One punch Man Chapter 170 Summary & Yusuke Murata Big Announcement

One punch Man Chapter 170 Summary

Yusuke Murata, the mangaka responsible for One Punch Man, has been on a roll these past few months, releasing excellent work on a near-daily basis. The mangaka did, however, declare on Twitter that the manga will be on hiatus for the next month. When the publication schedule is finalized, he will tweet an update to the fanbase with the new chapter’s release date.

This was posted on Twitter by the creator of One Punch Man on August 18, 2022. After Murata sensei retweeted the season 3 news, it was announced that the show will be taking a break. We have updated this with Murata sensei’s most recent confirmations.

One Punch Man Chapter 170 Summary

While interrogated by police, Garou explains his worldview and how he came to accept his destiny as a monster. Bang slaps his disciple in the back for disregarding the question, and the interrogator reminds Garou that all he’s asking is whether or not he regrets eating a quick meal and then leaving. Garou is annoyed when Bang tells him to apologize to anybody he wronged during his hero hunt as soon as they leave the police station. Although he is old and has been through a lot, Bang admits to himself that he still has great respect and concern for his disciple Garou, despite the fact that even his parents were gone while he was jailed. He reflects on the time he spent looking for Garou after he disappeared from the heroes and how he eventually found him meditating at the foot of a waterfall. Garou resented his master for discovering him, and Bang understood why: he was the one who led Garou to the spot.

As they stroll, Garou reminds Bang that he came back to him because, of all the heroes, he believes the older martial artist can assist him in recalling the refined technique he lost after being defeated by Saitama. Bang appreciates the opportunity to return the favor. When Garou wonders how Tareo is doing, Bang assures him that the young lad is OK.

Meanwhile, Tareo and his pals are playing a game in the park’s playground, where they assume the roles of villains and heroes. Unbeknownst to him, the other kids conspire to eliminate him as the game’s hero. But Tareo is undeterred, standing up and proclaiming, “Garou-man the hero,” while adopting a stance similar to one Garou would have used in a fight. The other lads start to wonder what he means as Waganma suddenly appears to have a private conversation with Tareo. They are taken aback when they find out that Tareo has a famous friend. As a result, Tareo encourages them to join in on the fun, and they accept with enthusiasm. Unexpectedly, the other boys are impressed when Waganma shows off the knapsack that he is carrying about, which belongs to Child Emperor. But before he can finish, Narinki is interrupted by Waganma, who shoves him to make room for Tareo in the limousine after hearing how grown up his son is after the incident at the Monster Association.

Resuming their discussion from earlier, Garou tells Bang that he believes he can achieve enlightenment without resorting to monsterization by engaging in a rematch with the heroes (including himself, Bomb, Flashy Flash, Blast, and Saitama) he battled while still a monster. Bang warns him against becoming arrogant and thinking he can fight him again only because his back has been feeling better after Metal Knight’s health check-up.

Sitch and Sekingar had a conversation in the Hero Association HQ about Bang’s decision to retire as a hero and the introduction of a new hero, Garou. Sekingar acknowledges that Bang’s absence has left a void in the hero position, but he is confident that the candidate in question can fill it. Sitch is fully aware of Garou’s destructive trajectory, yet he chooses to keep his faith that Bang can change his ways. Garou is aware that the heroes will be against him joining them, but he realizes that he must do so to be ready for Shibabawa’s final prophecy.

Bang determines that a casual conversation is the best approach to get to know his student better, and he starts by asking Garou if he has a crush on any girls. Although initially shocked by his master’s revealing inquiry, Garou finally admits that he has a crush on an actress from a sentai program. The two soon find themselves debating the condition of modern sentai television.

After the Monster Association event drained the sea, leaving behind a sandy wasteland. Genos finds a giant clam in the sand, thrilling Saitama, who thinks the next thing they find will be a pot. An Overgrown Rover has been shrunk to fit on the beach, where it watches the two as they continue their search for treasure.

The Third Season of “One Punch Man” Is Officially Confirmed

While teasing fans with the words “We also have a significant announcement,” Murata said this before the One Punch Man break was revealed. Since the One Punch Man hiatus news came soon after the One Punch Man Season 3 anime production decision, it’s unclear whether Murata was referring to either the Season 3 announcement or the hiatus announcement.

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Is Yusuke Murata Going On Break

On Thursday, Yusuke Murata, the author of the manga series One-Punch Man, announced on Twitter that the publication of the comic book will be halted for one month. The author will not be able to finish the new arc until they have more time. He did not provide the release date, but he did confirm that the team would, in the very near future, come up with a provisional date. Aside from that, you’ll be happy to hear that the manga series will soon be published in Weekly Shonen Jump by Viz Media, which will make you happy to know.

About One Punch Man

Powerful criminals are being pursued by One-Punch Man, while monstrous creatures are wreaking havoc. For the purpose of stopping supervillains, Agoni, a wealthy man, established the Hero Association. While the battle is in progress, a young man from City Z by the name of Saitama shows up to lend a hand in vanquishing the monsters. After nearly three years of practice, he can now knock out any monster with a single blow. However, he is bored by his superior strength because he is never challenged. So he starts teaching a cyborg named Genos. He wants revenge on the cyborg who destroyed his town and took his family’s lives.

Later, Genos and Saitama sign up for the Hero Association to build their names. Saitama fails to get above the level of a C-class hero despite his best efforts, while Genos quickly advances to the level of an S-class hero. Saitama is in a terrible mood, but he still manages to save a sea monster and a meteor from destroying the world. It turns out that there’s another extraterrestrial monster out there trying to invade Earth.

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