How to cheat on respondus lockdown browser without getting caught

respondus lockdown browser

The last year brought many changes in our life. Some of them were not even heard or used religiously by us. But the covid-19 pandemic made those things the new norms. One of the new norms in online teaching and running through several platforms. With that comes online test and examination conducting platforms that will ensure your cheating-free exam. Respondus lockdown Browser is one of the popular among those.

With this new to set off of rules, we human beings found our way around. Human beings are the only creature to adjust according to their environment. Evolving it is in their blood. So that they introduced online learning and teaching platforms for students. one of the critical concerns of Universities and schools were that how would they conduct exams in such adverse surrounding. Universities thought to conduct online exams for the students because they could not come to University Campus for school campus to take exams.

But how do you make sure the students are not cheating? Hence Many e-exam conducting platforms came into the market. They ensured that if the activities of a student during an online test cheat free. They also made sure that the students are not using any messaging app, screen sharing app for taking a screenshot or using any other apps on the computer. These platforms make it very easy for universities and students to conduct and give examinations.

During an exam, the students are monitored closely through webcams and microphones attached to their devices. They cannot open another tab other than the examination tab. One of the popular examination conducting platforms is the respondus lockdown Browser.

Now washing hands and using sanitiser is like breathing. The market dynamics changed drastically. The online platforms started booming with leaps and bounds. We are seeing drastically rising graphs. It is like we shifted our world from offline to online from the last year, after the coronavirus breakout. Our usual lifestyle and daily routines changed drastically wearing masks gloves and PPT kit became so necessary that it’s in the mainstream fashion trend now. Businesses Industries factories and Agriculture everything suffered in the beginning due to the changing dynamics of the market.

The future of every country is the youth and the students. And they are the ones suffering the most. The coronavirus hampered their studies. The top schools, colleges, universities shut down. They postponed or cancelled all the examinations for tests. Semesters where too postponed or cancelled. This lead to increasing the course duration of a student. Their degrees that would have been in their hand was now buried in some uncertainty.

However, Such online platforms like the respondus lockdown browser came to the rescue for these students. The student could take their exams online easily and efficiently.

What is respondus lockdown Browser?

Currently, the respondus 4.0 is in the market. It is an online assessment tool that will help you to complete online examinations and tests efficiently. Its user interface is quite simple and easy to understand. The platform works with most of the top learning systems like Canvas, blackboard, Schoology, bright space, and moodle. If you are a university or a home tutor the respondus Lockdown Browser for sure will save your time and serve you with the hassle-free testing interface.

You can create and import your questions. You can set your examination paper in the tool itself. There are options of preview, print, publish, and submit any examination was top you can easily transfer tests from one online course to another online course or from one LMS to another.

There are options that you can get the examination papers submitted by the students offline. And assess them by yourself manually. Or the system also provides an inbuilt assessment tool. You can evaluate the submitted papers and display or publish the results on an individual learning platform.

How to download respondus lockdown browser?

Responders lockdown browser is available on Mac as well as Windows. You can download the respondus lockdown browser manually from their official website which is or you can download it from the link provided on your respective learning platforms like Blackboard or Canvas.

Step 1: Download LockDown Browser

To download it manually from the official website you have to go to the following URL: the X represent the unique ID that you must obtain from your institution. Every institution that tie-up with the respondus lockdown Browser receives a unique ID for their user login.

When you join in any online Learning Course on platforms like Blackboard, Canvas, Schoology bright space, and moodle they will ask you to download the respondus lockdown browser on your computer or laptop to attempt any test.

Step 2: Start the Browser

After you successfully download the tool a setup Wizard window will appear.

After accepting all the terms and conditions press agree so that the setup will be completed.

Step 3: Login to Course and Select your exam

One you start-up the LockDown Browser, the login page of your institution’s learning management system will automatically open. You can simply log in using your username and password. After that, navigate to the exam area.

Step 4: Start your Exam

Then go to your learning platform and click on the respective test for the quiz you want to attempt. It will direct you to another page that will check if you have downloaded the lockdown browser.

How does respondus lockdown browser work?

The browser is completely secure and cheat-proof. It keeps the integrity between the students and the authorities. It has a Great involvement and user-friendly interface for taking quizzes and tests for users.

The browser asks you for some permissions. They will ask you for permission to your camera and microphone. It is obvious for an exam setup the invigilator should be able to monitor our activities. A Cheating proof tool that helped students and teachers during the pandemic and it is keeping up with their service.

The browser will not let you open any other tab other than the examination page. You cannot minimize the window. You cannot connect more than one keyboard mouse and monitor to an individual system. The algorithm also checks for any screen-sharing applications. You cannot open any Messenger or any other app from your PC or laptop.

When you start the test the respondus lockdown Browser records the whole duration of your test time. Before that, they ask you to make a five-second demo video to understand your position. Moving too much from your position or looking away for too long will be marked as a Red flag by the application. If they find more than one voices around you or a voice that is not of the test taker they will mark it as a Red flag.

That’s why while taking a test on lockdown Browser they asked the students to sit in an isolated room with no noise and a good internet connection. Your mic and web camera should be in working condition and you should sit under proper lighting. They will not allow you to wear any dark glasses, hat, cap or any kind of scarf around your face that will cover any part of your face. The platform also asks the student not to get up from their seats. Also, you may not drink or eat anything during the exam and cannot keep any book, notes, study material, or cell phone with them during the time of the exam.

Why choose the lockdown browser and its key features

  • Lockdown browser provides a safe and cheat-proof testing environment. Test takers, will not be able to print, copy, or open any other tab. They cannot move to another website all search engine. Everything is locked until they submit the test papers for assessment.
  • Lockdown browser works with most of the learning platforms including the most popular ones like the blackboard, blackboard learns Ultra, bright space, Canvas, Moodle, and Schoology.
  • Not only the website prevents the students to switch between tabs but it also prevents them to open any application from their PC or laptop. They cannot use calculator or messaging apps or any PDF file, anything.
  • The users cannot print the page hence they cannot circulate the question paper among peers. They cannot copy-paste or share their screen. Moreover, students cannot take any screenshots.
  • The main reason behind creating a platform like the Lockdown browser is to maintain the integrity of online tests and quizzes. It gives full satisfaction to the teachers about The authenticity of the tests. They can easily check on any student’s activities during an exam. Hence taking exams online is now a new preference of teachers.
  • Respondus lockdown browser is available for Windows and Mac both.
  • This method of online examination showed the world that we can conduct exams online and save all the expenses of paper printing and thus saving more trees. Carrying out a conventional exam has more hassle than an online examination. In a physical setting, the invigilator cannot keep an eye on every student present in a classroom. But through lockdown browser, they can.
  • It is very easy for the students to set up this browser. They can do it by themselves easily. It has a user-friendly interface that will take you to your test just with few clicks.

Can anyone cheat on the lockdown browser?

There are many tips and tricks on the internet to cheat or bypass on lockdown browser. Most of them do not work and some are just part of a false claim. But yes every man-made thing has some flaws to it. Has it has some pros, and it also has some cons. Students have tried many ways to go around the website and cheat while using the respondus lockdown Browser. If you want to know what the methods are here are some ways that are very popular the first method is used by folks to cheat on the lockdown browser.

How to cheat on the respondus lockdown browser?

Method 1

The first method to cheat on the respondus lockdown browser is by using the Alt + tab, to Switch between Windows. You can alternatively press between the right and left alter button. In this way, you can browse the information you need to complete your test.

Method 2

In the second method, you can share your desktop screen with other desktops. You can do this with the help of desktops.exe. this particular tool helps you to connect for virtual desktops that can run four applications at the same time simultaneously. Desktop.exe does this by separating the windows instead of creating virtual images. This is a popular bypass of lockdown Browser.

Method 3

You can keep a bigger monitor behind your laptop which you should connect with the same keyboard and mouse that you are using for the test. You can switch between monitors to search for the answers.

Method 4

Every webcam has a blind zone. It means a place beyond the range of webcams surveillance. If you are skillful enough to keep your book for the phone in that blind zone you can use them easily. But remember one thing you cannot look away from the screen for a long time.

Method 5

Another method is to use a virtual machine with an edited registry making it look like a real machine. This will help you to run more than one operating system on one PC or laptop.

Method 6

The last method that is a simple but effective way of cheating is to turn off the internet connection for some time. When you turn off the Wi-Fi your PC will be offline. Hence the browser cannot access to your webcam or the microphone. Till the time you do not switch on the Wi-Fi your activities will not be recorded or monitored.

Can you get caught while cheating on lockdown browser?

There is a high possibility that you will get caught if you cheat during your online test for stop however we do not recommend eating or any ethical way of taking an exam. The tricks we mentioned above are just an example of popular tricks that are going around the students for staff it is always easy to prepare for exams than to prepare your cheats.

The browser monitors over your activities your physical and focal activities to if you are talking to any other person present in the room it will be considered as cheating. You cannot look away from anything other than the monitor. They also monitor your hand movements. So if you are moving your hands but they cannot properly see what you are doing they might consider it as cheating again.

They not only monitor your head movement but also your eye movements. So even if you keep your head at the position but move your eyes too much it will be a Red flag for you. They do it by checking the position of your eyes before you begin the test.

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Does Respondus LockDown Browser record you?

You will be allowed to use a webcam with the LockDown Browser that will monitor you during an online, non-proctored test. The webcam scan will ensure that your webcam and microphone are functioning correctly (the webcam functionality is often referred to as “Respondus Monitor.”).

Is there a way to cheat Respondus LockDown Browser?

Yes, There is read our complete guide.

Can LockDown browser detect phones?

Respondus LockDown Browser is a browser that locks students into the quiz environment during a quiz. It can’t detect if you use the phone separately and hidden from the browser

Does respondus track eye movement?

The Respondus Monitor is a solution for test proctoring and must be used in combination with the Lockout Browser Respondus. It detects the action of your eyes and flags your test automatically whenever your eyes wander and flagged by the program.

How do I know if LockDown browser is recording me?

A “Recording” button will appear on the top right of the device until the test starts. Don’t attempt to interrupt the test until you’re finished.

Do teachers watch respondus?

For each minute of captured footage, the Respondus Display shows thumbnails, so it is not important for teachers to view the whole film of each student.

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