Sundari Malayalam Serial, Who Are The Cast In Sundari Malayalam Serial?

Sundari Malayalam Serial

Sundari is a Malayalam series that is one of the most popular on Surya TV. The serial began on November 15th, and it has been running ever since.

This television show was first broadcast on November 15, 2021. This TV show started airing Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM.

Sundari Malayalam Serial Storyline

The tale centers around Sundari, a lower-middle-class lady who lives in a hamlet and is frequently judged and mistreated by other locals due to her dark skin tone.

The whole story revolves around Sundari overcoming her obstacles and realizing her dream of working in the city.

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Sundari Malayalam Serial Overview

Sundari is the most eagerly awaited serial to air on television. Please read on for additional important information about the Sundari before you continue.

Serial NameSundari
Timing7.30 PM
First episode date15 November 2021
GenreFamily Drama
castAnjaly Vinod
ChannelSurya TV
Original languageMalayalam
Running Time22-24 Minutes per episode

Sundari Malayalam Serial Cast

Every regional language has well-known serials that typically focus on family drama. There are numerous instances where they are tailored into entirely different languages.

What is the Sundari Malayalam serial's running time?

Sundari, a Malayalam serial, is based on the original Tamil tv series of the same name. This series was just released and has gained popularity among many viewers.

Because Tamil Sundari was well-liked by audiences, it was also adapted into a Malayalam serial. In any serial, several people appear all through the tip, which is the spine of the main narrative.

within the series, there are several prominent and recurring performers. This article has discussed the principal and supporting artists from the Malayalam series Sundari.

Name of Sundari Serial Actress

Sundari is portrayed by Anjali Vinod.

Sundari Malayalam Serial Promo

Frequently Ask Questions About Sundari Malayalam Serial

1. What is the Sundari Malayalam serial's running time?

Sundari Malayalam serial’s running time is 22-24 Minutes per episode.

2. Where can you view this show?

It is available on Surya tv and Sun nxt.

3. Who is the heroine in the Sundari serial?

Anjali Vinod

4. When will the Sundari Malayalam TV Serial be released?

This TV show premiered on November 15, 2021.

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