Solo Levelling Chapter 179 Release Date, Raw Scan, Plot, Spoilers, Color Pages

Solo Levelling Chapter 179 Release Date, Raw Scan, Plot, Spoilers, Color Pages

Solo Levelling Chapter 179 is upon us, as is a brutal last battle. Chugong’s solo levelling is a South Korean manhwa illustrated by Dubu. It is a webtoon adaption of the eponymous literature. In October 2018, D & C Media began releasing the webtoon.

Here you’ll find information about the release date of Solo Levelling chapter 179, as well as raw scans, and, spoilers as well as a recap of chapter 178.

Solo Levelling Chapter 178 Recap

Sung Jinwoo’s mother was taken aback when she learned he would return after successfully completing his mission. Beru slew a monster in another universe by cutting off its head. Bellion also joins the fray and engages in combat with a swarm of creatures. Sung Jinwoo likewise appeared to be powerful and realized he had defeated the Monarchs. He meets and kills the Monarch of the Transfiguration, the pillar of all things. Sung Jinwoo has been trapped in the Dimensional Crack for 27 years. He chose to eliminate all of the enemies inside and then return to his realm.

Sung Jinwoo believes the conflict will soon be ended, as he must defeat the Dragon Emperor and The Brigade of Destruction. He is pleased that time passes more quickly inside the Dimensional Crack than it does in the human world. He stands atop the hill after slaying his adversaries and finds that only two years have gone in the human world, while 28 years have transpired in the Dimensional Crack. Sung Jinwoo knows that meeting everyone will take two years and wonders how his parents are fairing.

Solo Levelling Chapter 179 Release Date

He is confident that when he returns to the human world, his mother will be healthy, and his father will not vanish, as he will settle the score in Dimensional Crack and bring a stop to everything. He contemplates if he should wait for Jin-ah to mature and explain what occurred. Bellion reappears and announces that the Shadow Army has annihilated all adversaries, leaving no enemy breathing. Sung Jinwoo assured Bellion that they would never suffer another defeat. He summons his soldiers as the conflict approaches. Monsters begin to appear in the skies.

Solo Levelling Chapter 179 Release Date

Solo Levelling Season 2 Chapter 179 will be released on 29 December 2021.

  • Pacific Time: 8-10 AM PT (December 29th)
  • Central Time: 10-12 PM CT (December 29th)
  • Eastern Time: 11-1 PM ET (December 29th)
  • British Time: 4-6 PM GMT (December 29th)
  • Philippine Time: 12–3 AM PHT (December 29th)
  • Australia Time: 2.30–5.30 AM ACDT (December 29th)

Solo Levelling Chapter 179 Countdown

Solo Levelling Chapter 179 Raw Scans

You can read Solo Levelling Season 2 Chapter 179 online at a number of different websites. The Brightest Fragment of Luminosity recognizes that Sung Jinwoo is similar to Ashborn, who previously took such a risk. He agrees to hand up the Cup of Reincarnation to Sung Jinwoo. Sung Jinwoo informed him that he was prepared, and the Brightest Fragment of Luminosity summons the Cup of Reincarnation to grant his request.

Solo Levelling Chapter 179 Spoilers

Jin-Woo travels back in time in Chapter 178 of Solo Leveling. Returning to his youth, before his mother’s illness and his father’s departure, he allows himself one final quiet and pleasant day with his family and friends. To be expected, he values this more than he ever could before monsters entered his life.

After 27 years, Jin-Woo has matured into a full-fledged Shadow Monarch and looks the part. He has slaughtered all of his adversaries and prepares for one final showdown with Antares.

Solo Levelling Chapter 179 Spoilers

Given Sung Jin-progress Woo’s thus far, there is no reason to suspect anything will go badly wrong, but there must be at least one more twist before the finale.

There are currently no spoilers available, but we anticipate some action in Chapter 179. Jin-Woo will surely attempt to defeat Antares once more, this time successfully. He considers returning afterward in the most recent chapter, but how would he explain his extended absence? Keep an eye out for updates!

Where to Read Solo Levelling Chapter 179

You can read Solo Levelling Chapter 179 from the Kakao page’s official app. Please avoid reading webtoons from illegal sites as much as possible. Or visit its official subreddit to read it.

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