Dancing with Myself Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

Dancing with Myself Season 2 Release date

Dance reality shows aren’t new, but they amuse us when we can relate to the contestant when these contestants do not feel different from us. When our favorite contestant dances on stage and makes a great move, we can feel our heart beating faster as if we are dancing on the scene, not them.

And “Dancing With Myself” has not failed to give us this remarkable feeling. As the “Dancing With Myself” season 1 knocks its end, fans are hoping for a follow-up season. We have added all the details about “Dancing With Myself” season 2 that you must know.

Season 2 Premiere Of Dancing with Myself

Right now there is no official confirmation about season 2 of Why Her. If it happens then we will update on our website.

Dancing with Myself Season 2 Overview

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Dancing With Myself Season 2 Quick Info

Dancing With Myself Season 2

Dancing with Myself Season 2.1
  • Season: Dancing With Myself
  • No. of Seasons: 1 (Running)
  • Total Episode: 8
  • Writer: Liza Koshy
  • Genre: Family, Reality-TV
  • Production: Irwin Entertainment
  • Producer(S): Kelley Parker
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • First Episode Aired: May 31, 2022 (S01 Ep01)
  • Next Season Release Date: 2023
  • Available On: NBC

What Is The Storyline Of Dancing with Myself

The new NBC series Dancing With Myself is a dancing reality show. The show follows the plot where the show judges will give the contestants exciting new challenges where all the dancers will perform all the dancing challenges provided by the judges and compete with each other to win the prize amount of the series Dancing With Myself.

The series will have 12 contestants performing to win the prize money of $25,000, and the show will have six rounds; the audience of the series will be voting Live, and the winner will be given the title of Ultimate Pod Star and will be one step closer to the finale.

Dancing with Myself Season 2 Spoiler

Despite the fact that the 2nd Season of Dancing with Myself has not been officially announced. As a result, it is no longer necessary to assume the spoiler at this time. Please stay in touch with us because as soon as we receive any new information on this subject, we will post it here.

Dancing with Myself Season 2.2

What We Can Expect From Dancing with Myself Season 2

Although there is no news about “Dancing with Myself” season 2, as the show is growing in popularity worldwide, it will surely return for another season. The next season may develop to become more of a season-long structure.

And the tasks will be even more inventive than what we witnessed this time. The new season might introduce new rules and functions which will surely stick us to the screen.

Dancing with Myself: What would it be able to be About?

Shakira, Nick Jonas, & Liza Koshy serve as the TV competition Dancing with Myself judges. Hosts Camille Kostek. Each episode follows teams of citizens as they participate in a series of exhilarating dance challenges that the celebrity judges & their guests designed especially for the program.

Contestants learn the new routines alone in their pods for a brief period before adding their special touches and performing them in front of a live studio audience. The experts on the jury offer comments as each round of the tournament moves forward.

They select the contestants they think would do best to proceed, along with the studio audience members. The studio audience ultimately chooses the top dancer of the evening, who is then given a monetary prize.

Dancing with Myself Season 2 Popularity

The 1st season of Dancing with Myself is trending, and the audience who have watched season 1 have given positive responses. Many viewers have given reviews on this new season and have enjoyed watching all the episodes of Dancing with Myself season 1. Due to the Popularity of season 1, the series is renewed for another season.

What Is The Renewal Status Of Dancing with Myself Season 2?

The renewal status of Dancing with Myself season 2 has yet to be announced by NBC. However, there are speculations that the show may not be renewed for a 2nd season. There are several factors that could lead to the show’s cancellation such as declining ratings, creative differences with producers and cast, and backlash from offended fans.

Dancing with Myself Season 2 Possible Release Date

One of the most-watched reality television programs is “Dancing With Myself,” which debuted on May 31, 2022. This show gained enormous popularity during the first few episodes of its release, and it will have its second season.

The fans are enthusiastic about this “Dancing With Myself ” season and are waiting to find out when it will be released. Well, it’s anticipated that Season 2 of Dancing With Myself will air in 2023. These are only speculative, though. Therefore, we will have to await the official announcement of the release date for Dancing With Myself Season 2.

Dancing with Myself Season 2 Cast And Crew

The reality Dancing With Myself judges is Shakira, a Colombian singer Liza Koshy, an American actress. Camille Kostek, a famous American model and the fourth judge of Dancing With Myself, is Camille Kostek hosts Nick Jonas, a popular American singer-songwriter, and the series. And apart from these four judges, there will be 12 contestants participating in the reality show Dancing With Myself.

Dancing with Myself Season 2 Rating And Review


Every One judge a show about their rating. The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s chances of staying on the air. The higher the ratings, the better the chances of survival. On IMDb, the program has a good rating of 3.0/10, while on Rottentomatoes, the show has a 50% average audience rating.


In spite of the fact that I’m a huge fan of Nick Jonas and Shakira, this new reality show just doesn’t measure up to the JLo show’s production and direction. This series featured a distinct competition-based theme that was better suited to these kinds of shows.

Readers Rating

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Reader Rating2 Votes

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Dancing with Myself Season 2?

Everyone knows that Dancing with Myself is a tv series. We see that the shows have only 8 episodes in the last season. The rumor has gone viral that Dancing with Myself Season 2 is coming soon. If the maker releases Dancing with Myself Season 2, then it might have 8 episodes.

Is Dancing with Myself Worth Watching?

The audience judges the series based on how much rating it has received and what reviews people have given to the series, and then they start watching the series.

So if you want to watch Dancing with Myself, then don’t think twice and start watching the series, as the series has received many positive reviews and high ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes.

Where can you watch “Dancing With Myself”?

The complicated idea of “Dancing with Myself,” which makes its broadcast premiere, promises to be the newest representation of competitive dance events. The contestants on the show aim to replicate the dance moves used in each task that renowned judges and special guests designed. You can currently view “Dancing with Myself” on fuboTV, Hulu, and DIRECTV, or for free with advertisements on Peacock and Peacock Premium.

Dancing with Myself Season 2 Trailer Update

The trailer for Season 2 of Dancing with Myself has not yet been published. Following the announcement of the 2nd season of the television series Dancing with Myself, it is possible that it could be released shortly. Meanwhile, you may take pleasure in the season 1 trailer while you wait for the season 2 trailer to arrive.


The reality show Dancing with Myself is very popular and has a huge fanbase. Last seasons of Dancing with Myself have been successful, and viewers are always excited to know when the next season of Dancing with Myself will arrive.

And after finishing the last season of Dancing with Myself now, viewers are curious to know when the next season will arrive. And as the production company has not revealed the release date of Dancing with Myself season 2, keep yourself updated with our website Amazfeed to know about the upcoming updates of Dancing with Myself season 2.

Frequently Ask Question About Dancing with Myself Season 2?

1. Will there be a Dancing with Myself Season 2?

Right now there is no confirmation about Dancing with Myself Season 2.

2. How many episodes will Dancing With Myself Season 1 have?

The first season of Dancing With Myself will have eight episodes.

3. Where can I watch Dancing With Myself?

You can watch the latest series Dancing With Myself, live on the NBC channel, and the series is also available on Hulu and FuboTV.

4. Is Dancing With Myself Season 1 scripted?

The Dancing With Myself season 1 is not completely scripted.

5. When is "Dancing With Myself" season 2 coming out?

There is no announcement about its second season.

6. How many seasons does "Dancing With Myself " have?

It will have two seasons. 

7. Is Shakira in "Dancing With Myself"?

Yes, Shakira is one of the judges. 

8. Who is the producer of Dancing With Myself?

Keith Forsey is the producer.  

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