Tower Of God Chapter 529 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan, Color Page

Tower Of God Chapter 529 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan, Color Page

Tower of God is a webcomic written and painted by S.I.U. It has been serialized on Naver Corporation’s webtoon platform Naver Webtoon since June 2010. Additionally, in July 2014, Line Webtoon began posting Tower of God’s official English translations.

Tower Of God Chapter 529 will be available shortly. The majority of fans have been curious about Tower Of God Chapter 529 Release Date, Time, and Tower Of God Chapter summary. This page has been updated with all the latest information regarding Tower Of God Chapter 529.

Tower of God Chapter 528 Recap

The old man smacked her in the head with lightning speed. She collapsed to the ground, her brains gushing out and her eyes wide open in bewilderment.

A butterfly-lifed beast charged out of the room, only to be torn apart at the entrance by a few more animals. It didn’t even manage to scream in agony before dying. Blood was strewn throughout the area.

Tower Of God Chapter 529 Release Date

Man and beast made their way to a nearby lake. It was completely spherical and resembled a mirror when viewed from above. However, the sky was unusually dark tonight, contributing to the lake’s somber appearance.

The monstrous creature landed on the lake’s surface. Despite its enormous size, it possessed an angelic singing voice that was immensely endearing and dreamy. The entire area now had the same tranquillity as Romance River; it possessed an aura that appeared to resonate with the soul.

There were so many people that one’s vision was obstructed. Their smiles stayed constant throughout. When the first person went into the lake, it appeared as though the others were unaware and proceeded forward.

At that very time, the lake’s bottom shone white, causing the water to shimmer. It appeared as though there was another moon reflected in the lake’s mirror from above. The lake water turned milky white, and the inhabitants bubbled and steamed as though being boiled in soup.

“Now is the moment to turn up the heat. Once they begin to smoke slightly, slide the fish in and flip it after a few seconds. Add a couple garlic cloves and a splash of water, as well as chopped onions. Season with half a teaspoon of vinegar and sugar. Then let it simmer. After around 30 minutes, the soup will turn white. Maintain a high heat setting and continue simmering. Finally, garnish with some fresh herbs, and it’s ready to serve! It certainly smells fragrant!”

The elderly man stood there watching as the individuals in the lake melted into a white material. Their blissful smiles remained even as they melted. Numerous white souls congregated and plunged to the lake’s depths, forming a mirror within.

Tower Of God Chapter 529 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 529 will be released on 06th February 2022.

Tower Of God Chapter 529 Countdown

Tower Of God Chapter 529 English Spoilers

Lee Jong-hui, known professionally as SIU, is the creator of the South Korean webcomic Tower of God (Korean:; RR: Sin-UI Tap) (Slave. In. Utero). It was published in 2010 as the first Talse Uzer tale. It is currently available for free on Naver and Line Webtoon. The Tower of God has been seen more than 4.5 billion times worldwide since February 2020.

Naver has officially translated Tower of God into eight languages, with fan translations in an additional twenty languages available on the official site. Beginning April 1, 2020, Naver Series On will stream an anime television series adaptation of the webtoon. It aired on Japanese television the same night at 12:30 AM JST, which corresponds to April 2 in the United States. You may watch it in its entirety on Crunchyroll.

Tower Of God Chapter 529 Release Date

Bam, 25, had never been in a relationship prior to meeting Rachel. Rachel, on the other hand, is hell-bent on reaching the Tower’s summit and is willing to sacrifice Bam in order to do it. Bam swears to climb the Tower in the aftermath of Rachel’s disappearance in the hope of reconnecting with her.

As a result, the Tower is teeming with old secrets, fearsome monsters, and malevolent people. Those courageous enough to take on each floor’s difficult difficulties are protected by Administrators who push them to the test.

Bam discovers that he is a “Irregular,” someone who was not chosen by the Tower but was able to join on his own, an extremely unusual occurrence within the Tower. Regardless of this new revelation, he has a clear path forward. All of your goals will come true at the very top of the Tower, whether it’s reconnecting with Rachel or acquiring riches, power, or fame.

Tower Of God Chapter 529 Raw Scan

You can read Tower Of God Chapter 529 online at various websites. Pudidy warned Persues against thinking that way, stating that they would be trapped in the Middle Area if the gate was demolished. The pilot announces the start of the warp. Let’s arrange to meet when Tower Of God Chapter 529 becomes available.

Where to Read Tower of God Chapter 529?

You can read Tower of God Chapters on Webtoon.

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