Index Of Narcos Season 1 To 3 (Seasons, Episode List and Star Cast)

Index Of Narcos Season 1 To 3 (Seasons, Episode List and Star Cast)

The drug king, Pablo Escobar, is known to everyone. The one who introduced the rich, dirty cocaine into it and made the drug become basically Columbia’s most wanted substance. All underneath the nose of the policeman too. The villain the world loves, hiding from one location to another, from an armed force of three to a whole big army of Pablo Escobar.

And we’re not both going to dispute that. Narcos opposes the drug cartel TV series based primarily on a true tale that details Pablo Escobar’s empire and rules over the drug industry.

Two of them reflect the Drug Leader’s rising, and a third how his heritage continues even after his collapse, three seasons modeled together. It also depicts his diverse relationships with DEA brokers, drug lords, and other people. This is one of the largest Netflix series ever started.

A tale full of enemies, treasons, and courage, and faith, with a tinge of lies, it’s a sequence which you wouldn’t want to give up if you start watching. This Netflix drug present has received excellent rankings all over the internet, and here is the index and the complete episode of Narcos!

Quick Facts

  • Style: Crime, Drama, Biography
  • IMDb Score: 8.8/10
  • Written By: Chris Brancato, Andrew Black, Eric Newman
  • Directed By: José Padilha, Edward James Olmos, Michael Stahl-David
  • Accessible Platforms: Netflix & Flicks
  • Whole Seasons: 3 Seasons
  • Whole Episodes: 30 Episodes
  • Operating Interval: 2015-2017
  • Launch Date: 28 August 2015

Narcos Full Cast & All Characters List

Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar

Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar

Boyd Holbrook as Steve Murphy 

Boyd Holbrook as Steve Murphy

Joanna Christie as Connie Murphy

Joanna Christie as Connie Murphy

Maurice Compte as Colonel Horacio Carrillo

Maurice Compte as Colonel Horacio Carrillo

André Mattos as Jorge Ochoa

André Mattos as Jorge Ochoa

Roberto Urbina as Fabio Ochoa

Roberto Urbina as Fabio Ochoa

Diego Cataño as Juan Diego “La Quica” Díaz

Diego Cataño as Juan Diego “La Quica” Díaz

Jorge A. Jimenez as Roberto “Poison” Ramos

Jorge A. Jimenez as Roberto “Poison” Ramos

Paulina Gaitán as Tata Escobar

Paulina Gaitán as Tata Escobar

Paulina García as Hermilda Gaviria

Paulina García as Hermilda Gaviria

Stephanie Sigman as Valeria Vélez

Stephanie Sigman as Valeria Vélez

Bruno Bichir as Fernando Duque

Bruno Bichir as Fernando Duque

Raúl Méndez as César Gaviria

Raúl Méndez as César Gaviria

Cristina Umaña as Judy Moncada

Cristina Umaña as Judy Moncada

Florencia Lozano as Claudia Messina

Florencia Lozano as Claudia Messina

Francisco Denis as Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela

Francisco Denis as Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela

Eric Lange as Bill Stechner

Eric Lange as Bill Stechner

Index Of Narcos Series (Season 1 To Season 3)

Index Of Narcos Season 1

Narcos Season 1 – Episode list

  • Release Date : 28 Aug,2015
  • Rating : 8.8/10
Episode 1DescensoWatch Now
Episode 2The Sword of Simón BolívarWatch Now
Episode 3The Men of AlwaysWatch Now
Episode 4The Palace in FlamesWatch Now
Episode 5There Will Be a FutureWatch Now
Episode 6ExplosivosWatch Now
Episode 7You Will Cry Tears of BloodWatch Now
Episode 8La Gran MentiraWatch Now
Episode 9La CatedralWatch Now
Episode 10DespegueWatch Now

Through Pablo Escobar’s lives, Waltz season and offer his viewers a clear overview of how it was at the beginning of cocaine production in July 1992. The show essentially summarises the various incidents in Columbia and the real connections between Escobar and them.

Narcos Season 1 - Episode list

DEA Agent Murphy, who was based in Columbia at the time, takes the view. It goes through the schedule, beginning with Escobar’s participation in Columbia’s cocaine business and then to what actually happens.

At times, Columbia was strictly prohibited from trading illicit products. Significance, cigarettes, narcotics, and other such items were not very welcome and were legally charged.

But Escobar has been a known black marketer and has participated in these transactions. In the course of export of one’s own between cities, he began selling illicit goods undercover, which was then strictly prohibited

When he met Mateo “Cockroach” Manero, an exiled chemist from Chile, he asked him if he wanted to do business together. Mateo “Cockroach” Mateo manufactured cocaine; therefore, Escobar distributed it to start a highly profitable cocaine business.

They began to multiply as though they knew no boundaries. From a tiny hellhole of a laboratory, they widen it in the rainforest to something even bigger and wider, with the assistance of the skills and experience of Carlos Lehder, who was mainly involved in the transport of his narcotics. He carries them into Miami in bulk and thus makes an enormous contribution to their growth; it is common among the rich people of A-class.

Pablo finally organizes and develops larger laboratory constructions and extends the entire cocaine company into the US to increase drug demand. As the popularity of cocaine in the American market increased, cocaine began to come under the radar of police. The US market was mostly responsible for the big US dollar cash flow to Columbia. Their financial position was very important.

Therefore, the Americans agreed to send a task force directly from the DEA to Columbia to explore it more closely. With Javier Pena, Murphy is corroborated. Murphy’s aim was to cooperate with the Colombian authorities, finally, discover the perpetrator of the buy-and-sale high, and thus end the inflow of cocaine into the United States.

Pablo Escobar’s last witnesses fleeing from prison during his series Pablo Escobar. In 2020, you can view narcos online using the above links.

Index Of Narcos Season 2

  • Release Date : 2 Sep,2016
  • Rating : 8.8/10
Episode 1Free at LastWatch Now
Episode 2CambalacheWatch Now
Episode 3Our Man in MadridWatch Now
Episode 4The Good, The Bad, and The DeadWatch Now
Episode 5The Enemies of My EnemyWatch Now
Episode 6Los PepesWatch Now
Episode 7Deutschland 93Watch Now
Episode 8Exit El PatrónWatch Now
Episode 9Nuestra FincaWatch Now
Episode 10Al Fin Cayó!Watch Now

Season 2 begins just where season 1 is finished, and the mixing of events turns out to be a stunning success. Pablo Escobar and his important men are found in the soldiers outside the prison of La Catedral. However, they are too frightened to apprehend him.

Narcos Season 2

In the United States Embassy, they send a new ambassador to the United States to present a brand new CIA. In the beginning, Pablo Escobar was only little or no improvement because he remained faithful to his cartel.

However, the allegiance he fervently devoted to began to fall slowly and slowly, as he needed more money and time. More money and time to cover up the government’s whole illegal industry.

One of his tactics used to discourage cops from being seen was driving into and around the city in the cab trunk (ow!). He would use young lookouts to track and report to him on the cops’ movements and whereabouts if it did.

One of the first mechanisms he coped and defended his identity was keeping the cops secret. Honestly, he got used to his new life quite quickly. He just gave the group money and ruthlessly murdered everyone who was trying to break free of his empire.

This resulted in massive clashes and cruel struggles. Pablo Escobar and the police forces of Colombia were always at a crossroads, battling and fighting. All of this began to contribute to Columbia’s high voltage, stress and turmoil, which became hard for the public to deal with.

When a murmur against Pablo Escobar forms, tables turn, and the police no longer turn. This time. Everybody he has expelled, any outcasts who has been thrown out of the Cali cartel or who has been faced with injustice decides to join hands and form a covenant against Escobar.

The anti-communist gang also sponsored by the CIA, and they were not alone. They were also supported. Here we can see that Agent Pena also worked secretly with the party and was responsible mostly for killing people in Pablo’s organization and for doing the same thing as “Los Pepes.”

But Escobar didn’t see his way to the doom. Two of his cartels are caught, and then they both plan to betray him as well. Pablo Escobar gets to his feet as that happens and goes for a ride. In a safe house, which also marks his 44th birthday, he and his faithful bodyguard take shelter.

Pablo attempts to connect with his relatives and talk with them for the last time, but the police successfully track him on the rooftop thanks to radio triangulation.

The police twice shoot Pablo, and all his chances of survival (while still there, but slender) are overcome by one of them executing him right away, ensuring he does not survive to see the daylight.”

The Colombian cop Trujillo in the singing of “Viva Columbia,” was killed violently. Escobar’s dear wife Tata is trying to help her escape from the US and to move to a new country from Cali’s cartel.

In the meantime, Pena returns to the USA expecting to be warned of his involvement in Los Pepes by the disciplinary wing. But to his surprise, it doesn’t happen. Instead, he was asked to provide information about the Cali cartel, which indicated that he would continue to participate in the DEA.

Index Of Narcos Season 3

  • Release Date : 1 Sep,2017
  • Rating : 8.8/10
Episode 1The Kingpin StrategyWatch Now
Episode 2The Cali KGBWatch Now
Episode 3Follow the MoneyWatch Now
Episode 4CheckmateWatch Now
Episode 5MROWatch Now
Episode 6Best Laid PlansWatch Now
Episode 7Sin SalidaWatch Now
Episode 8ConvivirWatch Now
Episode 9Todos Los Hombres del PresidenteWatch Now
Episode 10Going Back to CaliWatch Now

The third season begins with the DEA hunting for the leaders of the Cali Cartel, who continue to bear the legacy of Pablo Escobar. Even if Escobar is dead and gone, it is still booming and growing, raising the DEA’s eyes. But the tables turn as Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, Cali Carten’s leader, reveals that they will soon move to a law firm.

Narcos Season 3

José “Chepe” Santacruz-Londoño supervises Cali Cartel’s New York branch, who has a name, Victor Crespo, which he calls. He hunts a Dominican party in Queens when he learns that they purchase ether for cocaine processing.

An explosion is taking place in the laboratory that leads Manuel De Dios Unane to study the matter further. When he meets Chepe, Chepe asks him to help him pursue the American dream that he refuses to fulfil, which is why Chepe gets killed.

Feistl and Van Ness pursue their investigations elsewhere, beginning with a raid on a Chilean bank, but without success. The next day, they dig deeper by raiding a hidden house and throwing him into prison. After this incident, the leader of the cartel is Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, who hides the house of Pallomari and his family.

In the meantime, Pena undergoes an inquiry to find dirt into the cartel’s money laundering enterprise. Franklin Jurado was the man in charge of the operation, which was also a Colombian banker. Pena organizes a meeting with Christina, Jurado’s wife, but doesn’t assist her in helping Jurado arrest him. Later she gets kidnapped and Pena rescued, but people are afraid Jurado will testify against her, and thus he is killed by the Cali Cartel in jail.

Strict laws, regulations and inquiries are entrusted to the Colombia police in their presence. For the same cause, the Cali Carten is beginning to weaken in power. This turns out to be a lot worse as Jorge Salcedo, a DEA informant, betrays his trust within the Cali Cartel.

Salcedo saves Miguel from attacking at the Cali Fair, which makes Salcedo fully aware of the fact that salcedo worked secretly for the DEA.

Salcedo tells Var Ness and Feistl of Miguel’s location, but Pena maintains that the whole thing is legally accomplished. After a long search and a hard work period, they find a wall that had an enormous void, in the hollow they think Miguel might be hidden. They are just starting to crack the wall in time for the Cali General Prosecutor to enter and declare it illegal.

Michael David and his sidekick Enrique began suspecting Salcedo and it only became evident because Miguel only survived a condition of near death. They brought Enrique in and started asking him for more details. Enrique told them threatened that Salcedo is the informant who tipped the DEA on the location of Miguel.

But soon, Pager will be in the pocket of Enrique, which will destroy Enrique with both Miquel and David. They’re all suspect of Salcedo.

Salcedo reveals to the DEA the place of Miguel again. He plans to persuade Miguel to move to a better place and the DEA will detain him for transportation. In the meantime, David takes a video proof of Salcedo’s entry into Ness and Fiestl’s office prior to the proposal.

Miguel nearly kills Salcedo, but just in time is a raid and Salcedo flees. Miquel is arrested, Pacho confesses and even gives himself up to the police. In the end, Salcedo and Pallomari testify against everything and achieve their own immunity. You can stream narcos by 2020, too, with Netflix.

Index Of Narcos Season 4

Stay Tuned For Narcos S4

For another brand new season, Netflix has officially renewed Narcos with Michael Peña and Diego Luna as stars. Both travelled about in Mexico and filmed the whole thing, so it looks promising in this season, too.

The teaser is just as intriguing and cuddly as the previous seasons, and we can’t wait to get more of Netflix’s latest scoop. You’re never going to watch Narcos plays.

On 16th November, this very year, Narcos Season 4 breathed air. Before then, there is still time if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s just 30 episodes that will help you catch up on a marathon or two at night. Happy beginning! Happy beginning!


Narcos is not just mafia gangs, cartels, trafficking, and narcotics. The show portrays the rise to fame of the pivotal characters, cops’ tactics and real-life stuff. It goes through activities you wouldn’t know about otherwise. It shows this lifestyle of wars and struggles which ordinary people don’t know. It is also quite an interesting piece for those who study law and need good research for their studies.

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