Elden Ring Deathroot Locations and how to Use them Elden Ring Deathroot

Elden Ring Deathroot Locations and how to Use them Elden Ring Deathroot

Elden Ring contains a plethora of things that players may obtain by farming, looting, and boss defeating. However, due to the rarity and value of some of these goods, they do not provide much information or point you in the right direction.

Deathroot is a unique item in Elden Ring that may be exchanged for a variety of other goods. The game features a variety of unique objects that may be acquired via trade. Players are curious about the location of the Deathroot Elden Ring. Continue reading to learn more about the game and Where To Find Deathroot Elden Ring.

What is Deathroot for in Elden Ring?

Deathroot is a sort of currency that can be exchanged with the Beast Clergyman Gurranq in exchange for unique Bestial Incantations, among other things.

The first Deathroot you surrender earns you a seal that increases the effectiveness of Bestial Incantation and an eyeball that alerts you when you’re close to a Deathroot (which you don’t really need).

Following that, the following is what you’ll receive with each succeeding Deathroot:

  • Incantation of the Bestial Sling (throws rocks)
  • Incantation of Bestial Vitality (regenerates health)
  • Roar of the Beast Ash of War
  • Incantation of Beastial Hail
Where To Find Deathroot Elden Ring?

Where To Find Deathroot Elden Ring?

Elden Ring contains a large number of things, making it difficult to keep track of them all. Deathroot is a one-of-a-kind item in the game. Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman, sells Deathroot as a rare item. Deathroot can be exchanged for a variety of different goods. Deathroot can be obtained in a variety of locations.

Deathroot Location And Rewards

Deathroot can be found in the following areas within Elden Ring:

1Inside a chest behind the Black Knife Assassin in the Deathtouched Catacombs.
2Inside a chest behind the Cemetery Shade in the Black Knife Catacombs.
3Obtained when defeating the Tibia Mariner Field Boss at Summonwater Village.
4Obtained when defeating the Tibia Mariner at Wyndham Ruins
5Defeating the Tibia Mariner at Liurnia of the Lakes
6When defeating the Tibia Mariner on a ledge between Castle Sol Main Gate and Snow Valley Ruins Overlook.
7Found inside a chest behind the Red Wolf of the Champion at Gelmir Hero’s Grave
8Found inside a chest after defeating the Stray Mimic Tear in the secret catacombs underneath the Hidden Path to the Haligtree.
9Found inside the chest after defeating the Ulcerated Tree Sprit boss inside the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs.

The following are the rewards for Deathroot: 

1Clawmark Seal (Faith Catalyst) and Beast Eye (Key Item)
2Bestial Sling (Incantation)
3Bestial Vitality (Incantation)
4Beast’s Roar (Ash of War) and a boss fight
5Beast Claw (Incantation)
6Stone of Gurranq (Incantation)

How to use Elden Ring Deathroot

After obtaining a Deathroot, return to the Roundtable Hold and speak with D, Hunter of the Dead, the armoured figure seated at the table (if he is not present, try the cemetery west of Summonwater Village). He’s quite reclusive, but if you have a Deathroot, he’ll mark a location in East Limgrave on your map as a portal to a friend.

This portal will transport you to Gurranq, Beast Clergyman, in the Bestial Sanctum at Dragonbarrow’s northernmost tip. Despite his frightening appearance, Gurranq is just interested in your Deathroots (for the time being) and will reward you for bringing them to him. These rewards are predominantly faith-based, as Gurranq specializes in a particular type of animal magic. Do not be concerned about preserving your Deathroots; they can literally be utilized for no other purpose but this one.

Elden Ring Deathroot locations

The most efficient method of obtaining Deathroot is to take on and defeat the Tibia Mariner bosses. They can be found in a variety of locales, but the first one you’re likely to see is near Summonwater Village in East Limgrave’s northeast portion. He can also be seen in Wyndham Ruins on Mt. Gelmir and near Liurnia of the Lakes’ Carian Study Hall.

Apart from boss drops, Deathroot can be found within a chest in Limgrave’s Deathtouched Catacombs after defeating the Black Knife Assassin monster.

How to use Elden Ring Deathroot

Where to use Deathroot in Elden Ring

Once Roundtable Hold is unlocked, speak with D, the Hunter of the Dead, who will inform you about Summonwater Village. After researching and fighting the Tibia Mariner and obtaining the Deathroot item, you can speak with D again. He’ll inform you about Gurranq, Beast Clergyman, an NPC found in Dragonbarrow’s Bestial Sanctum. There is a portal leading directly there, which he marks for you.

Gurranq will exchange goods for the Deathroot. The following is what he offers you for each deathroot in the sequence in which he gives them:

  • One deathroot: Clawmark Seal (weapon)
  • Two deathroot: Bestial Sling (incantation)
  • Three deathroot: Bestial Vitality (incantation)
  • Four deathroot: Beast’s Roar (Ash of War)
  • Five deathroot: Beast Claw (incantation)

Bear in mind that after delivering the fourth Deathroot, Gurranq will become hostile. You must assault him in order to reduce his health to a particular level before he reverts.

How do you get to the Bestial Sanctum in Elden Ring?

The Bestial Sanctum is located in northern Caelid, and reaching it early on. The quickest route there is via teleporter in eastern Limgrave, north of the Third Church of Marika (shown below).

You’ll emerge just behind a formidable field boss, yet it will remain unaware of your presence. Ignore it unless you’re looking for a significant challenge, then open the door and enter.

If you’re more interested in sorcery than incantations, check out our recommendations for the best spells in Elden Ring and a nice staff or two to assist you.

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