Haikyuu Anime Season 5 Release Date: Plot, Trailer, And News For Anime Series

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Haikyuu is a sports anime that solely focus on volleyball. Since its initial release in 2014, it has created a buzz among its fanbase. Now fans are crazy to gain information about the release date of Haikyuu Anime Season 5.

If you read this article, I hope you also want to know when to release the next episode of Sanditon season 2. Just keep reading to the conclusion of this essay, and you will get all of your answers.

Season 5 Premiere Of Haikyuu Anime

Right now, there is no official confirmation about season 5 of Haikyuu. If it happens, then we will update our website.

Haikyuu Anime Season 5 Overview

Please read the basic information below before proceeding with this article. Maybe it will be helpful to you.

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Haikyuu Anime Season 5 Quick Info

Haikyuu Anime Season 5

What do we know about Haikyuu's manga
  • Season: Haikyuu Anime
  • No. of Seasons: Season 4
  • No. of Episode: 85 (season 1-4)
  • Writer: Taku Kishimoto
  • Director: Susumu Mitsunaka
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Sport
  • Cast: Ayumu Murase, Kaito Ishikawa, Yu Hayashi
  • Production: Mainichi Broadcasting
  • Producer(S): John Ledford
  • Music: Yuki Hayashi
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Origin Language: English, Japanese
  • Available Languages: English
  • Next Episode tobe Aired On: TBA
  • Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Available On: Netflix, Crunchyroll

When will Haikyuu Anime Season 5 Be Released?

Haikyuu has not made an official statement about the Season 5 release date. According to some sources, it will release in 2022. Jump Festa has officially announced that they will feature a dedicated talk show for the Haikyunn season 5.

Kaito Ishikawa and Ayumu Murase will host this show. We might hope to see a glimpse of Season 5 crucial moments. From Season 1 to Season 3, everything was in perfect order. But Season 4 came up with its first episodes in 2020 and the last in 2021.

After that, fans have been eagerly waiting for the good news. As soon we will have the information, we will update it in the article.

Haikyuu Anime Season 5 storyline: What would it be able to be About?

At the end of Season 3, Tobio Kageyama was invited to the National Youth Traning Camp. In the Spring Inter-High tournament, both Nekoma and Kotaro Bokuto are a colossal threat. Karasuno hadn’t had any victory against them in the Tokyo Training Camp.

While all of these were happening, Lev Haiba was improving himself at a crazy rate. Before the first OVA, the contestants were going for Nationals in Tokyo. Only the top three teams will be selected. Fukorodani Academy gets qualified for Nationals along with Itachiyama Institute and Nekoma High.

Who Will Be Part Of Haikyuu Season 5

In the end, Itachiyama institute beats Fukorodani Academy. Hinata was tagged with Kei Tsukishima to Shiratorizawa Academy to attend the camp without permission. Hinata becomes the ball boy. On the first day, he played his role nicely during the practice.

Hinata keeps on noticing the moves to understand what makes them different than he is. They were using a split step. Hinata tries using it too. Slowly he was implementing some well-thought-out movements. Kageyama shares some tips with Hinata.

After all the practice matches, they move to the final competition. Karasuno High wins the first match. Now we will move into the release of season 5 of Haikyuu.

What do we know about Haikyuu’s manga?

The name of the manga from which Haikyuu is adapted is, Haikyu. The creator of Haikyu is Haruchi Furudate. This manga was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump on 20th February, 2012. It gained massive popularity among a worldwide fan base in a short time.

The volume of Haikyu manga is 45. This manga has ended with chapter 402 in 2020. According to some information, 24 chapters will be divided into two parts. That means 12 chapters in each piece.

Haikyuu Season 5 Rating & Reviews


Haikyuu is the best volleyball anime available at the current time. On IMDB, the rating of Haikyuu is 8.8, which is excellent. The audience score for Haikyuu is 91%, and MyAnimeList’s average audience rating is 8.45. The age rating for Haikyuu is PG-13.


This is the second finest Sports anime series I’ve ever seen. I was thrilled to witness this. The anime was fantastic. I’m not a volleyball fan, so I initially refused to watch it, but a friend persisted, and here I am.

I’m looking forward to season 5. If you want advice, do not hesitate to begin watching it. I assure you, you will not be sorry.

Who Will Be Part Of Haikyuu Season 5?

Season 5 will see that most of the old cast members will be returning to season 4, and there are chances that we will see some new characters making their debut in season 5 of Haikyuu.

The projected cast of Haikyuu season 5 is listed below.

Characters NameVoiced By
Kaito IshikawaTobio Kageyama
Yu MiyazakiSachiro Hirugmai
Ayumu MuraseShoyo Hinata
Jun NazukaAran Ojiro
Yuu HayashiRyunoksuke Tanaka
Ryusei NakaoTanji Washijo
Nobuyuri SagaraHisashi Kinoshita
Hideaki KabumotoOsamu Miya

Where can you watch Haikyuu?

Netflix is the best option for watching Haikyuu Season 1 to Season 4. There are no alternative options left for watching the whole anime. We will update it in our article if we receive news about other streaming platforms hosting Haikyuu.

Is There Any News Of the Haikyuu Of Season 5 Trailer?

There is currently no trailer for Haikyuu season 5 available. But be sure to keep checking back on our page since we will continue to update you on any new information surrounding the upcoming Haikyuu.

However, you will view it on our page if it is available. You can watch the Haikyuu Season 4 trailer while waiting for the season 5 trailer to arrive.


We have discussed the possible release time. We have also added the previous season’s plot and the streaming platform where you can watch Haikyuu. There is no official release date for Haikyuu, but according to some leaked sources, it will be released in 2022.

As soon as we get the information, we will update this article. Bookmark our page for more news.

Frequently Ask Questions About Haikyuu Anime Season 5

1. Is there a Haikyuu Anime season 5 trailer?

Haikyuu Anime Season 5’s trailer has not yet been published.

2. Is Haikyuu season 5 is coming?

There are currently no official announcements on the continuation of Haikyuu Season 5.

3. Where can I watch Haikyuu?

You can watch Haikyuu On Netflix.

4. How many seasons of Haikyuu are there?

Haikyuu has thus far only had four seasons.

4. When was the original release date of Haikyuu?

Haikyuu was launched for the first time on 6 April 2014.

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