Monday CRM Review – Is This Project Management Software Beneficial?

Monday CRM Review - Is This Project Management Software Beneficial

Monday is the least preferred day. Or is it? Mondays are the days to get up and moving if you are in the corporate world. is the software for project management. Our evaluation of this business application includes its features and pricing structures. We will discuss Monday CRM software and Monday processes, as well as many use cases for and reviewer sentiment.

What is Work OS is an open platform that allows anyone to design and modify the tools necessary to manage every element of their work. By integrating building elements like apps and integrations, businesses can create or modify whatever they require to enhance their business operations. Increase your team’s alignment, efficiency, and output by adapting any workflow to any business need.

On top of the Work OS, organizations can utilize’s industry-specific products, such as Monday marketer, monday sales CRM, monday dev, monday projects, and monday work management. review 2022 Is Monday CRM any good review 2022: Is Monday CRM any good?

When doing a Monday review, we must determine if this is an evaluation of Monday’s project management capabilities or if we will cover additional features.’s project and task management capabilities take precedence, but we also examine Monday’s customer relationship management system.

The response to whether Monday CRM is effective is a resounding “yes.” Although does not portray itself as a full-time sales and CRM platform like Salesforce, its CRM software solutions address nearly all of your basic and sophisticated CRM needs, including marketing and customer care. is also useful for a variety of sectors and use situations, as we will see in the next sections. pricing plans

  • Free
    • Pricing: listed as “free forever for up to two users”
    • Key features: unlimited boards, 200+ templates, 20+ board column types, mobile functionality, and more
  • Basic
    • Pricing: starts at $8 per seat per month
    • Key features: customer service that is prioritized around the clock, embedded documents, whiteboard collaboration, personalized notifications, and two-factor authentication, among other features,
  • Standard (most popular)
    • Pricing: starts at $10 per seat per month
    • Additional features: Timeline view, restricted guest access, two-way email synchronization, sales statistics, connection to Mailchimp, sales goals and forecasting, calendar view, 250 monthly automation activities, 250 monthly integration actions, five boards for each dashboard, and more are some of the features that are included.
  • Pro
    • Pricing: starts at $16 per seat per month
    • Additional features: Custom notifications, management of marketing activities, unlimited guest access, advanced permissions, time tracking, workflow, and approval automation, advanced reporting for 20 dashboards, private boards, 25,000 automation actions per month, 250,000 integration actions per month, and even more are among the features that can be accessed.
  • Enterprise
    • Pricing: contact for custom pricing
    • Additional features: A personal customer success manager, enhanced security measures, HIPAA compliance, a service level agreement is guaranteeing 99 percent uptime, unrestricted admin controls and modifications, tailored onboarding, and more. pricing plans

Is there any Monday coupon code or promo discount voucher?

First, provides free trials for all of its programs. This allows you to determine which plan offers the best value. Even a credit card is not required for the free trial.

Secondly, although you can obtain coupons and promotional discount vouchers for from third parties online, there is always a vendor discount if you pay annually in advance. This represents an 18 percent savings.

Individuals can finally utilize the free edition of, albeit this version is limited for corporate use.

What is used for? is tremendously useful for small teams, startups, and enterprises, allowing them to stay organized and complete tasks more efficiently. To truly answer the question, “What is good for?” we must break down its distinct feature sets, which we will do in further depth later in the article.

For the time being, however, it is reasonable to include the following uses for task management, time tracking, and project management. It facilitates team communication and collaboration, even across great distances. is also useful for automating workflows, which allows your staff more time to focus on complex activities such as being creative or networking with contacts.

Usability of

To evaluate’s user-friendliness, we evaluated the programme as a retail-focused small firm (11 to 25 employees) with little to no experience dealing with CRM platforms. People who are accustomed to Kanban or board-based solutions such as Asana, Jira, and Trello will feel at home with

The “main workspace” is a blend of traditional dashboards for CRM systems and project management boards, which enables users to switch between projects or roles in an instant. We were immediately blown away by the platform’s capacity to get us up to speed in a short amount of time. This is due to the fact that every new template comes with an accompanying learning module that teaches you how to make effective use of the template. Many of the templates have multiple levels of automation, the likes of which would be difficult to conceive of from scratch but are very simple to comprehend when given as a finished project that only requires a small amount of data entry to be customised for your organisation or activity. This makes the templates ideal for use in situations where large amounts of repetitive data entry are required.

After activating the template, all that is required to develop sophisticated and automated processes, such as marketing launch plans, annual production road maps, and sales pipelines, is to follow the guided wizard as it takes you through the important components, and then replace the sample data with the data that pertains to your organisation in place of the sample data. The very user-friendly templates set the benchmark for providers we evaluated, distinguishing as the only one to give such helpful tools for small firms transitioning to a single platform to manage workflows.

Usability of

Features of

TemplatesWith pre-made templates, new users can initiate their workflows and automation immediately.
Apps offers interfaces with well-known technologies to provide workflow widgets, automation, and more.
WorkloadBy analyzing the workload of your team, you may more effectively manage your resources using the appropriate technologies.
AutomationEliminate manual data entry and repetitive chores with automation “recipes” that are simple to implement.

Templates of

The perfect template may virtually eliminate the learning curve associated with a new software platform, which is precisely what’s templates do. From sales funnels with automated layers to industry-specific CRM dashboards, has a customized template for everything required to track leads, maintain customer connections, and keep on top of any project.

Tip: New templates provide simple-to-follow directions, and a guided wizard leads you through customizable elements and sections.

The useful templates also provide links to instructional films that resemble teacher-led sessions or individualized workshops.

Apps Marketplace of’s marketplace provides endless workflow possibilities with cutting-edge, pre-built applications. You may use this cloud-based CRM application to handle Facebook marketing campaigns, track new Shopify orders, and much more. It’s easy to integrate your favorite tools and services into bespoke boards and automated workflows with 46 built-in apps and dozens of popular third-party business apps accessible for download.

Workload of

Creating an effective workflow is more than just a matter of following procedures. In addition, it necessitates the effective use of available resources across departments and the realization that not every task inside a process is fully predictable.

Managers may quickly assess which staff are nearing or surpassing their capacity using the workload view and widget, which is included in the Pro and Enterprise service plans. This allows them to adjust resources or tasks accordingly. The workload view allows you to see who is working on which tasks at a glance. If anyone’s workload exceeds their ability to compete for a project, you can rapidly redistribute resources by dragging and dropping. This capability is enhanced by the workflow widget, which helps with resource management across several projects.

Automation of simplifies the automation of repetitive processes more than the majority of CRM platforms we evaluated. A variety of “recipes” consisting of a trigger and an action are available to them. For instance, you can configure one automated action to send an email to a specific employee when a column value changes. By selecting a few “if this, then that” automation during setup, you may rapidly transform emails into action items using integrations for communication systems such as Gmail or Outlook.

Setup for

Thanks to its templates and assistance features, is easier to implement than other CRM software platforms, like Salesforce, yet this category is notoriously complex to set up. Many medium- and large-sized businesses that lack CRM installation knowledge may require outside assistance to move data or optimize their CRM experience.

Enterprise package customers are supplied with a personal customer success manager and customized onboarding support to facilitate the migration and optimization of large clients’ systems.

Customer Service of

Across all membership tiers, has above-average customer service availability. Customer care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even in their entry-level plan, which some of the other CRM platforms we looked at did not offer at any price point. They don’t offer live chat support, but you can use their website’s online contact form to send them your question or problem. Unfortunately, you will generally be urged to handle your difficulties via email rather than by phone., like most CRM providers, offers a self-help center with video tutorials, a knowledgebase, community forums, and webinars to enhance your grasp of the software’s capabilities. Finally, enterprise subscribers are assigned a dedicated support professional who serves as their primary point of contact for the account- and service-related concerns.

Drawbacks of

With’s basic and standard packages, many of the valuable automation and integration tools utilized by the majority of CRM software platforms are absent or severely constrained. With certain relatively regular workflows employing nine or more automation, the standard bundle’s monthly action limit of 250 can be reached quite rapidly. However, the Pro plan’s $16/user/month price enables 25,000 automation and integration actions for a relatively low cost compared to other software platforms, especially when considering all of the capabilities offers at this service level.

Some consumers may find the lack of simple telephone help to be a serious concern. While’s self-help resources and instructional videos are above average, the ability to swiftly address issues through phone during business hours would be a significant enhancement to their service capabilities. Except for Enterprise-level members, the majority of troubleshooting will rely on email correspondence, which may be a challenging route to take when confronted with a difficult technical issue that cannot be fixed using any of the self-help options. If phone support is crucial, you may wish to investigate Keep as an alternative.

Features of


Positive Notes for

  • Startups with personnel who wear numerous hats and desire the ability to quickly switch between positions and responsibilities via a low-cost dashboard.
  • Small to medium-sized enterprises that could benefit from assistance upgrading their marketing strategy.
  • Client-facing enterprises managing numerous new initiatives

Negative Notes for

  • Businesses whose services are so distinctive that they must design all processes and procedures from scratch.
  • Large organizations seeking assistance sorting through numerous new leads (Other CRM software solutions may offer more effective AI-powered tools for these types of enterprises.)
  • Businesses that do not love working using Kanban-style organizational tools for process-driven tasks are not likely to find success.

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