Is Bad Boys LA Star Kerrion Franklin Gay?

Is Bad Boys LA Star Kerrion Franklin Gay?

Bad Boys LA Star Kerrion Franklin has been running for quite some time, and the subject of discussion surrounding him has consistently been his sexual orientation. It appears that he is gay; however, since he has never publicly acknowledged that this is his sexual orientation, it is difficult to know.

Is Bad Boys LA Star Kerrion Franklin Gay

Is Kerrion Franklin in a relationship with someone?

It has been speculated that he is romantically involved with Durrell Smylie; however, this has not been verified as of now.

Has Kerrion Franklin possess a good relationship with his Father or not?

The actual reason he has such a positive relationship with his father is something that the general public does not currently know. Many individuals believe that this is due to his sexual orientation. There is no justification for making this accusation against Kirk because there is no evidence to suggest that he is homophobic. Kerrion may have some insight that could help shed some light on the situation.

Milan Christopher about Kerrion’s sexuality

Milan has been questioned over Kerrion’s sexual orientation in a TV show. Christopher defended Franklin by asking what the difference was and if it was because he wanted to f*** him. In most situations, stating that a straight person as a homosexual man or to anyone else is likely to result in a one-two punch. However, it’s admirable that you have gone to his defense.

And we’ve already told you Christopher claimed he fought everyone in the house, to the point where he said he was tired of fighting, so it’s possible that this did occur. However, Golden emphasized that saying so would not be a problem if he were. People are generally curious if you share a residence with another individual. In addition, the year is 2022, and the mansion is filled with gay males. It’s not as if he wouldn’t have any support or would be alone.

Is Bad Boys LA Star Kerrion Franklin Gay

And don’t forget that during that Instagram Live session he had with Relly B when he asked Relly if he was ready for some BBC (the show’s acronym), Relly asked if he was prepared for some BBB, big black bussy, to which Franklin blushed and said he would keep his comment to himself.

After that article came out, Franklin posted several times on his Instagram Story about how wanting a man for money is the same as prostitution. Relly B showed off his date by covering their face the other night. Someone broke into his car on the same night, so hopefully, the shady trade wasn’t setting him up. It’s all fun and games until you lose your car windows. Just saying.

Frequently Asked Question about Kerrion Franklin

1. Who is Kerrion Franklin's father?

Kirk Franklin is Kerrion Franklin’s father.

2. When did Kerrion Franklin Born?

Kerrion Franklin has born on 1988.

3. What is Kerrion Franklin's age?

Kerrion Franklin is 33 years old.

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