Who Is the Voice Actor of Camilo In Encanto? Who Is The Camilo In Encanto?

What is the storyline of Encanto 3

Encanto, a new film from the Disney Studios, was released lately. It’s a tremendous success. Nonetheless, some fans remain perplexed as to who the Shapeshifter is in Encanto. The majority of people are aware of shapeshifting as a rare and wonderful magical ability.

Those who are perplexed as to who the Shapeshifter is in Encanto should rest assured that we are here to clear up any confusion. Therefore, please read this article to obtain further details.

What is the storyline of Encanto

It tells the story of an extraordinary family known as the Madrigals. They reside in a gorgeous home tucked away in a lively town in Colombia’s foothills. It’s a lovely, enchanting location known as an Encanto, which translates as a “great place.”

Except for Mirabel, each kid in the family has been blessed with a unique gift, ranging from extreme strength to the capacity to heal, courtesy of the Encanto’s magic. However, when Mirabel discovers that the Encanto’s power is in danger, she understands that she, the lone ordinary Madrigal, maybe the family’s last hope.

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Encanto Rating and Reviews


If you’ve never watched the film and are interested in its quality, I can promise you that it’s rather lovely! 7.3/10 is a decent  IMDb rating, and the program has a 93 percent average audience rating on  Rottentomatoes.

Thus, this show is unquestionably in my book. If you’re still on the fence about viewing it, have a peek at what others thought after you did.


What is the storyline of Encanto 1

There is so much tenderness in this family film, which illustrates how family relationships can be both wonderful and terrible and how barriers in our life may hinder us from seeing the positive sides of our current position.

Camilo Madrigal Voice Actor

Camilo Madrigal’s voice is provided by Rhenzy Feliz. According to the actor, Camilo Madrigal is a little wild, a little theatrical, and a fun time, a great deal of energy, and was born to amuse. He appears to wish to engage and entertain everyone.

Additionally, he stated that it feels lovely and fantastic when he attempts to seize the attention. As a result, he is actively seeking attention. Camilo is a friendly individual who enjoys himself, yet he is committed to his family.

Rhenzy Feliz is most known for starring as Alex Wilder in Marvel’s Runaways, but he has also been on Casual and Teen Wolf programs and will star in George Clooney’s forthcoming film The Tender Bar.

All Voice Artist Of Encanto

1.MirabelStephanie Beatriz
2.Abuela AlmaMaría Cecilia Botero
3.BrunoJohn Leguizamo
4.FélixMauro Castillo
5.LuisaJessica Darrow
6.JulietaAngie Cepeda
7.PepaCarolina Gaitan
8.IsabelaDiane Guerrero
9.AgustínWilmer Valderrama
10.CamiloRhenzy Feliz
11. AntonioRavi Cabot-Conyers
14.OsvaldoJuan Castano
15.Old ArturoHector Elias

Who Give The Voice To Main Character In Encanto

Stephanie Beatriz portrayed Mirabel Madrigal. She is the main character of Encanto. Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri is an Argentine-born American actress and voice actor best known for her role as Detective Rosa Diaz on Fox/Nine-Nine NBC’s in New York City.

What is the storyline of Encanto 2

On February 10, 1981, she was born. She portrayed Ixlan in Elena of Avalor, Gosalyn Mallard in the DuckTales remake, and Mirabel Madrigal in Mirabel Madrigal.

Will There be any Updates on Encanto Trailer?

If you haven’t seen this film yet, I strongly advise you to do so immediately. You may enjoy the trailer for the time being.

Frequently Ask Question About Camilo Encanto Voice Actor

1.Who performs the role of Antonio in Encanto?

Ravi Cabot-Conyers

2.Antonio in Encanto, how old is he?

Five-year-old Antonio Madrigal

3. What is the Encanto language?


4. What is Bruno Madrigal's background?

Bruno is a third-generation kid of Alma and Pedro.

5. Who Give The Voice To Camilo Madrigal In Encanto?

Camilo Madrigal is voiced by Rhenzy Feliz.

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