Valeria Season 3 News, Release Date, Cast & Updates – Everything We Know So Far

Valeria Season 3 News, Release Date, Cast & Updates - Everything We Know So Far

Valeria Season 3, It’s been a long time since we heard any update on this serise. If you are a fan wondering if we are getting Valeria Season 3 or not, this article is for you, and you must not skip it. This romantic comedy-drama has won many hearts, and the fans are constantly demanding for Valeria Season 3. This article will help you get every detail we know about the release date of Valeria Season 3, so keep reading.

Season 3 Premiere Of Valeria

Right now there is no official confirmation about season 3 of Valeria. If it happens then we will update on our website.

Valeria Season 3 Overview

Please read the basic information below before proceeding with this article. Maybe it will be helpful to you.

Valeria Season 3 Quick Info

Valeria Season 3

Valeria Season 3 Overview
  • Season: Valeria
  • No. of Seasons: 2
  • Total No. of Episode: 16 (Season 1 and Season 2)
  • Based on:  En los zapatos de Valeria 
  • Writer: Elísabet Benavent
  • Director: Inma Torrente, Nely Reguera, Laura M. Campos
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance.
  • Cast: Diana Gómez, Silma López, Paula Malia.
  • Production: Plano a Plano & Netflix.
  • Producer(S): María López Castaño, Marina Pérez
  • Music: Nau Leone.
  • Country of Origin: Spain.
  • Origin Language: Spanish.
  • Available Languages: English
  • First Episode Aired On: 8 May 2020
  • First Episode Title: The Impostor (S01, Ep01)
  • Last Episode Aired On: 13 August 2021
  • Last Episode Title: Reflection (S02, Ep08)

What is the story of Valeria?

Valeria is a comedy-drama TV series based in Madrid. The series, Valeria, originated in Spain. The story of Valeria follows a married author named Valeria, who one day found her career and marriage in crisis. The show highlights some challenges in Valeria’s life that she tries to overcome. After meeting her friends one day, Valeria discovers peace with them and starts living every moment of her life. She makes tough decisions for herself, and the show tells us about them.

What happened in the last scenes of Valeria Season 2?

The last episode of Valeria Season 2 was Reflection. In the ending scenes of Valeria, we see that Valeria signs the divorce papers, and her married life with Victor finally comes to an end. Later, we saw Valeria joining her girlfriends for a Christmas celebration. They celebrated the new phase of Valeria’s life by drinking some wine and appreciated Valeria for her best-selling book.

What Is The Renewal Status Of Valeria Season 3?

Our sources inform us that the third season of Valeria will launch on August 21, 2022, but there is no official release date yet. Fans won’t have to wait long to get a copy. Soon, it will be available on Netflix.

What can we expect from Valeria Season 3?

The first and second seasons of Valeria consist of 8 episodes, so the fans are expecting eight episodes from the third season. In the following season, we may get to see Valeria’s love life after divorce, and we will see with whom she ends up. We can also expect an upgrade in her career. The fans expect Nerea, Carmen, and Lola in the third season because the show will not be fun without them.

The release date of Valeria Season 3

The announcement of the renewal of Valeria Season 3 came out in October 2021. Netflix emphasized that the third season will be the last season of the show. Netflix still has not given an exact date for the release date, but you can expect it sometime in 2023 or 2024.

The release date of Valeria Season 3

The staff of Valeria

Valeria is based on a novel called En los zapatos de Valeria by Elísabet Benavent and the directors of the show are Inma Torrente, Nely Reguera, and Laura M. Campos. Elisabet Benavent, Maria Lopez Castano, Marina Perez, Aurora Gracia, Fernanda Eguiarte, and Almudena Ocana collectively, has written the screenplay of the show. César Benítez produced the show under Plano a Plano production company.

The cast of Valeria

In the series, you will see –

  • Diana Gomez as Valeria
  • Silma Lopez as Lola
  • Maxi Iglesias as Víctor
  • Paula Malia as Carmen
  • Teresa Riott as Nerea
  • Ibrahim Al Shami as Adrián
  • Juanlu Gonzalez as Borja
  • Mero Gonzalez as Zaida

Ratings and Reviews on Valeria


IMDb has given Valeria a rating of 6.5 based on 5,540 votes, whereas the show got a 60% score from Rotten Tomatoes. The show is rated PG 16+ as it contains viol*nce, s*x, and many other activities minors should have no access to. Some viewers label the show as modern-day S*x And The City and praise the story for being rare, but the show has disappointed some. The reviews were a mixture of different types of reviews, but most of them were positive responses.

IMDb Rating on Valeria


Elements were correct, set in Spain. Independent women but always talking about only relationships; when will this cliche be over? Give it a pass if you have watched SATC religiously. You will end up comparing, giving a chance for the characters to evolve, but it doesn’t happen till the end. Stunning locales and people, BTW!

I had fun watching this series with its fresh, contemporary vibe. I love Lola and her amazing style! I binged the first and now the second season, which I found better because of the characters’ and stories’ development. I see the low rates justified by Valeria’s flaws, and I can’t help but wonder, was Carrie Bradshaw likable? Also, I don’t know who promoted it as such, but there’s no need to compare it to SATC.

Readers Rating

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Reader Rating5 Votes

This web series build a huge fan base amongst youngsters and teens. People is loving it because it contains the spicy flavour of most popular TV Series “S*e and the City”. Not only that, people also want it to be a replacement of that popular TV series.

Its last two seasons overwhelmed with peoples’ heart with the unique story line and screen play.

Google Trends - Valeria Season 3

Will There be any Updates on the trailer of Valeria Season 3?

The Season 3 Valeria Of trailer has not yet been released. However, visit our website frequently, as we will continue to provide you with new information regarding the Valeria Season following this one.

However, if it becomes accessible, Netflix will make it available. You may watch the season 2 trailer while waiting for the season 3 trailer to become available. The Valeria Of Season 2 trailer can be found in the section below.


Overall, Valeria is an excellent option if you want to watch a romantic comedy show. The series is filled with hilarious scenes, and the bond between Valeria and her friends will melt your heart. If you have not watched this show yet, we recommend you to watch it before it gets old.

Frequently Asked Questions about Valeria Season 3

1. For how much time does each episode of Valeria run for?

Each episode of Valeria runs for 38 to 46 minutes.

2. On which novel is the show Valeria based?

The romantic comedy show Valeria is based on a Spanish novel called En los zapatos de Valeria by Elísabet Benavent.

3. Who has played the role of Valeria, and how old is she?

Diana Gomez, a 33-year-old Spanish actress, is playing the role of Valeria in the show.

4. Where can you watch all seasons of Valeria?

Valeria is available on Netflix, and you can also watch it on IMDb and JustWatch.

5. Is Valeria an English show?

Valeria is a Spanish romantic comedy show, but you can watch it with English subtitles if you are an international viewer.

6. How many episodes are there in Valeria?

Both seasons of Valeria have eight episodes in one of them, making 16 episodes in the series.

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