Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3: Confirmed Release Date, Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

Komi can’t communicate season 3 trailer

Tomohito Oda is the author and illustrator of the manga series Komi Can’t Communicate, published in Japan. The second season of Komi Can’t Communicate is on the edge of reaching the final episode, and already the audience of Komi Can’t Communicate is excited about the third season.

And here, in this article, we have gathered all the details on the upcoming season of this popular series Komi Can’t Communicate. If you are interested in knowing the additional information about Komi Can’t Communicate season 3, read our article until the last note.

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3 Overview

The Komi can’t communicate manga series is written by Tomohiro Oda, and Ayumu Watanabe and Kazuki Kawagoe direct the anime.

And The animation studio of ‘Komi can’t communicate’ is OLM. Please read the basic information below before proceeding with this article. Maybe it will be helpful to you.

Komi Can’t Communicate season 3 Quick Info

Komi Can’t Communicate season 3

Komi Can’t Communicate
  • Season: Komi Can’t Communicate
  • No. of Seasons: 2
  • Japanese: 古見さんは、コミュ症です。
  • Other Name: Komi-san wa, Communication Shougai desu. 2
  • Creator: Tomohito Oda
  • Studios: OLM
  • Based on: Komi Can’t Communicate (Manga)
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Main Characters: Komi Shouko, Tadano Hitohito
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Origin Language: Japanese
  • Available Languages: Japanese
  • First Episode Aired: 27 April 2022( season 2)
  • Next Episode to be Aired On: TBA
  • Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed

When will the Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3 be Released?

The show’s second season has just ended, so the production team has not given any official statement regarding the renewal of the following season. The fans will have to wait a little more about the show’s revival.

We will update you as soon as the production team makes any announcements. We can expect another season if the third season gets massive views over a short period, so if you want another season.

What Is The Storyline Of Komi Can’t Communicate

Shouko Komi’s high social anxiety and communication issues render her generally incapable of communicating with others, despite her outward beauty. However, her attractiveness and austere appearance, which stems from her anxiousness, are viewed as refined class, making her extremely popular while preventing people from getting to know her.

Komi’s initial interaction with Tadano takes place over a chalkboard, and she uses a notebook to express her emotions. Despite this, she is still able to communicate verbally via cell phone. She hopes to overcome her communication issues and create one hundred pals.

What Will Happen in Komi Can’t Communicate Previous Season?

We shall watch Komi and her pals enjoying their winter holiday, and we will be able to travel to school Trip Arc, where all the school students, including Komi, will visit Kyoto.

Tadano will admit that he is developing affection for Komi during the second season if Komi cannot communicate. The second season will feature some exciting developments in Komi’s life and increased ties between Komi and her friends and Tadano.

Characters details of Komi can’t communicate season 3

Characters details of Komi can’t communicate in season 3

The main character is Shoko Komi, a high school girl who can’t communicate due to her social anxiety and tries to express her thoughts by writing them down. The Japanese voice actor of Shoko Komi is Aoi Koga, and Amber Lee Connors gives the English voice.

Hirohito Tadano is Komi’s classmate and first friend in school, who discovers Komi’s disorder and tries to help her. The Japanese Voice actor of Hitohito Tadano is Gakuto Kajiwara and the English voice is given by Takahisa Masuda.

Najimi Osana is a close friend of Hirohito Tadano and has excellent communication skills. The Japanese voice actor of Najimi Osana is Rie Murakawa, and the English voice actor is Skyler Davenport.

Omoharu Nakanaka is an immature little girl, and all call her friends to play video games with her. Rumi Okubo is the Japanese voice actor for Omoharu Nakanak, and the English voice actor is Cherami Leigh.

Komi can’t communicate Season 3 Rating & Reviews


If you haven’t seen it and are curious about its quality, I can assure you that it is rather lovely! IMDb’s rating of 8.0/10 is acceptable, whereas MyAnimeList’s average audience rating is 8.42. As a result, this concert is undoubtedly a must-see in my opinion. If you’re still debating whether to watch it, look at what others thought after you did.

Komi can’t communicate Season 3 Rating


I have never witnessed a more romantic love story. It was truly remarkable. Characterization is done quite effectively. I have learned that it is crucial to have a decent heart and be kind to people. It has also increased my capacity to comprehend social relationships. Again, this is a must-watch if you like pure, innocent love.

Readers Rating

Hi Readers! This section is especially for you guys. You can rate this season as per your liking.

Reader Rating136 Votes

What can we expect from the third season of Komi can’t communicate?

Every fan hopes that their favorite shows will return for additional seasons and has great hopes for the forthcoming season of their series. After viewing the second season of Komi can’t communicate, fans want the show to return for a third season and continue.

Still, we cannot remark on the plot of season 3 of Komi can’t communicate until we obtain official confirmation. And once the series is officially renewed, we will learn more about the plot of season three of Komi can’t communicate.

Where Can I Watch Komi Can’t Communicate?

We expect that ‘Komi Can’t Communicate season 3’ will be released on Netflix like the first season of The Komi Can’t Communicate series.

The first season is available to watch on Netflix. As we get any updates about it, we will add them here. As we get any updates or news about it, we will add it here.

Is There Any News Of Komi Can’t Communicate season 3 Trailer?

No confirmed return, so no new trailer. From what we know, filming hasn’t started yet so it might take a while. But keep an eye on this space because we will let you know as soon as we find out anything. Komi Can’t Communicate Of the Season 2 trailer is included below


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Frequently Ask Questions About Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3

1. Will there be a Komi Can t Communicate season 3?

There are currently no official announcements about the cancelation of Komi Can t Communicate Season 3. if the creators follow their dreams, we may anticipate the film to be released towards the end of 2023.

2. How many seasons are there in Komi can't communicate?

Komi can’t communicate has thus far only had two seasons.

3.When Will We Get To Know Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Release Date?

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Release Date is April 27, 2022.

4. Where to start reading Komi Can't Communicate manga after Season 1?

You can read the manga chapter 74 of volume 6 after finishing season 1. Komi can’t communicate.

5. Will Komi season 2 be on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch it on Netflix.

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