MTV beats ke desi Kalakaar audition 2021 & online registration details

mtv beats ke desi kalakar audition

MTV beats ke desi Kalakaar is an online singing reality show. It has a very unique concept where common people can upload their videos showcasing their singing talents. Not only that but also so the common people will select their singing superstar by Casting votes. MTV beats ke desi kalakaar audition season 2 live now. Here is everything you need to know about the MTV beats ke desi kalakaar audition process and online registration details.

About MTV beats ke desi Kalakaar

the show started after MTV launched their singing reality show MTV beats in 2019. The show brought out the Hidden Gems of our nation. Having said that the show was unique with its concept and format because they did not go with conventional reality show formats. MTV beats completely Ee dedicated themselves to hip-hop and rap music. This genre of music is blooming graciously after the release of gully boys.

However, the underground rap community existed before Gali bi released. But only after that it becomes a mainstream music genre. MTV beats ke desi Kalakaar is a franchise of MTV Beats.


The show gives the opportunity to common people to showcase their talent in front of the nation. Due to the coronavirus pandemic physical auditions forgetting tough to conduct. Hence MTV came up with this unique idea where people can sing and upload their video on the online platform Voot.

Another great thing about the show is that there is no age limit for gender limit or any kind of limitation to participate in MTV beats ke desi Kalakaar. These clips are released on Voot. People can watch their performances and vote for their favorite participants. The one getting the highest vote will be the singing superstar of India. They declare an artist of the month whose banner is also put up as the Facebook cover of MTV beats page.

Starting date of MTV beats ke desi Kalakaar season 2 auditions: Ongoing

Closing date of MTV beats ke desi Kalakaar season 2 auditions: Ongoing

The online platform used for the auditions of MTV beats ke desi Kalakaar season 2: Voot app.

The process of auditioning: Your recorded singing video

Season: 2nd

Judges: Meet bros, Amit Mishra, Akasa

Here is how you can participate in MTV beats ke desi Kalakaar

  1. Download the Voot app from Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. However, you can also go to the official website of Voot.
  3. Then go to the MTV beats ke desi Kalakaar tab and click on the registration form.
  4. Is the official link for MTV Beats Ke Desi Kalakaar audition form: registration form
  5. Opening the registration form you have to fill up some of your details. Such as name, age, gender, and your contact details like email and contact number.
  6. Make sure to give correct contact details because the team will contact you through that only.
  7. After filling out all your personal details they will ask you to select one song. There is a list of songs from different artists, bands, and films.
  8. Then upload your image which should not exceed 2 MB.
  9. Lastly, upload your singing video which should not exceed 50 MB.

Things to remember before uploading the performance video for audition

  1. While recording your performance make sure that you have set your camera at a perfect place where your face is clearly visible.
  2. Set the camera in landscape/horizontal or portrait mode.
  3. The video has to be raw and no editing or effects are allowed.
  4. Make sure that there is good lighting in the room and you are shooting it in a quiet place.
  5. The song on which you are performing should be clearly audible and no background noise should be there.
  6. Do not use your front camera. Rather use the back camera to record the video.
  7. We would suggest dressing appropriately.
  8. Next, submit your video, and if you cannot upload the video decrease its size from any online video size decreasing app or website, and then try uploading it.
  9. Once your video is uploaded you can click on the submit button and hope for the best.


who are the judges of MTV beats ke desi kalakaar?

The judges of MTV beats ke desi kalakaar are Meet bros, Amit Mishra, and Akasa.

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