Is Will Smith’s death in I Am Legend the latest hot topic? A sequel to the 2007 box office smash is in development. Will Smith reprise his role alongside Michael B. Jordan, who debuted his film?

Akiva Goldsman, the Academy Award-winning writer who adapted Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel of the same name for the 2007 film, is back to continue the sci-fi narrative on this one as well.

I Am Legend will get a sequel 15 years after the first film starring Will Smith. ACCORDING TO DEADLINE, Michael B. Jordan is expected to join Will Smith in the casting.

Twitter erupted in response to the announcement, with users debating the potential of a sequel. According to fans, the film’s finale precludes a sequel, even with Smith returning his role. However, fans have proposed explanations that could justify a sequel.

How did I Am Legend end

How did I Am Legend end?

I Am Legend is set in a post-apocalyptic universe where Neville is the last man on Earth following a zombie invasion. Neville is immune to infection and is attempting to discover a cure by using his antibodies and testing on infected human victims he has locked up in his lab.

On the verge of insanity, with no one to talk to and just his dog for company, Neville attempted to revitalize humanity and put a stop to his loneliness. He continues to fail, and the situation worsens when his dog is bitten and must be euthanized by zombie hounds. Without his partner, Neville feels he has nothing to live for and embarks on a kamikaze mission to take as many creatures with him as possible before he perishes. When he is rescued and taken to a survivor colony by another survivor and her son.

Anna’s arrival provides a glimmer of hope for atonement, but not entirely. They precipitated a massive zombie confrontation. Neville gave Anna his latest antidote, which appeared to be working, and then sacrificed himself to let Anna flee.

Did Will Smith die in ‘I Am Legend?

Fans who have read the novel know that the novel’s true ending is never adapted for the screen.

Will Smith’s character, Robert Neville, dies in the film.

He extracts blood from the Darkseeker subject and offers it to Anna and her kid, instructing them to seek sanctuary in a coal chute. According to legend, the blood contains the cure.

After dismissing Anna, he becomes willing to bring the hero’s sacrifice after ensuring that the healing is not lost for good. After one final glimpse at Zoe and Marley’s photographs, our heroine charges headlong into the Darkseekers’ swarm, grenade in hand.

Fans are still outraged that he dies a horrific death at the film’s conclusion.

I Am Legend 2 Will Need to Change The Narrative to See Will Smith Return

I Am Legend’s original theatrical release saw Will Smith’s character commit suicide with a grenade to halt the vampires and save the plague cure. Matheson’s original novel and an alternate ending published in 2008 with the two-disc special edition DVD both depicted Neville surviving the film’s conclusion and reuniting with other characters as they set out in search of fellow survivors with hope. We don’t know if this has anything to do with the new film, but it seems unlikely that the previous ending will hold up in light of Smith’s involvement with the film.

Other films have retconned their own endings over the years. More lately, we’ve seen a number of sequels that exclude entire franchises to retell a story from the beginning, such as Halloween. When Ash Vs. Evil Dead was released, it had to determine which of its alternate endings from Evil Dead: Army of Darkness to continue with. It is certainly possible that the film may revisit the film’s ending or find a new way to play it, but either way, it will be an exciting proposition for the future. There is currently no filming schedule for the movie, which means it will likely be another year or two before I Am Legend 2 hits theatres.

What Is The First Movie I Am Legend About?

I Am Legend 2 should pick up where the first film left off. He is one of the last humans on Earth as Robert Neville (Will Smith). Due to the fact that a virus has wiped out 99 percent of the world’s population. However, some of those who survive to evolve into cannibal vampires who despise the sun, dubbed “Darkseekers.” While attempting to maintain his sanity, Neville looks for a cure for the infection.


The film concludes with a putative remedy capable of reviving the few survivors. As such, it should be the point at which I am legend 2 begins. However, whether Robert Neville (Will Smith) survived the grenade is the most critical question.

Did Will Smith die in ‘I Am Legend

I Am Legend 2 Can Make Will Smith A Darkseeker Prisoner

Additionally, I Am Legend 2 could reveal that Will Smith did not die in the spectacular original ending of I Am Legend and has become a prisoner of the Darkseekers. This would be a significant retcon to the original ending, but the fact that I Am Legend does not display his body makes it a possibility. According to this, I Am Legend 2 theory, Will Smith’s character survives the explosion and is taken prisoner by the vampire-like mutants in order to atone for everything he has done to them previously.

This would allow for the inclusion of elements of the alternate I Am Legend ending in the sequel without making it canon. Neville may discover how intelligent the Darkseekers are during his imprisonment and come to terms with the harm he has caused this community in the past.

This idea may also allow the sequel to adapt a section of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend novel that was not included in the original. Neville is kidnapped in the story by a group of more humanoid and clever mutants. He is imprisoned at the conclusion of the story after being shot by one of them. Although most of society wishes to see him executed for his crimes against the community, Neville has previously befriended one of their leaders.

To evade execution, his transformed love interest provides him with suicide pills. While this exact story is not required for I Am Legend 2, the sequel might depict Neville as a prisoner of the Darkseekers. It’s even possible that the rumor of his survival has spread throughout the country, prompting Michael B. Jordan’s character to embark on a rescue mission to save Neville. While excluding Will Smith from the action may not be ideal for some, it provides an excellent opportunity for I Am Legend 2 to examine the Darkseekers’ new culture through Neville’s perspective.

What is the alternate ending?

The film’s original ending precludes the possibility of a sequel.

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