How Old Was Dudley Moore When He Died? How and Where Dudely Moore Died?

How Old Was Dudley Moore When He Died?

Stuart Dudley John Moore CBE was an actor, comedian, composer, and musician from the United Kingdom. Moore first gained notoriety in the United Kingdom as a key character in the 1960s British satirical boom. He was one of four writer-performers in the 1960 comedy revue Beyond the Fringe, which sparked a boom in satirical comedy, and collaborated on the BBC television series Not Only.

But Also. with another member of that team, Peter Cook. Moore’s buffoonery contrasted with Cook’s deadpan speeches in a popular duo act. They won the 1966 British Academy Television Award for Best Entertainment Performance in collaboration. They collaborated on numerous projects until the mid-1970s, when Moore relocated to Los Angeles to focus exclusively on film acting.

Dudley Moore Born

Born in the United Kingdom, he once admitted that what drove him throughout his life was a sense of inferiority as a result of his roots in the working-class neighborhood of Dagenham, East London, and his little stature of 1.58 meters.

Dudley Moore

Dudley Moore Began His Career

Moore began his career as a choir singer and organist at his parish church in Dagenham, and then as the host of a comedic revue called Beyond the Fringe. Moore transitioned from theatre to television and film, where he gained prominence with his 1968 film 30 is a Dangerous Age, which he wrote the screenplay for, composed the music for, and starred in.

Moore was able to leave England and relocate to southern California as a result of his success when he was given the opportunity to work with Bo Derek by British director Blake Edwards in 1979. He would reach the zenith of his career two years later, shooting Arthur, an affluent alcoholic who falls in love with Liza Minnelli. The role for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for best actor.

Early life of Dudley Moore

Moore was born in central London’s original Charing Cross Hospital to Ada Francis (née Hughes), a secretary, and John Moore, a Glasgow-born railway electrician. Barbara was his elder sister. Moore grew raised in Dagenham, Essex, in the Becontree estate. He was short, standing at 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m), and suffered from club foot, which need considerable hospital treatment. As a result, he became the target of children’s jokes. By the time he was six, his right foot had improved significantly due to corrective treatment, but his left foot remained permanently twisted and his left leg below the knee was withered. Throughout his life, he was self-conscious.

At the age of six, Moore became a chorister. He won a scholarship at the Guildhall School of Music at the age of 11, where he studied harpsichord, organ, violin, musical theory, and composition. He quickly blossomed into a gifted pianist and organist, and by the age of 14, he was performing at local church weddings. He attended Dagenham County High School and had intensive musical tuition from Peter Cork (1926–2012), who assisted him in obtaining his Oxford music scholarship. (Norma Winstone, another of Cork’s Dagenham students, was another). Cork, in addition to being a composer, was also a musician. Moore maintained contact with Cork until the mid-1990s, and in 2006, his letters to Cork were published.

Moore was awarded an organ scholarship to Magdalen College, Oxford, where he studied with Bernard Rose, the composer. He also performed with Alan Bennett in the Oxford Revue while he studied music and composition there. Moore developed an appreciation for jazz music throughout his university years and evolved into a skilled jazz pianist and composer. He initially collaborated with John Dankworth and Cleo Laine. He joined Dankworth’s band in 1960 and worked on Beyond the Fringe.

Personal life

Moore was married and divorced four times: to actresses Suzy Kendall (15 June 1968 – 15 September 1972), Tuesday Weld (20 September 1975 – 18 July 1980; with whom he had a son Patrick on 26 February 1976), Brogan Lane (21 February 1988 – 1991), and Nicole Rothschild (16 April 1994 – 1998; with whom he had one son, Nicholas, on 28 June 1995).

He maintained cordial connections with Kendall, Weld, and Lane, but specifically prohibited Rothschild from attending his burial. He was going through a painful divorce from Rothschild at the time his illness became obvious, while also sharing a residence in Los Angeles with her and her previous husband.

Moore dated Susan Anton in the early 1980s, and much was made of their height disparity: Moore stands at 5 feet 2 inches (1.588 m), whereas Anton stands at 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m).

Moore was arrested and charged with domestic assault in 1994 following an allegation that he assaulted his then-girlfriend, Nicole Rothschild.

Dudley Moore Movie list / Dramas list

  • The Third Alibi
  • Flatland
  • The Wrong Box
  • Bedazzled
  • 30 Is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia
  • Monte Carlo or Bust!
  • The Bed Sitting Room
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Saturday Night at the Baths
  • Foul Play
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • Derek and Clive Get the Horn
  • 10
  • The Muppet Show
  • BBC Horizon: “It’s About Time”
  • Wholly Moses!
  • Arthur
  • Six Weeks
  • Lovesick
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Unfaithfully Yours
  • Best Defense
  • Micki + Maude
  • Santa Claus: The Movie
  • The Adventures of Milo and Otis
  • Like Father Like Son
  • Arthur 2: On the Rocks
  • Crazy People
  • Orchestra!
  • Blame It on the Bellboy
  • Really Wild Animals
  • Dudley
  • Concerto!
  • The Pickle
  • Daddy’s Girls
  • Parallel Lives
  • Oscar’s Orchestra
  • The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson
  • A Weekend in the Country
  • The Mighty Kong

Dudley Moore Discography

  • Jazz discography
  • Strictly For The Birds b/w Duddly Dell
  • From Beyond The Fringe
  • The Dudley Moore Trio
  • Dudley Moore plays The Theme from Beyond the Fringe and All That Jazz
  • The World of Dudley Moore
  • The Other Side Of Dudley Moore
  • Genuine Dud
  • The Music of Dudley Moore
  • Dudley Down Under
  • Dudley Moore at the Wavendon Festival
  • Smilin’ Through
  • Strictly For The Birds
  • The Theme From “Beyond The Fringe” and All That Jazz
  • Live From an Aircraft Hangar
  • Songs Without Words
  • The First Orchestrations

How Old Was Dudley Moore When He Died?

Dudley Moore became well-known as a result of his appearances in films such as 10. The perfect woman, coupled with Bo Dereck, and Arthur, the golden bachelor, along with Liza Minnelli, died in his New Jersey home on 27 March 2002, at the age of 66.

Dudley Moore Death Cause

The artist died of pneumonia due to progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare brain condition identified in 1999.

Moore began to succumb to the disease’s effects in 1997, when he suffered a mild heart attack and his health began to deteriorate. Between the ages of 50 and 60, 20,000 persons in the United States suffer with progressive supranuclear palsy.

Dudley Moore Death Cause

Honours and awards of Dudley Moore

Moore received the Golden Globe for Best Actor in 1981 for his work in Arthur, for which he was also nominated for an Academy Award. Moore was awarded a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in November 2001. (CBE). Despite his declining health, he attended the 16 November ceremony at Buckingham Palace in a wheelchair to collect his honor. It was his final appearance in public.

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