Marathi Name Of Tuna Fish Why Google Showing Wrong Marathi Name Of Tuna Fish?

Marathi Name Of Tuna Fish Why Google Showing Wrong Marathi Name Of Tuna Fish

The Marathi Name For Tuna Fish, Recently, one of the most-searched terms on Google has been “Marathi Name of Tuna,” as Google provided incorrect results, and it created a meme craze. Read on to learn more about the Marathi name of Tuna fish and why Google is displaying the incorrect Marathi name of Tuna fish.

Marathi Name Of Tuna Fish

People are searching Google for “The Marathi name of Tuna Fish” after being advised to do so by memes, which has created controversy. Google is presenting the erroneous result for that search, however. Tuna Fish is known as Kupa Masa in Marathi. Tuna is referred to as Kupa Masa in Marathi. However, Google began displaying inaccurate results.

This highlighted response originated from the discussion website situs slot gacor. Someone asked, “What is the Marathi name for tuna fish?” Some individuals answered appropriately with “Kupa Masa.” Others, however, reacted to the survey with insulting language rather than addressing the questions.

Tuna fish कुपा मासा – Tuna Fish in Marathi Kupa Masa
Scientific nameThunini
MassAtlantic bluefin tuna: 220 – 250 kg
Amount per 100 g132 Calories

About Tuna Fish

Tuna is a member of the genus Thunnini in the family Scombridae (mackerel) in the family Scombridae. Thunini has fifteen out of a total of five species. Weight: 1,8 kg, maximum length: 50 centimetres (1.6 feet) (4 lb) The Atlantic bluefin tuna weighed in at 684 kg with a maximum length of 4.6 metres (15 feet) (1,508 lb).

Tuna is an aesthetically pleasing and skillfully built fish that excels at speed. It has two dorsal fins that are closely spaced on its back. “Depression” comes first. They can be laid down flat. One who operates under secrecy. Seven to ten yellowfins can be found between the dorsal fin and the tail. Each side contains three horizontally fastened nails. The metal on the dorsal side of a tuna is typically dark blue, whereas the metal on the ventral side, or underside of the vents, is typically silver or white.

English NameTuna fish
Common NameTunny or tunas
Scientific NameThunnini
Marathi NameKupa Masa (कुपा मासा)

Why is Google Showing Wrong Marathi Name Of Tuna Fish?

This extract from an online discussion forum prompted a response from Google. Someone asked on this discussion board, “What does tuna fish mean in Marathi?” Some people responded with “Kupa Masa” as the right response. Unfortunately, several individuals used foul language instead of completing the survey. “Paani me utarke machi ko puch lavde,” one user said. The Google bot displayed “Paani mein utarke machi ko puch lavde” as the featured snippet in response to the question “What is Tuna Fish called in Marathi?”

When the incorrect answer appears instead of the correct one, Google has made an algorithmic error. This occurs in unusual conditions. By becoming a meme, though, people are having a blast.

All Fish Names in Marathi Language

English NameMarathi name 
Bombay DuckBombil
Salmon Fish(Rawas)
CatfishShingala (Shingala)
Mackerel fishBangada
Squid fishMhakul
Tuna fishकुपा (Kupa)
Tilapia fish(िलापी (Chilapi)
Anchovy fishMandeli
Sardines fishPedvey
Wahoo fishKarli
Whiting/ White FishModak
Seer fishSurmai
Black Pomfret fishHalwa
Finned Bulleye fishRani Masa
Catla fishCatla
Mussels FishKalwa
RohuRed Mass (Tambada Massa)
Baby Prawnsसुकट (Socks)
About Tuna Fish in Marathi

About Tuna Fish in Marathi

टूना हा ‘थुनिनी’ नावाच्या माशांच्या प्रजातीचा एक खास प्रकार आहे, ज्याला मराठीत कुपा मासा असेही म्हणतात.

हा मासा बहुतेक खाऱ्या पाण्यात दिसतो. जगातील अनेक लोक ज्यांना मासे खायला आवडतात ते खूप आनंदाने खातात. हे खाण्याचे अनेक शारीरिक फायदेही आहेत. उदाहरणार्थ,

  1. हाडे निरोगी आणि मजबूत ठेवण्यास मदत होते
  2. गर्भवती महिलांनी याचे सेवन करणे खूप फायदेशीर आहे.
  3. हा आजार रोगप्रतिकारक शक्ती वाढवण्यास मदत करतो.
  4. हृदय आणि डोळ्यांच्या आरोग्यासाठी फायदेशीर
  5. ऊर्जेचा चांगला स्रोत मानला जातो
  6. त्वचेचे सौंदर्य वाढवण्यासाठी फायदेशीर आहे
  7. वजन कमी करू इच्छिणाऱ्या लोकांसाठी हे खूप फायदेशीर आहे.
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