Why One Piece Manga Will Take One Month Break from June 27?

One Piece Manga Will Take One Month Break from June 27

One Piece is one of the most well-known anime and manga series, and it has been able to do a lot of remarkable things. The Wano story arc is now being told in this particular anime series, and the overall excitement and expectation for the completion of this story arc have reached an all-time high. The most recent episodes have been exceptionally well received, and fans are looking forward to seeing what comes next in the series.

Fans of the One Piece manga series are aware that after publishing three consecutive manga chapters, the author of the series, Eiichiro Oda, often takes one week off to recover and think about where the tale should go next. On the other hand, Oda will take a sabbatical of one month to get ready for the “Final Saga” of One Piece.

one piece going to one month break from june 27

The official Twitter account for the One Piece manga shared the news that the manga series will be pausing for one month while Oda prepares for the 25th-anniversary celebration of One Piece and the comic’s ‘final saga.’ There are still two manga chapters that need to be published before the break starts, One Piece Chapter 1052 will Be Released on June 12, and One Piece Chapter 1053 on June 27, the day before the vacation begins. The relaunch of the manga series will take place on July 25 with the release of One Piece chapter 1054.

Why eiichiro oda Taking the Break?

Following all of his labour on the Wano saga, Oda claims that he intends to take advantage of his break to rest. Additionally, the artist will be going to Africa in order to visit the filming location for the live-action series that Netflix is producing. However, because to the pandemic, Oda was not able to make it to the location when he was scheduled to do so quite some time ago. Since the movie’s production has already started, it is easy to believe that Oda’s visit to the set is extremely overdue, especially considering how long it has been.

When 2019 rolled around, Oda made the announcement that the plot of One Piece “would end in five years.” In this remark, he repeats what he said in the previous statement, “I want to restructure the previous arc so that I can finish it as quickly as possible.”

During an interview in 2019, Oda expressed his belief that the series will come to a close in 2024; however, only time will tell if Oda’s prediction will actually come true. In any event, we shall see Luffy take the most significant steps towards achieving his destiny at the very latest by the end of the month of July and the beginning of the end for the most successful manga series in the history of the medium.

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