Queen of Spades 2 Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Storyline, and Every Latest Updates

Queen of Spades 2 Expected Release Date

Queen of Spades 2021 horror film has set an example that creators can make a horror movie on a low budget. Though this Movie was not that successful, it did a fair business at the box office. And we know that you want to learn about “Queen of Spades” 2. We have discussed all the information about “Queen of Spades” 2. So let’s dive into it.

What Is The Production Status Of “Queen of Spades 2”?

No, there is no official news of Queen of Spades 2 from the creators. But we surely receive information regarding this as this was released last year. If we receive any official information regarding Queen of Spades 2, we will update that part for you.

Queen of Spades 2 Overview

Please read the basic information below before proceeding with this article. Maybe it will be helpful to you.

Queen of Spades 2 Movie Quick Info

Queen of Spades 2

Will Part 2 Of Queen of Spades – Be canceled Or Renewed
  • Movie Name: Queen of Spades
  • Writer: John Ainslie
  • Director: Patrick White
  • Cast: Ava Preston, Kaelen Ohm, Jamie Bloch
  • Genre: Horror
  • Production: 1984 Pictures
  • Producer(S): Michael Baker
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • Theatrical Release Date: TBA
  • Digital Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Film Industry: Hollywood
  • Streaming On: Fetch Tv

Queen of Spades 2 Movie Expected Release Date:

There is less possibility of Queen of Spades 2, but if the creators consider the online popularity of this Movie, Queen of Spades will surely get a part two. If that happens, we will be able to see Queen of Spades on the big screen very soon. We can predict Queen of Spades will get a release in late 2023 or 2024.

what is the Storyline of the Queen of Spades?

A mysterious creature identified as the Queen of Spades is said to be called by carrying out an old ritual. Four teenagers decide to try it out as a joke, but what they release is a terrifying evil that won’t leave until it has gathered all of their souls.

What happened at the end of Queen of spades previous part

What can we expect from the Queen of spades 2 Movie?

At the end of the “Queen of Spades,” Movie we see the Queen possesses the cat, which leaves the audience wondering about many possibilities. Like, Is Anna and her mother Mary going to be the next target of the Queen?

How will Mary protect Anna as their ultimate savior Smirnov, who is already dead in the last Movie? Queen of Spades 2 will have a new plot with fresh cast members joining in. As we know, the horror movie franchise does not continue the story from previous movies. So let’s see how “Queen of Spades” 2 will impress us with their new plot!

Will Part 2 Of Queen of Spades – Be canceled Or Renewed?

“Queen of Spades” IMDb rating is 3.6/10, and Rotten Tomatoes rating is 58%, which is very low. Box Office collection of Queen of Spades is $51 312 worldwide, which is not up to the mark.

Most movies or shows get a renewal based on their ratings and profit, but some exceptions exist if we consider that it’s a low-budget movie made by independent director Patrick White.

Queen of Spades 2 Movie Casts:

As the Queen of Spades, 2 is not confirmed, we are unsure which cast members we will see in the Queen of Spades 2 or if it will continue the same story. If it does, we will surely see Anna played by Ava Preston, Kaelen Ohm, will represent Mary and Krista Marchand as Queen of Spades, and as other characters already died in the previous Movie, they will not return. And some new cast members will also join Queen of Spades 2.

Queen of Spades 2 Movie Rating & Reviews


It’s hard to predict the audience’s reaction to Queen of Spades 2 as it isn’t out yet. Therefore we will look at Queen of Spades’ history in part 1. Rotten tomatoes have rated 58% out of 100% the Movie, whereas it got 3.8/5 from IMDb.

Queen of Spades 2 google trends


I was intrigued by Queen of Spades, but I couldn’t help but ponder how much better it could have been if it had been made with a larger budget. There are no special effects; there is some make-up and a distorted voice, but that’s it; the rest is camera work and people doing their jobs.

I must confess that the film’s execution was not terrible, despite the film’s overused plot and similarity to other similar films. This is why I gave it four stars: it wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t decent, but it wasn’t horrible either, even though the filmmakers took no risks.

You can foresee the following two or three movements at any point during the film’s running duration, and the finale, I mean, come on, they had one last chance to shine, and they didn’t even go out with a bang.

Queen of Spades 2 rating

Similar Shows Like Queen of spades Movie

As of now, Queen of spades is not released. But you can enjoy watching other similar shows like Queen of spades. Here are some Similar Shows Like Queen of spades.

What happened at the end of Queen of spade’s previous part?

Queen possessed Anna and started attacking Katy. When Mary and Smirnov arrive, Queen has already killed Katy. As Smirnov and Mary tied Anna to bed, Smirnov devised a plan to get rid of Queen of Anna’s body.

Smirnov gave Anne an injection, it would cause Anna a clinical death for three minutes, and Mary could revive her with CPR. During this process, Queen still didn’t want to leave Anne’s body and switch to the body of Katy’s cat, which Smirnov prepared for her.

After seeing that the plan is not working, Mary offers herself to the Queen, but Smirnov comes between and sacrifices himself instead. As Queen possessed Smirnov, he jumped out of the window to his death while Mary ran away with Anna.

Anna turns 14 and is having a party somewhere else six months later. She and Mary are living a happy life there. But there is a catch; in the last scene, we see that Queen didn’t die; she has possessed the cat.

Why should you watch Queen of Spades 2 Movie?

The fact that this teen horror movie emphasizes Anna’s bond with her mother instead than ignoring the parents’ simple existence earns the film’s merits. Give it a watch if you want to experience goosebumps and a strong bond between mother & daughter!

Queen of Spades 2 Movie Trailer Update

Unfortunately, there is not yet a trailer for Queen of spades 2, however, there are a lot of trailers created by fans that can be seen on YouTube. You can check out the trailers for Queen of spades 1 down below.


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Frequently Ask Questions About Queen of Spades 2 Movie

1. What does Queen of Spades symbolize?

In cartomancy, the queen of spades is regarded as a symbol of wisdom.

2. Is Queen of Spades movie real?

No, Queen of Spades is fictional.

3. What is the real name of the Queen of Spades actress ?

Krista Marchand is the name of the actress who played Queen in Queen of Spades. 

4. Will there be a part 2 of Queen of Spades?

There are currently no official announcements about Queen of Spades part 2. if the creators follow their dreams, we may anticipate the film to be released towards the end of 2023.

5. When was the Queen of Spades initially released?

Queen of Spades was released for the first time on July 15, 2022.

6. Is Queen of Spades on Netflix?

No, Queen of Spades is not available on Netflix.

7. Is Queen of Spades on Apple Tv+?

No, Queen of Spades is not available on Apple tv+.

8. Is Queen of Spades on Fetch Tv?

Yes. Queen of Spades is available on Fetch Tv.

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