Sea Beast 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Review, Rating & Trailer – Everything we know

Sea Beast 2 Release Date

Will this excellent animated picture have a sequel titled The Sea Beast 2? Chris Williams, the man behind Moana, directed The Sea Beast. We’re convinced that fans will want to see The Sea Beast 2 because of the film’s excellent adventure and fascinating mythology, so we’ll divulge what we know about a possible sequel. If you’re wondering if the following plot will continue the story, keep reading to learn about Sea Beast 2.

Sea Beast 2 Overview

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Sea Beast 2 Quick Info

Sea Beast 2

What will happen next in part 2 of Sea Beast
  • Movie Name: Sea Beast
  • Writer: Chris Williams
  • Director: Chris Williams
  • Voiced by: Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jared Harris
  • Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
  • Production: Netflix Animation
  • Producer(S): Melissa Cobb
  • Music: Mark Mancina
  • Country of Origin: United States, Canada
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • Theatrical Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Film Industry: Tollywood
  • Streaming On: Netflix

Sea Beast 2 Release Date

If the film Sea Beast reaches Netflix’s audience estimates, a sequel could be announced, and work on The Sea Beast 2 could begin in 2023. Because animated films are known to take longer to produce than series, The Sea Beast 2 is expected to be released in 2025 at the earliest.

What is the storyline of Sea Beast?

The film follows a legendary monster hunter hunting for a terrifying sea beast. However, after meeting a small orphan who adores the sea monster, he is pushed to reconsider his purpose.

Who is the main character in sea beast?

The duo Maisie and Jacob Holland are the main characters in the Sea Beast movie. Maisie Bumble, the voice given by Zaris-Angel Hator, is a daring young orphan who stows away on the Inevitable hunting ship. Karl Urban has given voice to Jacob Holland, who has served Captain Crow for many years and aspires to be the captain of the Inevitable.

Will part 2 Of Sea Beast – Be canceled Or Renewed

Sea Beast 2 cast

Karl Urban played Jacob Holland in the first film, Zaris-Angel Hator played Maisie Brumble, Jared Harris played Captain Crow, & Marianne Jean-Baptiste performed Sarah Sharpe. Kathy Burke portrayed Gwen Batterbie, and Dan Stevens acted as Admiral Hornagold. Because the entire voice cast is going to be back in The Sea Beast 2, we may see them again.

Will part 2 Of Sea Beast – Be canceled Or Renewed?

The Sea Beast film ended on a beautiful note, completing the character arcs of Jacob & Maisie, but it also opens up the possibilities to additional tales about sea creature hunters; hence, The Sea Beast 2 is quite a realistic hope.

The film has the potential to become a franchise in the future, but the chance of a sequel is dependent on how well it is received. We should remember that the Sea Beast came in just three months ago, so there are plenty of chances that makers will renew Sea Beast 2 for sure.

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Renewal Possibility

What will happen next in part 2 of Sea Beast?

A potential The Sea Beast 2 could occur during the peace age, with a new threat to the fragile peace between humans & monsters emerging from the sea, but that is all we can assume.

Sea Beast 2 Rating & Reviews


The Sea Beast has received mostly positive ratings, with Rotten Tomatoes reporting that 94% of critic reviews are positive, with an average rating of 7.1/10 on IMDb, Metacritic giving it a 74 out of 100, and 7/10 on IGN.

the beast 2


This is so adorable! Fantastic animation, superb voice acting, a solid premise, and just breathtaking. I adored this film. I loved how adventurous and kind Maisie was! The voice actor that portrayed Maisie did an incredible job! Red was the ideal combination of adorable and frightening.

In the beginning, the water sequences with the sea creatures were terrifying. Perhaps it’s my fear of getting lost at sea or in space and devoured by a monstrous creature. I watched the film and thought.

Readers Rating

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Sea Beast Part 1 Review

It is unusual in American animation nowadays, and I enjoyed the storyline of “The Sea Beast,” which combines the obvious inspirations from “Moana,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and “How to Train Your Dragon ” into something delightfully daring.

“The Sea Beast” is directed by Chris Williams, who captures the traditional culture of many classic adventure stories and novels about legendary sea monsters. While creating an animated film about these mythological beasts without trampling into familiar assets of other films, and offers capturing elements of relationships, understanding nature’s creatures, great and small, and delivers an anti-war message.

It not only inspires with uplifting consequences, but it also has an entertainment value that is wonderfully presented and intellectual enough to delight both youngsters and adults; the screenplay is cleverly crafted as it refreshes old-fashioned narrative themes. The action parts are thrilling, and the comedy is funny due to the correct tone and rapid escalation.

Sea Beast Part 1 summary detailed:

The Sea Beast is set in a time where dangerous sea animals roam the oceans, hunted by hunters who are here to destroy the beasts. The film features monster hunter Jacob Holland, who commences his journey on the hunting ship The Inevitable, commanded by the ferocious Captain Crow, who lost one eye to a beast known as the Red Bluster years previously.

Who is the main character in sea beast

During their search for the infamous beast, Jacob and one young stowaway named Maisie fall overboard and wind trapped in the clutches of the Red Bluster. However, the pair rapidly realizes that what they’ve been told about the terrifying and lethal aquatic animals may not be entirely accurate. Finally, the duo ended sea monster hunts and created peace between people and creatures, providing us with an incredible ending.

Similar Shows Like Sea Beast 2

Sea Beast 2 is not coming to our entertainment world for the time being and but don’t be upset; we have made a list of similar shows just for you that you can watch in the meantime. Here are some Similar Shows Sea Beast 2.

What happened at the end of part 1?

The Sea Beast finishes with Jacob and Maisie rescuing the Red Bluster from Captain Crow and persuading their fellow humans that the sea creatures are not as monstrous as was previously believed and are acting in self-defense. While Red and the other sea monsters are permitted to dwell in peace, Jacob and Maisie form their family of misfits.

Is the show worth watching?

The film is acceptable for all ages and features many pleasant & feel-good moments, making it a family film. The voice cast is excellent and did a fantastic job. So let us give this award to the character designers who produced amazing creatures that adequately balance charming and terrifying.

But there’s no denying that The Sea Beast is a trip worth taking. It’s a visually stunning and engaging trip with a well-told message that the entire family will love. The big-screen experience is well worth it if your local cinema shows it.

Sea Beast 2 Trailer expected release date

Sea Beast was released three months ago, and makers have not yet confirmed the Sea Beast 2. It will take at least one or two more years until the release date of the Sea Beast 2 trailer. Right now, you can see the previous part trailer.


Fans can’t get enough of the Maisie and Jacob duo and their adventures. Sea Beast will indeed have a sequel; maybe this film will become a franchise in the future. Keep visiting Amazfeed to uncover all the facts about your favorites with us!

Frequently Ask Question About Sea Beast 2

1. On which OTT platforms is "Sea Beast" available?

The Sea Beast is available on Netflix.

2. Is The Sea Beast for kids?

In the Sea Beast movie, some pirates go on quests to hunt sea monsters, and the brutality may be inappropriate for younger children.

3. How long is sea beast?

Sea Beast is just 1 hour and 55 minutes long. 

4. Who is the Queen in the Sea Beast?

Doon Mackichan, a well-known British television comic, plays the Queen in “The Sea Beast.”

5. Does red survive in sea beast?

Yes, Red survives in the Sea Beast in the end.

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