Netflix Announce Chris Hemsworth “EXTRACTION 2” – Release Date, Cast, Plot

Extraction 2

We are all familiar with Chris Hemsworth as Thor, the thunder god and keeper of Mjolnir in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, the megastar has his developing series to fall back on if Marvel ever decides to stop creating movies. Extraction debuted on television in 2020 thanks to the streaming site Netflix; a follow-up to the suspense thriller is already in the works.

If you simply cannot wait to watch Tyler Rake in action once more, we have gathered all the details regarding a probable Extraction 2 release date, what could occur in the action-packed follow-up, and who will appear in the forthcoming Chris Hemsworth film.

Premiere Of Extraction 2

Netflix made the announcement in April 2022 that the Chris Hemsworth Extraction movie will be continuing. However, they did not reveal when the album will be available. Please study this article in its whole if you wish to acquire further knowledge on Extraction 2.

Extraction 2 Overview

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Extraction 2 Quick Info

“Extraction 2”

Extraction 2.3
  • Movie: Extraction 2
  • Total No Of Episode: 24 (Season 1)
  • Status: Part 2 (Upcoming)
  • Director: Sam Hargrave
  • Writer: Joe Russo
  • Producers: Benjamin Grayson
  • Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, Justin Howell
  • Production: Netflix, AGBO
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • Part 1 Release Date: April 24, 2022
  • Runtime: 1h 57m
  • Part 2 Release Date: 2022
  • Runtime: 2h 10m
  • Available On: Netflix

The Storyline Of “Extraction 2”

Tyler Rake has returned, and his crew is prepared to embark on their next task after narrowly escaping his severe injuries from his assignment in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Tyler is tasked with saving a family being held captive by a Georgian criminal by infiltrating one of the deadliest prisons in the world. However, when things get heated during the extraction and the gangster perishes in the fray, his equally brutal brother pursues Rake & his gang to Sydney to exact revenge.

What Can We Expect From Extraction 2?

When we all finished watching Extraction, we were all left with so many unanswered questions and heartbroken. I am a fan of Extraction movies and Chris Hemsworth. I find it hard to digest that Tyler Rake(Chris Hemsworth) died at the end of the film but guess what? Hero can’t die, at least in a movie. Yes, our beloved Tyler Rake is coming back with his new mission. Nonetheless, Extraction 2 will focus on a new task for Rake, but fans still expect to see some of the unanswered questions left in the “Extraction,” that is, did he show up in front of Ovi at the end of the movie? and what happened to his family? Enthusiasts of this movie series expect to discover all these unanswered questions in “Extraction 2”.

Release Date Of Extraction 2

Extraction 2.1

Extraction 2 is scheduled to be released on Netflix in 2022, although as of right now, no specific date has been announced. Although the first film was released in April 2020, we believe Netflix is holding back Extraction 2 for a major summer release this year.

The Star Cast Of Extraction 2

Ex SASR specialist now black ops mercenary Tyler Rake is played by Chris Hemsworth. Golshifteh Farahani plays Tyler’s sidekick and mercenary Nik Khan. Tinatin Dalaksihvili portrays Ketevan, Yaz by Adam Bessa, Gio by Justin Howell, Mariam Radiani by Tako Tabatadze, and David by Tornike Bziava. Kutaisi Staff is portrayed by Sinead Phelps, Seb by Patrick Newall, and Ruthie by Rayna Campbell.

What Will Happen In Extraction (Extraction Recap)

A black market mercenary is rescuing the abducted son of a jailed international criminal lord with nothing to lose. But in the shadowy world of drug and weapon smugglers, an already lethal task is becoming unachievable.

Extraction Movie Rating & Review


The first part of the movie Extraction was met with high praise from critics, who praised the show’s story, action, and characters. In rotten tomatoes, this show got a 70% average audience rating, while on IMDB, the program has a good rating of 6.7/10. The 2nd part of the film is set to premiere on Netflix in 2023.


Getting a brand new movie delivered to our doorstep via Netflix was like a breath of fresh air in a world devoid of recent releases. Chris Hemsworth fit flawlessly into this part. He can get his point through by his acts rather than words. The movie also starts with a scene from the very end. However, it fails to deliver due to an absence of mystery. One of the few bad decisions in an otherwise excellent picture. If you’re looking for a movie to watch, this is one I endorse.

Readers Rating

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Where Can You Watch Extraction?

Extraction is Netflix’s most-watched film ever. And it became one of the most popular movies in just one weekend! Yes, you are reading right in just one weekend. Can you imagine how much craze fans have for “Extraction” movie? If you haven’t watched the movie yet. Watch it! Don’t miss this masterpiece! You can watch “Extraction” only on Netflix, as it is Netflix’s exclusive offering.

Production Status Of Extraction 2

The start of Extraction 2’s filming was initially slated for Sydney, Australia; however, due to Covid restrictions, creators changed the location to Prague, Czech Republic.

On his Instagram page, Chris Hemsworth added his confirmation that production would start at the end of November 2021. Extraction has finished filming as of March 19th, 2022, and is currently in post-production.

Extraction 2 Trailer Update

Chris Hemsworth’s fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his anticipated action sequel, Extraction 2. In April 2022, the first official trailer for the film was released and it is sure to excite fans even more. The film follows Hemsworth’s character as he works to extract valuable artifacts from a dangerous location.

The Conclusion:

Extraction fans, how excited you are to watch your loved Tyler Rake on the screen again. We fans, we waited freaking two years for Extraction 2. And finally, our wait is over. Extraction 2 is coming soon; though no exact date has not yet been disclosed, it will surely get released by this year only.

Frequently Ask Question About Extraction 2?

1. When is Extraction 2 coming out?

No announcement about this yet, but surely it will come out in 2022.

2. Where can I watch Extraction 2?

You will be able to watch it on Netflix.

3. Is Extraction flop or hit?

Extraction is super hit. 

4. Is Extraction based on a real story?

Extraction’s story is largely plausible and could have happened, but the movie is entirely fictitious and not based on real events. But, according to Metro UK, it was based on a comic book by Ande Parks called Ciudad.

5. Is Tyler Rake a mercenary?

Yes, he is a black market mercenary. 

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