Who Is Amber Heard Dating? Elon Musk, Johnny Depp & more

Who Is Amber Heard Dating? Elon Musk, Johnny Depp & more

Amber Laura Heard is an American actress who was born on April 22, 1986. She is best known for her roles in the films Never Back Down (2008), Drive Angry (2011), and The Rum Diary (2011), as well as for her portrayal of Mera in the superhero film Aquaman (2018) and its upcoming 2023 sequel in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

She is a human rights activist in addition to her role as a spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris.

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Tasya Van Ree (2008 – 2011)

From 2008 to 2012, Amber Heard dated the artist and photographer Tasya Van Ree. When Heard came out as bisexual at GLAAD’s 25th-anniversary event in 2010, she was dating Ree. “I don’t think of myself as one thing or another. I’ve had good relationships with both men and women. She said, “I love the person I love; it’s the person that matters.”

Heard was arrested on September 14, 2009, after it was said that she grabbed Ree by the arm at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and hit her in the arm. But when Depp and Heard’s court case started in 2016, Ree said in a statement that the physical fight between her and Heard had been “misunderstood.” Van Ree said, “In 2009, Amber was wrongly blamed for an event that was misunderstood and blown out of proportion by two powerful people.” “I remember signs of sexism toward us, which turned out to be homophobia when they found out we lived together and weren’t just “friends.” Charges were dropped quickly, and she was freed right away.”

Tasya Van Ree with amber heard
Amber Heard’s romance with photographer Tasya Van Ree lasted the longest of any she’s had in the last 15 years.

Johnny Depp (2011 – 2016)

After first coming into contact with one another during the shooting of the film “Rum Diaries” in 2009, Heard and Johnny Depp began to be linked romantically in 2011. The wedding took place in 2015 on the actor’s personal Caribbean island, where “Pirates of the Caribbean” was filmed.

Their union appeared doomed from the beginning, with Depp supposedly joking to his best man on the day of his wedding as they walked from the ceremony to the reception that “now I can hit her.” Their marriage was seemingly doomed from the beginning.

Depp has consistently claimed that Heard is the one who is the violent one, despite the fact that he has constantly accused the “Aquaman” actress of being the violent one.

Controversy between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

In the end, Heard initiated the divorce proceedings, which started in 2016. The former couple is currently dealing with the fallout of a defamation lawsuit that was filed by Depp against Heard for a total of $50 million. The actor asserts that comments Heard made about him in an opinion piece published in the Washington Post caused significant harm to his career and cost him more than $40 million in profits.

Cara Delevingne (2016)

After her highly publicized divorce from Depp in 2016, rumors began to circulate that Heard had started dating British supermodel Cara Delevingne the same year. Depp’s relationship with Heard had been the subject of extensive media coverage. Despite the fact that neither of them has confirmed their relationship, they have been spotted spending a lot of time together, which led to the rumors in the first place.

In the year 2020, Josh Drew, a person who is close to Heard and is part of her inner circle, testified that Heard and Delevingne were having an affair when she was married to Depp. Drew also claimed that Heard, Delevingne, and Musk had a “threesome” in Los Angeles while Depp was filming a project in Australia. She said that they spent the night together in the city.

Cara Delevingne with Amber Heard

Elon Musk (2016 – 2018)

Following the breakup of their relationship, it appears that the two continued to maintain their friendship. Amber and Elon Musk began dating the next year, in 2016, after finalizing her divorce from Johnny. In addition, the CEO of Tesla had just ended his marriage to his ex-wife, Talulah Riley.

They dated on and off until the year 2017, but they remained friends, and Amber later told to The Hollywood Reporter that their relationship was “wonderful.”

They published a joint statement after they broke up, which went as follows: “The distance has been particularly stressful on our relationship because we haven’t been able to see each other much due to our busy schedules.”

Elon musk with Amber Heard

They followed by saying, “We would like to declare very clearly that we have the utmost regard for one another, and it would be concerning if anyone had the impression that we believed otherwise.

Vito Schnabel (2018)

Three months after her breakup with Musk, there were rumors that Heard was seeing art dealer Vito Schnabel.

They were together for less than a year before they broke up. At the time, a source told Us Weekly that Schnabel and Heard broke up because “they lived too far away from each other.”

Vito Schnabel with Amber Heard

Andrés Muschietti (2019)

It looks like the “Bombshell” from Magic Mike XXL has a thing for old movie stars. She seemed to be dating Argentine director Muschietti around May 2019, whose work includes the horror movies It and Mama. However, British media say that the relationship ended after a few months.

Andres Muschietti with Amber Heard

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Bianca Butti (2020 – 2021)

The last person Heard was seen with was cinematographer Bianca Butti. Early in 2020 was the first time the two were seen together. Before they broke up in December 2021, they were together for almost two years.

Based on what they posted on social media at the time, it seems like they started dating at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are thought to have broken up because of work. Bianca lives in Los Angeles, and Amber is filming Aquaman 2 in the UK.

Bianca Butti with Amber Heard

Amber claimed that she had given birth to a daughter on April 8, 2021, who was given the name Oonagh Paige Heard; however, the identity of the baby’s biological father has never been disclosed.

Frequently Asked Question about Amber Heard

1. Who is Amber Heard daughter?

Amber Heard’s daughter is Oonagh Paige Heard.

2. What is Amber Heard's sexuality?

Amber said that she was bisexual in 2010 at a GLAAD event, and she then elaborated on her coming-out experience at a SXSW panel in March of 2019.

3. Who is Amber Heard dating now?

Little is known about Amber’s relationship status in 2022, but it is possible that she has been spending her time focusing on her trial with Johnny.

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