Is The 100 Season 8 Renewed Or Canceled? The 100 Season 8 Release date and Everything you Need to know

When Is The 100 Season 8 Coming Out (Release Date) (1)

We know fans are very interested in learning all the details about the new season of The 100. For fans eagerly waiting to see when the new season of The 100 gets renewed and when the release date will be announced, we have updated all the information in this article about The 100 season 2, so read this article till the end without missing anything.

The 100 Season 8 Overview

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The 100 Season 8 Quick Info

The 100 Season 8

What will happen next in The 100 season 8
  • Season: The 100
  • No. of Seasons: 8
  • Episode: 100 (season 1-7)
  • Based on: The 100
  • Writer: Mallory Kass
  • Director: Dean White
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
  • Cast: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Thomas McDonell
  • Production: Alloy Entertainment
  • Producer(S): Leslie Morgenstein
  • Music: Tree Adams
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • First Episode Aired: March 19, 2014 (season 1)
  • Season 2 Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Available On: The CW

When Is The 100 Season 8 Coming Out? (Release Date)

The series The 100 is not yet announced for season 8, so no official release dates and times are confirmed for The 100 season 7. To know about these details, stay updated with our website.

The 100 Plotline: What would it be able to be About?

The 100 storyline focuses on post-apocalypse, action, fantasy, and sci-fi genres, and the story follows where humanity has been destroyed due to a nuclear apocalypse. After 97 years, the spaceship, with some lone survivors, dispatched 100 surveillance on the earth to find out if there were still chances of any living on earth.

What will happen next in The 100 season 8?

The fans are a bit too excited to watch the new season of The 100 and want to know what will happen in the new season of The 100 and how the storyline will continue, but there will be no new season of The 100, and the series storyline will end with the season 7 with a proper ending.

The 100 Plotline What would it be able to be About

Who Will Be Part Of The 100 Season 8? (cast and character)

The show The 100 has very good cast members and fans want to see them again in the new season of The 100 and if the new season of The 100 is renewed then many old cast will return among them few are Eliza Taylor for playing the role of Clarke Griffin, Bob Morley to play the role of Bellamy Blake, and Marie Avgeropoulos will be playing the role of Octavia Blake.

Paige Turco will be portrayed as Abigail “Abby” Griffin again in season 8, and with these old cast members, we will also get to see some new faces in the new season of The 100.

The 100 Season 7 Summary

The storyline of season 7 continues the storyline of season 6, and in the new season of The 100, we will see how the people of Sanctum will be trying to find a way to live in peace together.

Meanwhile, Clarke and other members should fight with some mysterious Disciples, and humans will find out that Clarke holds the key to fighting the war which will be coming in the future season 7 will be focused on finding more about all the mysterious Anomaly which was introduced in the previous season of The 100.

Will season 8 Of The 100 – Canceled Or Renewed?

The fans are now very attached to The 100 and are eager to know whether the series will return for another season or get canceled. And according to our sources, the series The 100 will not be renewed for season 8, and the studio has decided to end its season 7.

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Renewal Possibility

The 100 Season 8 Rating & Reviews


The Netflix show The 100 has seven seasons, which are very entertaining to watch. All the fans have responded with many good reviews and ratings, and this show has an IMDb rating of 7.6 and 93% on rotten tomatoes with an average audience score of 66%, and Facebook has rated 4.1/5 for this show.

The 100 Season 8 Rating


The first three seasons of this show were highly binge-able. However, by the fourth and fifth seasons, it was evident that the writers had run out of inspiration, as they repeatedly recycled the same debates and difficult circumstances, with little character development and moving plots.

The other characters are not given anything to do, and Clark continues to be forced to make indefensible decisions that cause everyone to despise her. I was relieved when it ended.

The 100 Season 7 review

The show The 100 has not disappointed them in any of its seasons, and all seven seasons of The 100 were the best and very entertaining. All the fans were eager to know how the show would end and how the final season would continue the story, and just as viewers expected, season 7 of The 100 was one of the best seasons. It connected all the dots and ended the storyline with a proper ending.

The 100 Season 8 Google Trends

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What happened at the end of The 100 season 7?

Everyone was waiting for the season finale and wanted to know how the show would end. In the last episode of The 100, we saw how, after going through so many difficulties and hardships. Clarke, Murphy, Raven, and other remaining surveillance finally found the place on earth where they could live peacefully without any war and fighting.

Similar Shows Like The 100

There are many reasons why The 100 is such a great show. The characters are relatable, the story is interesting, and the overall message is empowering. However, there are also a few other shows out there that offer a similar experience. Here are some Similar Shows The 100.

Who Will Be Part Of The 100 Season 8 (cast and character)

The 100 Season 8 Parental Guide

Parents are in the best position to determine whether or not their child is mature enough to view a film, television program, book, video game, or television series based on its Age Rating.

And if there is Blood and Gore, S*xual Content, Mature Themes, or Explicit Language, it is inappropriate for youngsters. To find out if The 100 is appropriate for your kids, look at the appropriateness rating provided above.

We would appreciate it if you could offer information on parental advice if you have already viewed this series. We can present a more precise image to everyone with your assistance.

Is “The 100” Worth watching?

The show The 100 has an interesting storyline; with every new season, the storyline gets more entertaining. Another best thing about this series is the character development which is just fabulous, and the show also has high ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes, which proves this show is worth watching.

Where To Watch The 100?

If you want to watch this series, then you can watch it on The CW network, which is the official platform for the series. If you want to stream this series online, you can watch it on Netflix, Google Play, Telstra Tv, and Amazon Prime Video. So if you have missed any previous episode till now, then you can watch that episode on these platforms.

Is There Any News on “The 100 Season 8” Trailer?

We always wish our favorite series would soon release their new season trailer, and even fans of The 100 are waiting to watch the new official trailer of season 8, but the production studio of the series has canceled season 8 of The 100, so there will be no new trailer of The 100. Right Now, you Can watch the previous season’s trailer.


We have updated you with all the recent updates on the series The 100 season 8 and if you want to know all the future updates of this series, then keep yourself updated with our website and know all the important details of The 100 season 7 and our website amazfeed also has articles on many popular TV series, web series, movies, and anime series. Hence, if you want to know about other shows, check out our website, amazfeed.

Frequently Ask Question About The 100 Season 8

1. Where is The 100 season 7 filmed?

The 100 seasons seven is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

2. On which OTT platforms are the 100 available?

The 100 series is available on Netflix for streaming.

3. In which language does the show The 100 available?

The original language of The 100 series is English.

4. Is The 100 a good show?

The show The 100 has a great storyline, making it more worth watching.

5. When was the The 100 initially released?

The 100 was released for the first time on March 19, 2014.

6. How many seasons of The 100 are there?

The 100 has thus far only had seven seasons.

7. Is The 100 on Apple Tv+?

No, The 100 is not available on Apple tv+.

8. Is The 100 on Amazon Prime Video?

No, The 100 is not available on Amazon Prime.

9. Is The 100 on HULU?

No, The 100 is not available on Hulu.

10. Is The 100 on Netflix?

Yes. The 100 is available on Netflix.

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