Who are Tengen Uzui’s Wives? Why did Tengen Uzui have three wives?

Who are Uzui's Wives

Within the Demon Slayer series, Tengen Uzui is considered to be one of the most important supporting characters. he also serves as the current Sound Hashira. In the beginning of the story, he was only a minor character, but later on in the Entertainment District story arc, he developed into a significant one. Uzui, who is 23 years old and has three wives, is well-known for being quite exceptional and has a lot of fans. You did not make a mistake when you read that; Tengen Uzui is married to a total of three women. To know in detail why Uzui’s have so many Wives then please read this article.

How many wives does Tengen Uzui have?

The information that Tengen Uzui had a total of three wives was first brought to light in the manga, and it was later verified in the anime. That is the quickest and most straightforward response that we are able to provide to this inquiry, and while we are conscious that it may come across as odd, it is in fact precisely like that. From the point of view of today, it seems very strange; however, one must take into account the fact that historically, this wasn’t really all that strange, and different societies and civilizations had different laws and customs pertaining to marriage. Although it seems very strange to us now, it wasn’t always so.

Does Uzui Love His Wives?

Uzui demonstrates his love for each of his wives in a variety of various ways. He is the kind of person who weighs deeds and deeds alone more highly than words and words alone. According to him, the kunoichis in the world cannot compare to the beauty, strength, and sweet disposition of his wife.

How many wives does Tengen Uzui have

Uzui holds the highest admiration and respect for each and every one of his wives. With addition to this, he had an intense concern for them, which might be translated as the high regard in which he held each individual. This is also seen in the anime’s Entertainment Arc when three of Daki’s wives come dangerously close to losing their lives as a result of his demonic abilities.

Why Does Uzui Have Three Wives?

Uzui’s family has a long-standing custom that recognises him as a shinobi and grants him the right to wed up to three different ladies. When Uzui turned 15, the patriarch of the family had already selected three ladies for him based on the compatibility of their personalities. Polygamy is a shinobi custom that is performed not only because it results in more marriages for the individual, but also so that there are more fighters in the world who are able to assist their families in surviving. Imagine Uzui Tengen’s colourful gene pool!

Tengen Uzui’s wives’ names



In addition to being Tengen Uzui’s first wife, Suma is also his youngest — she’s only 19 years old. Unbeknownst to you before, Suma was revealed to be the promised wife of Uzui in the demon slayer fan novel, not her own sister. She snuck into her sister’s marriage interview in order to step in and marry Uzui in lieu of her.

She shares Zenitsu’s dramatic and over-the-top emotions when they’re afraid in terms of personality. She is frequently seen with two black kunais in her hands, indicating her shinobi prowess. To the best of her abilities, Suma fights for Uzui despite her timidity.

Did you know that she’s often thought of as bisexual by the general public? This might be one of the reasons she agreed to Uzui Tengen’s polygamy in the first place. Aside from Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi, Kongou from KanColle, and Nagisa from Assassination Classroom, Nao Toyama has also voiced Suma.



She has light skin and piercing blue eyes that stand out against her fair complexion. She wears her dark hair in a ponytail, and on either side of her face are two strands of lighter brown hair. She wears a short dress that is sleeveless and features a vertical stripe. The neckline of the garment is high, and she ties a black obi around the waist of the dress. Her legs are wrapped in bandages all the way up to the tops of her thighs. Makio is a young woman who carries a great deal of responsibility and is quite resilient.

During the time that her husband and Tanjiro were engaged in combat with Gyutaro, she and Sumi were responsible for the safety of everyone in the Entertainment District. Makyo wed Tengen Uzuya at some time in her life, along with Suma and Hinatsuru. Following her departure from the clan, her family travelled to Kagaya Ubuyashiki in order to participate in the demon slayers’ battles.



Tengen is on his third marriage with Hinatsuru. Hinatsuru’s hair is long and dark, and it is pulled back into a high ponytail. The young lady’s face, specifically the area just beneath her left eye, features a teeny-tiny mole. She is clad in a sleeveless yukata that is patterned all over with tiny black squares. It seems like she is holding a net in her hands. While engaged in combat, Hinatsuru gives his all and does not hold back in the slightest. Even after Tengen had given her medication and instructed her to come home, she did not listen to him and instead, despite being nearly tired, she assisted him in the fight against Gyutaro.

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