Squid Game age rating: Is it appropriate for kids?

Squid Game age rating Is it appropriate for kids

Squid Game is currently at the top of Netflix’s trending list, outranking popular titles such as Sex Education, Cocomelon, and The Circle.

With reaching a feat like that in only a matter of days, you’ve definitely been planning your weekend for a non-stop binge of this highly-ranked show. We certainly don’t blame you as it is believed to be a title that is an absolute must-watch coming into the Halloween season.

However, before you settle down to watch, you may want to familiarise yourself with the series’s maturity rating. We tell you of all you need to know.

Squid Game Age Rating

Netflix has currently assigned this new release a TV-MA classification, which indicates that viewers aged 17 and under are not permitted to watch.

Squid Game has sequences that portray extreme violence and gore, foul language and frightening moments that are just not suitable for a younger audience. Overall, it’s best to save this series for later, when everyone watching is a little older.

Of course, waiting until everyone reaches the legal drinking age could take years, which is why we’d like to make some suggestions, such as Squid Game, to keep you entertained in the meantime.

Squid Game Age Rating

No Escape Room is a Netflix movie about a young girl trying to escape a hazardous room with limited time, which is a premise that is very similar to Squid Game. The film’s finest movie, though, is that it is rated TV-14, which means it will pass the age requirement for your forthcoming family movie night. Also worth seeing on Netflix are Deadcon, Prom Night, and Two Sentence Horror Stories.

The 2021 Netflix original series may be rated TV-MA, but just because the younger ones can’t watch the series, doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on it!

Make sure to see every episode of Squid Game streaming exclusively on Netflix right now.

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