Hayden And Kat Still Together? – Where Are Hayden And Kat Now?

Hayden And Kat Still Together - Where Are Hayden And Kat Now

Hayden and Kat met at a party for reality television stars. Kat Edorsson and her partner Hayden Moss were among the courageous competitors in the 27th season of ‘Survivor: One World’. Their chemistry and dedication to the competition won them a large following. To learn whether Hayden and Kat are still together, continue reading.

Who is Kat Edorsson

Who is Kat Edorsson?

Katrina Edorsson, or Kat as she prefers to be called, is well-known for her performance on Survivor’s television show. She has appeared in both seasons of Survivor: One World and Survivor: Blood vs. Water. In one universe, because she was “young and naive,” she was blindsided by her alliance when just seven participants remained. With her boyfriend, Hayden Moss, she returned to Survivor: Blood vs. Water. She finished fourteenth after being again stunned. She lost the duel on atonement island. She was the youngest participant in the One World competition.

Who is Hayden Moss?

Hayden Moss is a 1986-born reality television personality. He competed in both Big Brother and Survivor: Blood vs. Water, both of which he won. He finished sixth in the competition. He was a member of the alliance “The Brigade” in Big Brother. When he first joined Survivor, he was placed with the other new contestants on the Tadhana tribe. When given a choice to replace his Edorssen, he declined, claiming he had a better chance of winning.

Who is Hayden Moss

Are Hayden And Kat Still Together?

Although Kat and Hayden were deeply in love following the conclusion of the show, they are no longer together. In 2013, following the conclusion of the show, Kat spoke fondly of their connection with Entertainment Tonight, stating, “We’re incredible. He is my life partner, my best friend, and we are together.” However, fans were dismayed to learn that the couple had broken up in June of 2014. Although neither of them publicly acknowledged the end of their relationship, it is certain that they have since dated other individuals.

Kat gave love a second opportunity and discovered the love of her life in Alex Bogumil, a real estate agent. After two years of dating, the couple got engaged on December 25, 2021. Alex has three charming children from a previous relationship. Additionally, the couple owns a puppy named Jax. Kat is a professional mentor for aspiring female executives and the Vice President of AE Concepts, a company she joined as a Client Manager in 2017.

On the other hand, Hayden is in a relationship with Vanessa Jamiison, an excellent dancer and recording artist. Hayden launched the startup Digital Media Inc in 2013, however since 2017 he has worked as an Account Executive at 2Win!, an IT services and consulting firm. Thus, it appears that they have both moved on from their romantic connection and developed effectively in their different careers.

Hayden and Kat’s Survivor Journey

Katrina Edorsson AKA Kat began her ‘Survivor’ journey at the age of 22 on season 24 of the reality series ‘Survivor: One World,’ which premiered in 2012. The now-33-year-old native of Orlando, Florida was a young and impressionable contestant who lasted 33 days on the show before being eliminated. In 2010, Hayden Moss became a television sensation after winning season 12 of Big Brother’s reality television show. The 36-year-old was born in Springtown, Texas.

Hayden and Kat began dating just under a year prior to their 2013 appearance on ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ They met for the first time at a reality event after becoming acquainted through their separate reality television experiences. Due to their shared TV experiences, they related well to one another, and a close bond began to develop between them. Hayden and Kat rapidly fell in love despite their earlier obligations (schools and professions) requiring them to reside in different places.

Initially, Kat was intended to compete on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” alongside her cousin. When he, her sister, and her father were unable to attend the event, she was permitted to perform with Hayden. They were separated into teams as soon as they got to the competition on Palaui Island in the Philippines. The pair, who were inseparable despite being on the same island, had to remain apart.

Kat and Hayden had several tactical conflicts with their respective teammates throughout the course of the show. Kat was eliminated on day 17 of the show due to a difference in strategy about the Tribe Switch twist and the Redemption Island challenge. Hayden, in contrast, was eliminated on day 36. Since they’ve been absent from the show for so long, it’s only natural for viewers to ask if the couple is still together, and we’ve addressed that very question!

Hayden and Kat’s Survivor Journey

What is Survivor Blood VS. Water?

Survivor Blood Vs. Water is the show’s twenty-seventh season. Filming for the season began in June 2013. This program was shot in the Philippines. The season’s tribe names were Galang and Tadhana. Tyson Apostol was the only survivor, and he defeated Monica Culpepper and Gervase Peterson by a score of 7–1–0.

Are Hayden And Kat Still Together FAQ

1. What does Hayden Moss do?

Hayden Garrett Moss (born May 27, 1986) is a Mesa, Arizona-based reality television personality. He won the 12th season of the reality television show Big Brother. Afterwards, he competed on Survivor.

2. How long did Hayden date Kat?

the couple were together for 2 years approximetely.

3. What year was blood vs water?

Water is the twenty-seventh season of the American CBS reality competition series Survivor. The season was taped in May and June of 2013 and broadcast on September 18, 2013. It featured returning castaways and their families competing against one another.

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