Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 : Countdown, Release Date, Spoiler, Cast, Premiere Time & Recap

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 : Countdown, Release Date, Spoiler, Cast, Premiere Time & Recap

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew is another new sequel to the Tokyo Mew Mew Manga series. This new sequel was announced to celebrate the manga’s 20th anniversary, and this manga series has had a huge fan base since its original release date. And all the fans are excited to watch this new sequel, Tokyo Mew Mew Mew. So to know the release date of the Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 anime and other related updates, continue reading this article.

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 Overview

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Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 Quick Info

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew.1
  • Season: Tokyo Mew Mew Mew
  • Episode No : Ep09
  • Episode Name : TBA
  • Status: Season 1
  • Japanese Name: 東京ミュウミュウ にゅ~♡
  • Creator: Mia Ikumi, Yuka Yamada
  • Director: Takahiro Natori
  • Based on: A Light Novel
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
  • Music: Yasuharu Takanashi
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Origin Language: Japanese
  • Available Languages: Japanese, English
  • First Episode Aired on : 6 July 2022 (S01 EP01)
  • Last Episode Aired on : 24 August 2022 (S01 EP08)
  • Next Episode to be Aired on : 31 August 2022 (S01 EP09)
  • Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

What Is The Storyline Of Tokyo Mew Mew Mew?

One day, a regular girl named Ichigo Momomiya, who was dating Masaya Aoyama, the school idol who I had always wished I could date, showed there. The day has finally arrived, Suddenly, I am engulfed in a brilliant light, and a cat enters my body!?? What a “chimaera anima” from the parasitized creature it would take to defend the world from a “alien” Because it was picked, Iriomote cat has the ability to employ the power of “Miu Strawberry.”

As a group, make an effort to pollute the earth’s ecology with your companions. Aoyama-kun, please put a stop to those aliens; I have to safeguard everyone. “Nyan to serve the future of the world” is the motto that guides all actions.

When Is Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 Coming Out? (Release Date)

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew is another new sequel series of Tokyo Mew Mew. The release date for the first season of Tokyo Mew Mew Mew is out now, and the Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 will be available on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

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Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 Countdown

The countdown for Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 is finally here. Check out every detail on our website. Bookmark our website, and if we update anything about this topic, you can easily find out.


Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 Premiere Time in different time zones

  • Pacific time : 4:00 PDT (31 August 2022)
  • Central time : 6:00 CDT (31 August 2022)
  • Eastern time : 7:00 EDT (31 August 2022)
  • British time : 12:00 BST (31 August 2022)
  • Indian time : 16:30 IST (31 August 2022)
  • European time : 13:00 CEST (31 August 2022)
  • Australian time : 21:30 ACDT (31 August 2022)
  • Philippines time : 19:00 PHT (31 August 2022)

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 Spoiler

Aoyama-kun was successful in obtaining two tickets to the show. He intends to ask Ichigo out on a date, but he is having difficulties thinking of a good way to phrase the question. Meanwhile, Ichigo has gone to his part-time work.

And there are a lot of people eating and drinking at Cafe Miu Miu today!

A job on the side, as well as school and Miu Miu. Aoyama-kun suddenly materializes at Cafe Mew Mew, right in front of Ichigo, who is so busy during the day that he never gets the chance to see Aoyama-kun!

As Minto and the others come to the realization that they wish to hand over the tickets, they make every effort to do what is best for the two of them.

What can the viewers expect from the new series Tokyo Mew Mew Mew?

This is your chance to get revenge on the date! Ichigo was the one who went to the zoo with Aoyama-kun, right?

Pudding Fong is an energizing girl who does a street performance like a monkey. At first, we were nervous about each other, but when we finally felt like we were in a good atmosphere, she appeared!

Ichigo was upset because his date was disruptive, and he was in a difficult situation. At that moment, an alien with the name “Kish” materialized in front of Ichigo. A brand new friend named Miuprin was the one who pulled Miu Strawberries out of their predicament.

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 Spoiler

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Season 1 Popularity

The first episode of the long-running and critically acclaimed anime series Tokyo Mew Mew was shown in the year 2003. The plot centres on the exploits of a group of young females who have the ability to shapeshift into various animals. They put their powers to use in the fight against those who would do harm. This legendary anime has returned for another season. The imaginative concepts and unique animation style of Tokyo Mew Mew have earned the show much recognition. Additionally, it has gained popularity among young ladies.

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 Cast And Character

The anime series Tokyo Mew Mew mew is written by Yuka Yamada, and the series director is Takahiro Natori. And the series production studio is Yumeta Company Graphinica, and the original network channel of Tokyo Mew Mew mew is TV Tokyo.

The main character and their voice actors:

The main lead character of the series Ichigo Momomiya voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent and whose task is to find the other four remaining mews that is Minto Aizawa (voiced by Mirai Hinata), Retasu Midorikawa ( voiced by: Ryōko Juni ), Bu-Ling Huang( voiced by: Rian Toda) and Zakuro Fujiwara(voice actress: Momoka Ishii)

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 8 recap summary

Episode 8 : Cruise with confidence, first love flavor

The event for the unveiling of Akasaka’s new sweets will take place on a luxury liner that is owned by Shirokane.

Along with Miu Miu’s brothers and sisters, all of them got dressed up and boarded the ship! A glamorous party has begun.

I want to be of greater assistance to everyone! I had high hopes for it, but in the end, it turned out to be a bust and accomplished nothing. Shirokane is concerned about Letasu’s well-being.

The Chimera Anima that Pai had summoned launched an attack, during which Furuzu’s younger brother was kidnapped and taken into the water. He is hesitant due to the fact that he is unable to swim, but there is nobody who can assist him…

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 Rating And Review


If you’ve never seen the series before and are curious about its quality, I can assure you that it’s pretty good! 7.4/10 is a respectable IMDb score, and in Rottentomatoes, the show has 63% average audience score. So definitely, this show is in my book. If you’re still undecided about seeing it, have a look at what others had to say about it after you.


My opinion is that Tokyo Mew Mew is an absolutely fantastic combination of both Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon, and it follows in the amazing spirit of both two shows. Even though they are not the same, there are numerous similarities between the two. I can’t express how much I like how cute it is, not to mention how engaging the story is.

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How Many Episodes Will Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Season 1 Have?

Everyone knows that Tokyo Mew Mew Mew is a tv series. We see that the shows have only 13 episodes in the last season. The rumor has gone viral that Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Season 1 is coming soon. If the maker releases Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Season 1, then it might have 13 episodes.

Is Tokyo Mew Mew Mew worth watching?

When it comes to anime series, all we look for is a thriller and adventurous journey of the main lead character, and this ongoing series Tokyo Mew Mew Mew is just what you are looking for as the series is full of adventure with powerful action scenes. And any anime lovers who love to watch these fantasy series will definitely love the series.

And not only that, the series has a unique storyline with outstanding characters, and it has been popular since its season 1. So if you are thinking about watching this latest ongoing series, Tokyo Mew Mew Mew, then don’t think twice as the series is worth watching.

Is There Any Trailer For Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9?

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew anime is a Japanese anime television series that aired on July 6, 2022. Right now there is no trailer of Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9. But recently makers release the trailer of Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Anime. You can enjoy the trailer on our website.


Tokyo Mew Mew Mew’s production studio is never tired of entertaining their fans by bringing anime sequels and the latest game series. Now everyone is excited for this new anime series Tokyo Mew Mew mew, and to know about all the latest updates of Tokyo Mew Mew mew season 1 episode stay in touch with us.

And also, to know about the future updates on the Tokyo Mew Mew mew anime series, always keep yourself updated with our website Amazfeed.

Frequently Ask Questions About Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9

1. How many episodes will Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Season 1 have?

Still, no clear data is available on how many episodes will be released in Tokyo Mew Mew mew season 1.

2. Where can I watch Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9?

You can watch the series Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 on TV Tokyo.

3. Is Tokyo Mew Mew Mew manga complete?

Yes, the Tokyo Mew Mew mew manga series was concluded in February 2003.

4. Is Tokyo Mew Mew Mew light novel complete?

Still, there is no Tokyo Mew Mew mew light novel released.

5. Which Arc or chapters are Is Tokyo Mew Mew Mew season 1 going to cover?

Still, the production studio of Tokyo Mew Mew mew has not revealed the details about which Arc will be covered in Tokyo Mew Mew mew season 1.

6. When is Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 releasing?

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Episode 9 is releasing on August 31, 2022.

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