The Marked Heart Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far

Will There be any Updates on The Marked Heart Season 2 Trailer

The first season of The Marked Heart has just entered the TV world, yet the fans are already waiting for its second season’s release confirmation. This Columbian drama is packed with thrill and mystery.

If you have not watched this show, we recommend watching it before it gets old. And if you are waiting for The Marked Heart season 2 release date, you should read this article.

Is The Marked Heart on Netflix?

Is Netflix showing The Marked Heart? Yes. You can watch The Marked Heart on Netflix. It is in the thriller section.

The Marked Heart Season 2 Overview

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The Marked Heart Season 2 Quick Info

The Marked Heart Season 2

Is The Marked Heart Worth Watching
  • Season: The Marked Heart
  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • No. of Episode: 14 (season 1)
  • Writer: Leonardo Padrón
  • Director: Camilo Vega
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller
  • Cast: Michel Brown, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Sebastián Martínez
  • Production: CMO Producciones
  • Producer(S): Carolina Arciniegas
  • Country of Origin: Colombia
  • Origin Language: Spanish
  • Available languages: English, Hindi
  • Available On: Netflix

The Marked Heart Season 2 Release Date

Many questions are unanswered about the story that happened until now, so we may get another season to answer all our questions. However, the production team has not given any official announcement about The Marked Heart season 2, so we have no idea when it will be available for the audience. If the crew starts working on the show production immediately, we might see it coming out in 2023.

What is the story about The Marked Heart?

Some organ traffickers murdered a woman and transplanted her heart into another woman’s body. The woman who died was Valeria, Simon’s wife, and this story revolves around her death.

The new owner of the heart is Camila, who is married to a wealthy businessman. After getting the surgery, Camila got curious about the actual owner of the heart and their family. At the same time, Simon, whose wife was brutally murdered, wants to know about the people who killed her wife.

Where Can You See The Marked Heart

Simon and Camila both started searching for some clues and finally met each other in the end. They fell in love with each other, but happiness soon left when they came to know the truth behind Valeria’s murder. Their lives took various turns and became complicated, revealing each mystery.

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Who Will Be Part Of The Marked Heart Season 2? (Cast and Character)

Leonardo Padrón is the creator of The Marked Heart, who produced it under CMO Producciones. This Columbian thriller drama is made in the Spanish language, but English subtitles are also available on Netflix so that international viewers can watch it without any problem.

The cast of The Marked Heart season 2 you will get to see –

Character NamePortrays By
Michel BrownSimon
Ana Lucia DominguezCamila
Sebastian MartinezZacarias
Margarita MunozValeria
Moises ArizmendiMariachi
Valeria EmilianiSamantha
Julian CeratiTomas
Juan Fernando SanchezSarmiento

Ratings and Reviews on The Marked Heart


The Marked Heart has scored 6.3 from IMDb based on 564 votes, whereas OTTplay has given it 2.5 out of 5. According to the reviews, the show couldn’t do very well among the audience; however, some viewers were totally against this. They praised the performance for its storyline and actors.

The Marked Heart Season 2 imdb rating


The acting was good, and the story was interesting. Drama is about a very serious subject that is entertaining. Good casting. Twists and turns that keep you guessing. This story goes into more depth about some issues that can only be touched on in a one-episode movie. I hope that Season 2 will be renewed soon!!!

The Marked Heart Season 2 google trends

Readers Rating

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How Many Episodes Will Be There In The Marked Heart Season 2?

The Marked Heart made its debut on 20 April 2022 and concluded the season by releasing 14 episodes, so we can expect that the new season of The Marked Heart will also have 14 episodes or more.

In the previous season, we saw 15 episodes, including the following.

  • Happiness Isn’t Forever; Episode 1
  • A Guest Inside My Body; Episode 2
  • The Search; Episode 3
  • That Heart Should Never Have Been Yours; Episode 4
  • The Organization; Episode 5
  • No Loose Ends; Episode 6
  • A Crucial Moment; Episode 7
  • Is My Husband a Killer?; Episode 8
  • We’re Here to Change Your Life; Episode 9
  • The Terrible Truth; Episode 10
  • Infiltration; Episode 11
  • La cicatriz; Episode 12
  • La late victim; Episode 13
  • The confession; Episode 14

What happened in the last scenes of The Marked Heart?

At the very last moment, Zacarías found Camila’s location and saw a video of her living in a different country. This plot may extend a bit in the next season.

We may know the sourness between Simon and Camila’s relationship if she thinks about reconciling with Zacarías. Or, will Camila stay with Simon and his kids and complete their family?

Is The Marked Heart Worth Watching?

“The Marked Heart” on Netflix is an excellent show that anyone who likes thrilling, well-written dramas should watch. The plot is interesting, the characters are complex, and the writing is top-notch. There are a lot of twists and turns that keep the audience guessing until the very end. “The Marked Heart” is a great show to watch if you like crime dramas or are looking for something new.

Where Can You See “The Marked Heart”?

It is a show that you can only watch on Netflix. So, if you already have a Netflix subscription that is still active, you can watch this episode for free. There won’t be any extra costs for the show. Keep in mind that this show isn’t available everywhere. So, check to see if this show is on where you live.

Will There be any Updates on The Marked Heart Season 2 Trailer?

There is currently no trailer available for The Marked Heart Season 2. However, be sure to return to our page frequently, as we will continue to update you on any new information regarding the forthcoming season. However, if it is available, you will be able to view it on our page. You can view the trailer for the previous season.


If you are a fan of thriller and suspense dramas, you should watch The Marked Heart. We have no idea if it will suit your taste, but it sure is a good option if you have nothing else to watch.

1. Where can you watch The Marked Heart?

You can watch The Marked Heart on Netflix, Amazon Prime, IMDb, and JustWatch.

2. How many episodes does The Marked Heart have?

The first season of The Marked Heart has a total of 14 episodes.

3. Is The Marked Heart getting a second season?

The show may get another season if the first season does well, but the production team has not given any official statement regarding The Marked Heart season 2.

4. Who is Simon in The Marked Heart?

Michel Brown, an Argentine actor, and musician plays Simon’s role. He is currently 34 years old.

5. Is The Marked Heart worth watching?

It is worth watching if you are a fan of thriller, mystery, and suspense drama.

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