Tower Of God Chapter 524 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan, Color Page

Tower Of God Chapter 524 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan, Color Page

Tower of God is a webcomic written and painted by S.I.U. Since June 2010, it has been serialized on Naver Corporation’s webtoon platform Naver Webtoon. Additionally, Line Webtoon began publishing official English translations of Tower of God in July 2014.

The story of Tower of God revolves around a bit of a child named Twenty-Fifth Bam. For the most of his life, he and his lone friend – Rachel – were locked beneath an enormous and mysterious Tower. And Bam is saddened when Rachel enters the Tower. However, he subsequently succeeds in opening the door and is willing to go to any extent to locate Rachel.

Tower of God Chapter 523 Recap

Lyborick discusses the Attribute of Shinsoo that he has maintained and how useless it would be without the electric attribute. He ejects “water vapor and demonstrates it to Kallavan. Klavan watches the Shinsoo rising around him and wonders if it is the result of vaporization.

However, it appears to be a mist. Lyborick confesses that it is vaporization, as it consumes all the water within the Shinsoo. Lyborick describes what would happen if he used his electric attribute to break down the steam of Shinsoo, which is filled with electricity, and it is over.

Yu Hansung inquires of Ms. Lefav whether they can destroy the gate with a single hit using any means. Ms. Lefav confesses that the gate’s barrier prevents it from being easily destroyed by Shinsoo attacks.

Tower Of God Chapter 524 Release Date

Ms. Lefav reveals that she has her own method of resolving such challenges; she believes that a powerful monster like Evankell can simultaneously burst through those barriers and destroy the gate. She believes that by employing “Lefav-Faust,” a substance notorious for destroying equipment and structures, she may neutralize impediments.

Ms. Lefav believes that because Lefav-Faust can travel through any barrier, it can operate against the gate. She launches it, and Yu Hansung declares it to be colossal. Candidy observes this, wonders what Lefav is up to, and deduces that Lefav wishes to destroy the warp gate. She instructed them to apprehend Lefav, and Meier agreed to assist.

Yu Hansung requested that Meire refrains from interfering. However, Meier informed her that she was a scrub. Yu Hansung believes that Meire’s behavior warrants a punch to the face to teach her not to annoy everyone. They both fight, and Candidy gets involved as well.

Tower Of God Chapter 524 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 524 will be released on 2 January 2022.

Tower Of God Chapter 524 Countdown

Tower Of God Chapter 524 English Spoilers

Tower of God Chapter 524 will begin Bam and his friends’ new journey in the suspended search of the ‘object.’ On the other hand, there is the scheme to apprehend the irregular under the guise of a conflict.

It will be fascinating to observe how SIU carries out these aims inside a single mission. Because Bam is currently skating on thin ice and does not appear to have much time.

Tower Of God Chapter 524 Raw Scan

Tower Of God Chapter 524 Raw Scan

You can read Tower Of God Chapter 524 online at various websites. Pudidy warned Persues against thinking that way, stating that they would be trapped in the Middle Area if the gate was demolished. The pilot announces the start of the warp. Let’s arrange to meet when Tower Of God Chapter 524 becomes available.

Where to Read Tower of God Chapter 524

You can watch Tower of God Chapters on Webtoon.

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