Shannara Chronicles has great potential due to its mesmerizing storyline and execution. This series is a perfect adaptation of a bestselling novel series. If you love to watch fantasy and adventure content, then The Shannara Chronicles is the series for you.

When will there be The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 trailer?

The Shannara Chronicles season 2 has been a banger addition to the series with double the fun. Still, sadly, the previous seasons serve as an important and the last addition to the show itself. After the completion of the show in 2017 with season 2, The Shannara Chronicles was canceled for any renewal due to failure in shipping the series to another streaming network. Hence, there will be no trailer for The Shannara Chronicles season 3. 


The Shannara Chronicles is a fantasy adaptation of a popular novel seris by Terry Brooks with the same name that has worked pretty decent in creating a fanbase for the show but sadly, after the completion of the story with season 2 and failed attempt of shipping the series to a different streaming network; the creators officially canceled the show for a season 3.

Hence, there will be no more Shannara Chronicles on the streaming platforms. Any further updates related to the series will be shared with you as soon as the studio announces them. So do not forget to follow our website.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Shannara Chronicles

How many episodes does The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 have?

The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 has been canceled.

Where is The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 filmed?

The Shannara Chronicles is filmed in New Zealand.

Is The Shannara Chronicles a true story?

No, The Shannara Chronicles is a fictional story based on a popular novel series by the same name.

What is the original language of the show?

The original language of this series is English.

What channel does The Shannara Chronicles come on?

You can watch The Shannara on Apple Tv+.

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