The Pentaverate Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

When Is The Pentaverate Season 2 Coming Out

The Pentaverate has just ended, yet the viewers have already started to talk about The Pentaverate season 2. They have been swarming the internet with questions about the next season.

If you are one of them or want to know every possible information regarding The Pentaverate 2, we can help you. This article will inform you about everything we know about The Pentaverate 2, so keep reading.

Season 2 Premiere Date Of The Pentaverate

There is no official confirmation about season 2 of The Pentaverate. If it happens, then we will update our website.

Is The Pentaverate on Netflix?

Is The Pentaverate on Netflix? Yes. The Pentaverate is available on Netflix, and you can find it in the thriller section.

The Pentaverate Season 2 Overview

Please read the basic information below before proceeding with this article. Maybe it will be helpful to you.

The Pentaverate Season 2 Quick Info

The Pentaverate Season 2

Where To Watch The Pentaverate Season 2 โ€“ Streaming Details
  • Season: The Pentaverate
  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • Episode: 6 ( Season 1)
  • Writer: Mike Myers
  • Director: Tim Kirkby
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Cast: Mike Myers, Ken Jeong, Keegan-Michael
  • Production: Jax Media, Netflix
  • Producer(S): Michael Amodio
  • Music: Orbital
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Available On: Netflix

When Is The Pentaverate Season 2 Coming Out? (Release Date)

Since the show has just landed on the OTT platforms, it’s hard to make any prediction for the next season. Moreover, the production studio has not officially stated the show’s renewal. We all will have to wait for a little for confirmation. Amazfeed will update you on this topic as soon as the team makes an announcement.

What is the storyline of The Pentaverate?

Since the outbreak of the Black Plague in 1347, what if there has been a covert organization consisting of five men who have been attempting to exert their influence on the course of world events for the sake of the greater good?

In the first episode of the series, a seemingly unassuming Canadian journalist finds himself in the middle of a journey to discover the truth and, just maybe, save the world all by himself. Keep in mind that the Pentaverate must under no circumstances be revealed.

The Pentaverate: What would it be able to be About?

The Pentaverate is a comedy miniseries adapted from Mike Myers’ film, So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993). The show’s story revolves around five men working for humanity since the Black Plague of 1347.

The play tells us about some conspiracy theories of that time. The five people who worked as The Pentaverate are the only ones to know the real truth behind everything they did behind that mask. But, a Canadian journalist learned about this dark truth while he was on a mission, and now he wants to expose everything.

The Pentaverate Season 2

What happened in the last scenes of The Pentaverate?

In the last scenes of The Pentaverate, you will see the Pentaverate dissolving and turning into a secret society of seven members called Septaverate. Mike Myers finally fulfilled his dream of playing a journalist’s role. You will also get to see Bruce Baldwin’s face after surgery which he did to look like Rob Lowe. You can see him enjoying drinks at the beach in the last seconds.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In The Pentaverate Season 2?

The Pentaverate made its debut on 05 May 2022 and concluded the season by releasing a total of 6 episodes, so we can expect that the new season of Heartstopper will also have ten episodes or more.

The ratings and reviews on The Pentaverate Season 2

The Pentaverate scored 21% from Rotten Tomatoes based on 19 votes and 40% from Metacritic based on seven votes and IMDB has given the show a 6.1 rating based on 8,014 votes. The viewers seem not to like the show. The responses clearly show that there are so many holes to fill. We think the show’s team has learned their lessons and hope they will work on their shortcomings.

The ratings and reviews on The Pentaverate Season 2
Pentaverate Season 2 google trends

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Who Will Be Part Of The Pentaverate Season 2? (Cast and Character)

Jeremy Irons narrated The Pentaverate. It was produced under Jax Media, and Mike Myers, Ed Dyson, Roger Drew, Tim Kirkby, John Lyons, Jason Weinberg, Tony Hernandez, and Lilly Burns are the show’s executive producers.

Tim Kirkby is the director of this comedy conspiracy show that Mike Myers created. The team premiered all six episodes of The Pentaverate on Netflix on 5 May 2022. We have yet to get an official announcement regarding the season 2 cast. The following characters appeared as recurrent characters in previous seasons and were cast members in season 2.

The cast of The Pentaverate In the show you will see –

  • Mike Myers as Ken Scarborough.
  • Keegan-Michael Key is portrayed by Dr. Hobart Clark.
  • Debi Mazar is performed by Patty Davis.
  • Richard McCabe is presented by Pikeman Higgins.
  • Jennifer Saunders is played by The Maester of Dubrovnik.
  • Lydia West in the role of Reilly Clayton.
  • Jeremy Irons as the narrator.
  • Ken Jeong as Skip Cho.

Where To Watch The Pentaverate Season 2? โ€“ Streaming Details

It is a show that can be watched exclusively on Netflix. Consequently, those with a valid subscription to Netflix will be able to view this episode at no additional cost. The concert will not require any additional costs to be paid for admission. Keep in mind that this show’s availability varies according to location. Check to check if this program is broadcast in your region.

The Pentaverate Season 2 Trailer: Is there any trailer out?

If you hoped that The Pentaverate Season 2 would have a trailer, then I have some disappointing news for you. The trailer has not been released yet, and it is unlikely that it will be anytime soon; it may be a year or a half before we get to watch the show’s premiere.

It is also not assured that the show will be renewed, as this will rely on whether or not the pilot season is given the go-ahead. Nevertheless, the teaser for the first season is already available online, specifically on YouTube.


We hope to see some betterment in the next season of The Pentaverate. But, the team has yet to announce the production of The Pentaverate 2. And it is unlikely to happen this year, so we will have to wait a few more months for the second season to come out.

Frequently Ask Questions About The Pentaverate Season 2

1. What is the release date of The Pentaverate 2?

The show’s production team has not given a green flag for its renewal yet. The next season can’t come out this year; you can expect it in 2023.

2. What is the meaning behind the title of The Pentaverate?

In Latin, Penta means five, and Vera implies truth. So the show’s title is derived from there and translates to โ€“ The Five Truths.

3. What kind of show is The Pentaverate?

The Pentaverate is a comedy conspiracy show with six episodes.

4. Where can you watch The Pentaverate?

You can watch The Pentaverate on Netflix through a Netflix subscription. The show is also available on other streaming platforms.

5. How many seasons are there of The Pentaverate

The Pentaverate has thus far only had two seasons.

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