My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2 Updates, Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2

My identification number is Gangnam Beauty is a South Korean series written and directed by Choi Soo-young. This article is for you if you are addicted to Korean drama and adore watching a romantic comedy. Choi Sung-bum directed Gangnam Beauty, which Jo Jun-Hyung and Kim Dong-Hyun produced.

This series is regarded as one of the best in Korean series history. Season 1 of Gangnam beauty was launched in 2018. The series received widespread critical acclaim and economic success.

The series received positive reviews from audiences. After the remarkable success of the season, fans are impatiently waiting for the second season. If you’ve seen the first season and are looking for season 2, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will give you all detail we know about season 2 of Gangnam beauty.

Possible My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2 Cast:

  • Im Soo-hyang as Kang Mi-rae
  • Jeon Min-seo as young Kang Mi-rae
  • Cha Eun-woo as Do Kyung-seok
  • Shin Jun-seop as young Do Kyung-seok
  • Moon Woo-jin as child Do Kyung-seok
  • Jo Woo-ri as Hyun Soo-ah
  • Lee Chae-yun as young Hyun Soo-ah
  • Kwak Dong-yeon as Yeon Woo-young
  • Woo Hyun as Kang Tae-sik
  • Park Joo-mi as Na Hye-sung
  • Park Yoo-na as Yoo Eun
  • Jung Seung-hye as Choi Jung-boon

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 1 Recap

South Korean dramas have always been popular with teenagers owing to their distinctive love stories. My Id Is Gangnam Beauty is a romance story. As we all know, facial surgery is extremely popular in South Korea. This series likewise deals with the same situation. The narrative revolves around the girl Kang Mi-rae who was chubby and ugly in her youth, and everybody in her class insult her, made fun of her appearance, and labeled her a monster. She was dissatisfied with her life. Her father and mother, on the other hand, were both very supportive and kind. She was dissatisfied with her life and considered suicide, but a lady stopped her and advised her not to be affected by the actions of others.

Seeing her situation, her mother decided to get her plastic surgery so that she may live a regular life as everyone else.

Before she started college, her plastic surgery was effectively done. In college, unaware of her plastic surgery, everyone was attracted towards her. She ran into some old school pals in college, but no one recognized her because of her new appearance. As time passed, everyone became aware of the truth behind her surgery, and she was once again confronted with the same issue. The series also features a romantic subplot in which numerous boys are attracted to Mi-rae, but she prefers Kyung-Seok. Kyung-Seok is an old-school friend who is always willing to assist her.

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2 cast

Talking about Kyung-Seok, life is not in a steady position due to his family troubles. He was the kind of boy who never grins, but when he met Mi-rae he was becoming his life was changing. His relationship with her mother was not nice because she had left him and her sister when they were tiny. But, thanks to Mi-rae, his relationship with her mother was normalizing. Kyung-Seok moved out of his father’s house and began living with a friend. Internally, Kyung-Seok has fallen in love with Mi-rae, and he is jealous anytime he sees Mi-rae with Woo-young. He makes every effort to keep Mi-rae away from him. He is making every effort to win her heart.

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2 Release Date

This is a South Korean romantic comedy series that premiered on July 27, 2018. It was released on the JTBC channel every Friday and Saturday. The series got popular all over the world. The first season contained ten episodes with a runtime of 60 minutes. It earned rave reviews from fans and a 7.5/10 rating on IMDB, which is why fans eagerly await the second season.

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2 (2)

As of recently, there has been no official announcement regarding the season 2 release date. After receiving a great response and popularity from viewers, the makers can give the green light to the second season. We might hope to receive excellent news from the makers very soon in early 2022. Till then, keep connected with us, and we assure you if we receive any new information regarding the release date of My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2, we will update the article as soon as possible.

Possible Plot of My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2

We may anticipate that the series’ second season will be followed by its first season. Season 2 should see Kyung-Seok and family ties return to normalcy, as well as the beginning of Mi-rae and Kyung-romance. Season 1 is available on Netflix.

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Season 2 Trailer

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