Irma Vep Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

Irma Vep Season 2 release date

Irma Vep is a new drama-thriller series currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and is available in English and French. Many Irma Vep fans are frantic about the Season 2 release date.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re also curious about when the new season of Irma Vep will air. Don’t worry. We’re here to tell you all there is to know about Irma Vep.

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Irma Vep Season 2 Premiere Date

There is no official confirmation about season 2 of Irma Vep. If it happens, then we will update our website.

Irma Vep Season 2 Overview

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Irma Vep Season 2 Quick Info

Irma Vep Season 2

How many episodes are there in Irma Vep Season 2
  • Season: Irma Vep
  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • Episode: 8 (season 1)
  • Based on: Irma Vep by Olivier Assayas
  • Writer: Olivier Assayas
  • Director: Olivier Assayas
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Cast: Vincent Macaigne, Alicia Vikander, Byron Bowers
  • Production: A24
  • Producer(S): Jes Anderson
  • Music: Thurston Moore
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English, French
  • Available languages: English, French
  • First Episode Aired: June 6, 2022 (Season 1)
  • Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Available On: HBO

When Is Irma Vep Season 2 Coming Out? (Release Date)

The show’s first season has just concluded. Thus the production team has not yet issued an official announcement regarding the renewal of the following season. Regarding the show’s return, fans will have to wait longer. We will inform you of any announcements made by the production team. If the first season receives many views in a short time, a second season is likely.

What is the storyline of Irma Vep?

Mira is an American actress disillusioned by her profession and a recent split who travels to France to play “Irma Vep” in a remake of the classic French silent film Les Vampires. In the context of a gruesome crime drama, Mira struggles as the lines between herself and the character she portrays begin to blur and blend.

Irma Vep: What would it be able to be About?

The new HBO series Irma Vep is streaming after the wait, and the series has a unique storyline that focuses on a girl named Mira who dreams of becoming a famous actress but is struggling in her acting career. Mira moves to France to pursue her acting career, and she gets the role in the Film La vampires, which is a thriller film later. Mira will be facing struggles to distinguish herself and the role of the character she is playing.

Who Will Be Part Of Irma Vep Season 2? (Cast and Character)

Irma Vep’s cast for the second season hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it’s probably safe to assume that all the main actors will be back to play their roles.

This show features some well-known and talented actors, including

Character NamePortrays By
Alicia VikanderMira Harberg
Vincent MacaigneRené Vidal
Adria ArjonaLaurie
Byron BowersHerman
Jeanne BalibarZoe
Vincent LacosteEdmond Lagrange
Nora HamzawiCarla
Hippolyte GirardotRobert Danjou
Who Will Be Part Of Irma Vep Season 2 (Cast and Character)

How many episodes are there in Irma Vep Season 2?

The producer decides to make Irma Vep’s following season. Then it will likely have eight or more episodes, as previous seasons did. As a result, the future season will feature at least eight episodes.

We saw eight episodes in the previous season, including the following.

  • The Severed Head; Episode 1
  • The Ring that Kills; Episode 2
  • Dead Man’s Escape; Episode 3
  • The Poisoner; Episode 4
  • Hypnotic Eyes; Episode 5
  • The Thunder Master; Episode 6
  • Satanas; Episode 7
  • The Terrible Wedding; Episode 8

What can we expect from the second season of Irma Vep?

Every fan hopes their favorite series will be renewed for more seasons and has high expectations for the upcoming season of their favorite series. After watching the first season of Irma Vep, viewers want the show to continue with a second season.

We cannot comment on the plot of Irma Vep’s second season until we have formal confirmation. Once the series has been officially renewed, we shall learn more about the story of Irma Vep’s second season.

Rating and review of Irma Vep


The viewers enjoyed watching this new series, and with only a few episodes, the series has an IMDb rating of 6.3/10 and 100% on rotten tomatoes, with an average audience score of 70%. Almost 89% of Google users have liked this series. So based on the ratings, we can predict that the series is worth watching.

Rating and review of Irma Vep


If you are that person, you do not deserve to be here. Those who consider Marvel films to be “masterpieces” should avoid this. This is not for you in any way. This needs thoughtful examination and perseverance.

It is a masterclass in filmmaking, featuring outstanding acting, direction, production value, and screenplay. Continue through the first episode till its conclusion. The entire hour is spent beautifully establishing the characters and plot. I anticipate many accolades for this accomplishment.

Irma Vep Season 2 google trends

Readers Rating

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Where To Watch Irma Vep? – Streaming Details

This is an HBO exclusive program. You can view this episode for free if you already have an active HBO subscription. There will be no additional charges for the performance. Consider that this show’s availability varies by location. Determine whether this program is offered in your region.

Irma Vep Season 2 trailer

There is currently no trailer for the next Irma Vep Season available. But be sure to keep checking back on our page since we will continue to update you on any new information surrounding the upcoming Season Irma Vep.

However, you will view it on our page if it is available. You can watch the season 1 trailer while waiting for the season 2 trailer to arrive.


The new HBO series is getting many viewers’ attention, and everyone is curious about this new ongoing series Irma Vep. And the first season, the series has received much positive response.

People who want to know about the upcoming season of Irma Vep should keep themselves updated with our website Amazfeed as we will be posting all the details on this new HBO series Irma Vep.

Frequently Ask Question About Irma Vep Season 2

1. Will there be a season 2 of Irma Vep?

As of now, there is no update on the renewal of season 2, but there are some chances of Irma Vep returning for season 2.

2. Where can I watch Irma Vep?

You can watch the series live on the HBO TV channel, and later the series is also available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

3. How many episodes does Irma Vep Season 1 have?

Irma Vep will have eight episodes in the first season.

4. How many seasons of Irma Vep are there?

Irma Vep has thus far only had one season.

5. When was the original release date of the Irma Vep Season?

Irma Vep was released for the first time on June 6, 2022.

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