What Happen To Simon Leviev After The Show Release? Where he is now?


Recently Netflix released a documentary called Tinder Swindler. After the release of this documentary, fans are gone crazy. They have many queries in their minds. Who is a tinder swindler? Who is Simon Leviev? Where is he now? and many more. You came to this website because you also have those quarries. So don’t worry, we are here to solve each and every query. So no more further delay let’s talk about this topic.

Who is Simon Leviev?

Simon Leviev Real name is Shimon Hayut. He is the Tinder Swindler in a recent Netflix documentary. A convicted fraudster who was born and raised in Israel. Hayut met several women using dating apps, then obtained lines of credit and loans in their names, eventually leaving them responsible for the debt.

Simon Leviev and ayleen

How did Simon Leviev get caught?

Sometimes after reading the VG article, Hayut’s long-term girlfriend Ayleen Koeleman changed her mind about continuing the relationship with him. Having his tale become viral meant that Hayut had to stop traveling and stay in the background for a while. He sought assistance from Koeleman, the one lady who appeared to have confidence in him, but she was already miles ahead of him.

Koeleman told the Tinder Swindler that she could sell his designer-brand clothing to make some money and kept the money, swindling him herself. To the police, she provided them with information on the flight path of Hayut after conducting a brief investigation. As of early 2019, he had been arrested and sentenced to 15 months imprisonment by an Israeli court for fraud.

Where he is now and what does he do for a living?

After five months in prison, he was freed. Simon is currently residing in Israel as a free individual. Since his release, SIMON has established a website that provides business consulting services for a price. SIMON has returned to the dating app Tinder since his released. His current partner is an Israeli model who works in the fashion industry.

Lev Leviev About Simon Leviev

Simon always presents himself as a diamond prince. His father is the CEO of LLD Diamonds, and he claims that Lev Leviev is his father. This type of statement made a bad impact on Lev Leviev company that’s why he filed a Complaint against Simon. Also, he mentions that Simon Leviev has no connection with Leviev Family.

Is Simon Leviev Still On Tinder

Simon Leviev, aka Tinder Swindler’s Shimon Hayut, was banned from Tinder. Simon Leviev is no longer using Tinder under any of his known identities, according to a statement sent by the dating app to Variety on Friday.

Why simon reject the show

Simon Leviev On Instagram

Simon Leviev continues to operate his Instagram account. He is quite active on the social media platform Instagram. He uploads stories on a regular basis.

Why Simon Leviev Reject To Do Tinder Swindler

When the official reaches SIMON to offer this documentary, he rejects the show. Also, he sends a voice note to the official. This voice note mentions that if the official makes a show on him, he files a case against the shoemakers.

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