Spy x Family Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

Spy x Family Season 2 relesae date

The last episode of the first season of Spy x Family is almost here, and fans are already looking forward to the second season.

It’s full of action and adventure, and the animation is the best. I like and am interested in the characters, and the story has me in its grip. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

This article put together all the information we know about the next season of the famous anime show Spy x Family. If you want to know more about Spy x Family season 2, read our article until the last note.

Season 2 Premiere Of Spy x Family

Right now there is no official confirmation about season 2 of Spy x Family. If it happens then we will update our website.

Spy x Family Season 2 Overview

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Spy x Family Season 2 Anime Quick Info

Spy x Family Season 2 Anime

Spy x Family S01 EP02.2
  • Season: Spy x Family
  • Japanese: SPY×FAMILY
  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • No. of Episode: 12(Season 1)
  • Writer: Tatsuya Endo
  • Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
  • Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • Cast: Twilight, Thorn Princess, Anya Forger
  • Production: CloverWorks
  • Producer(S): Tatsuya Endo
  • Music: Know Name
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Origin Language: Japanese
  • Available Languages: Japanese
  • Release Date: Not Yet confirmed
  • Available On: Crunchyroll

When Is Spy x Family Season 2 Coming Out? (Release Date)

Spy x Family is almost at the end of its first season, but people want the second season more and more. But there are no official updates on whether Spy x Family will be back for a second season, so we’ll have to wait until the show is renewed. We can expect the second season of the series Spy x Family somewhere in 2023.

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What Will Be The Storyline Of Spy x Family Anime?

As part of his covert assignment, a spy known only as Twilight needs a family, so he rapidly marries a city hall employee and adopts a child and dog.

Unbeknownst to him, his family is concealing their secrets: his wife Yor is a covert assassin, his daughter Anya is a runaway psychic with the ability to read minds, and his dog is a laboratory product endowed him with the ability to predict the future.

All four of these subjects must form a family to manage their affairs and remain as close as possible.

What is this anime about Spy x Family?

Spy×Family is a Japanese manga series that follows the life of a spy who has to build a family to execute a mission. This Manga served the genre of comedy, action, and spy fiction and was written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The Shonen Jump Magazine publishes it. The Manga began in 2019 and is still ongoing and is under production.

Spy x Family Season 2 Overview

Spy x Family Anime Plot: What would it be able to be About?

A job is given to a spy named Twilight. Operation Strix is the name of this mission, which requires Twilight to get close to some officials. The world’s peace is being upset by these officials, and it is up to Twilight to stop them from starting a war and bring peace to Ostania and Westalis.

Twilight has to make a family for this task. He found a fake wife in a week and then adopted a daughter. Twilight puts his adopted daughter in a good school where those officials sometimes show up. He doesn’t know about something.

Something is being kept from him by his fake wife and daughter. We won’t give you a spoiler here, so you’ll have to watch the anime to find out what happens.

Who Will Be Part Of Spy x Family Season 2? (Cast and Character)

Spy x Family’s cast for the second season hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it’s probably safe to assume that all the main actors will be back to play their roles.

Characters NameVoiced by
TwilightTakuya Eguchi
Thorn PrincessSaori Hayami
Anya ForgerAtsumi Tanezaki
Emile ElmanHana Sato
Yor ForgerNatalie Van Sistine
Loid ForgerAlex Organ

What is this Manga about Spy x Family?

Viz media publishes the English adaption of Spy×Family. Currently, only three volumes of the spy family manga are adapted in English. The Manga also has a spin on the light novel called Spy×Family: Family Portrait. It is written by Aya Yajama and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo.

How Many Manga Chapters Will Be Covered In The First Season Of Spy x Family Anime?

The series will be a two-cour split season. The first half will release in April. We cannot predict how much the anime will cover, but the rumors say it will cover up to the third volume. If we receive any official statements, we will update them on our website.

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Audience reaction to Spy x Family Manga:

Spy×Family gained massive popularity for its Manga. According to the sources, The publishers have sold over 8 million copies of the Manga.

The Manga magically introduced people to its hilarious characters, suspense, and plot where these three main characters try to keep their identities a secret. They do their best to act like a family and struggle a lot to balance their lives.

Spy x Family imdb rating
Spy x Family season 2 google trend

Where Can I Find Spy x Family Anime Online?

Netflix has announced that the anime adaptation of the famous manga series Spy×Family is going to be released on Netflix.

So you can easily watch the latest anime, Spy×Family, on Netflix. And there will be chances that even Crunchyroll will be streaming all episodes of Spy×Family anime.

Is There Any News Of Spy x Family season 2 Anime Trailer?

Unfortunately, no confirmed return, so that means no new trailer. As far as we know, filming hasn’t even started yet, it looks like it’s going to take a while.

But keep an eye out on this space as we promise to update you as soon as we know anything. You can watch the season 1 trailer on our website.


Spy×Family is one of the best-selling Manga from Shonen Jump, which won’t bore you like regular rom-com animes. It’s a natural boost of action, spy fiction, romance, and comedy. The Manga was a great hit, and we hope the anime will do justice to the Manga.

Frequently Ask Questions About Spy x Family Season 2

1. Is there a season 2 of Spy x Family?

There are currently no official announcements about the cancelation of Spy x Family Season 2. if the creators follow their dreams, we may anticipate the film to be released towards the end of 2023.

2. How many seasons will Spy x Family have?

Spy x Family has thus far only had one season.

3. What genre is Spy X family?

Spy x Family genre is Action fiction, Comedy, and Spy fiction.

4. Who is the writer of Spy x Family?

Tatsuya Endo is the writer of Spy×Family.

5. Where can I watch Spy x Family?

Spy×Family is currently available to watch on Crunchyroll.

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