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Coin Master Coin Master Free Spin Link

CoinMaster is a game about finding an acceptable embodiment of its name. The gamer’s goal is to collect as many coins as possible over the course of the game. Do you want to know where you can receive free Coins and Spins on Coin Master?

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What is Coin Master and how does it work?

Israeli studio Moon Active’s Coin Master is a casual, single-player, free mobile game. It has been downloaded over 100 million times. Coin Master is the highest-grossing mobile game in Germany and the United Kingdom.

The goal of Coin Master is to win coins in order to improve goods and develop settlements. Coin Master is found in the app stores under the ‘Adventure Game’ genre. However, it employs gambling elements.

Users must spin to win coins in order to create their own gaming towns or assault the villages of other players. Coin Master blends a basic-building strategy game with the chaotic excitement of action of a slots machine.

Free Spins Can Be Obtained In Different Ways 😲

Coin Master is a fantastic game to play. You will, however, require cash to construct your community. You may obtain your coin master free spin in one of three different ways.

These are the methods:

  • Invite your Facebook friends to the party: Coin Master may be found on the social media platform Facebook. You may start by inviting your Facebook friends to join you in your endeavor to create your empire. The more the number of individuals you request, the greater the number of coins you may earn.
  • Give each other gifts: When you have invited all of your Facebook friends, you have the option of asking a friend to send you money in exchange for your invitation. It will make it much easier for you to expand your empire.
  • Please take a moment to consider this: You may sit back and wait for the money to be created organically. You may also look at other coin master spin Links to ensure that you keep one step ahead of the competition.

Instructions To Play Coin Master 🤓

  • The game is very easy to spin the Slots machine to perform an action. You can earn Coins by attacking other players’ villages, raiding player stashes, or obtaining shields that limit the impact of other players’ attacks. Then, with the Coin you’ve earned, you can build and improve your base’s structures. 🤩
  • The number of attempts per hour is restricted to seven, although more attempts and things can be purchased in chests. Coin Master also gives out free spins by following links on their social media channels and signing up for their email newsletter. There are also various websites that aggregate these links, making it simple for you to earn all of the free gift prizes.
  • Coin Master is one of the most straightforward games out there, so you should have no trouble picking up the mechanics and getting started right away. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve your Coin Master experience and maximize your gameplay. 😊

Continue reading for a thorough Coin Master guide, including some tips and tactics for accelerating your base development and keeping your Coin stockpile safe from other players.

shield coin master

Need More Info Check Out: Complete Guide On Coin Master Game

The Requirements

Coin Master begins with a quick tutorial that launches you to the fundamental principles before allowing you to begin playing anyway you see fit. It’s certainly plenty to get started, but we’ll go over some of the concepts that the tutorial doesn’t cover here.

Everything in Coin Master centers on the acquisition and expenditure of Coin. Aside from paying real money, there are three major ways to gain Coin in Coin Master: 1) winning Coin from the Slots Machine; 2) assaulting other players’ bases, and 3) raiding other players’ bases. To carry out one of these acts, you must first spin the Slots Machine.

The Slots Machine

The Slots Machine is the focal point of the game, and it is here that you will spend most of your time playing.
Accessing the Slots Machine may be accomplished by either accessing the in-game menu and choosing It may also be accessed by swiping down from the Village view.

You’ll find your current number of available Spins directly beneath the Slots Machine.

This number decreases by one with each rotation of the machine.
In the event that you run out of free spins, you will either have to wait for them to regenerate, or go to our page to learn more receive additional free spins.

A four-reel slot machine with four distinct symbols is available in Coin Master.

The action is carried out instantly if you manage to obtain four of the identical symbols in a row.
This game’s four symbols are represented by a bag of coins, a hammer, a piggy bandit, a shield, and a spin capsule.

Symbol and Prize

Energy Capsule10 free spins
Bag of CoinMore coins
Pig BanditRaid current Coin Master
HammerRaid random village (get coins by attacking someone else’s village)
ShieldProtection for your village (lose less coins during an attack)

The Bag of Coin

The Bag of Coin coin master

It is as implied by its name that the Bag of Coin will provide you with Coin. In contrast to the other photos, you do not need to collect a complete row of them to qualify for the reward. Every Bag of Coin you receive as a result of a Spin provides a modest reward, but receiving a whole row of them provides a larger payment than receiving four individual Bags of Coin would.

The Pig Bandit

The Pig Bandit is a cartoon character depicted as a grinning pig wearing a bandit mask. The moment you acquire four of them in a row, you are taken into a Raid instantly.

The Pig Bandit coin master

In contrast to Attacks, you are unable to select the target of your Raid. The name and photo of your Coin Master, a person who has been assigned as your Raid target, are displayed above the Slots Machine. The Coin Master’s Village is where you’ll be transported when a Raid commences.

Instead of attacking one of their structures, you’ll be handed three Shovels to use in order to dig holes in the ground. There are numerous spots in the Village where you can dig for treasure (all of them are marked with big Xs).

Choose three holes to dig; some of them will contain a considerable quantity of Coin, so choose wisely. When this Coin is used, it is taken directly from the victim’s current Coin hoard, and it is an excellent method to get on someone’s nerves.

The Hammer

When you get a full row of Hammers (the artwork suggests that this is Thor’s Hammer), you will launch an attack on another player’s base. In the event that you have linked your Facebook account to Coin Master, you can select a buddy to attack; otherwise, the game will select a random participant.

The Hammer

The player’s Village will show on your screen, and you will be prompted to select which of their buildings you wish to attack. You have three choices. Attacking building results in a Coin reward as well as a reduction in the star level of the building that was attacked.

The Shield

When an enemy attacks your base, the Shield is utilized to protect it. You can have up to three Shields active at the same time, which means you are protected against three different attacks. When an enemy attacks one of your buildings while you have a Shield equipped, your structure will be protected and will not lose its Star rating as a result.

shield coin master

It is the same rules that apply when you are attacking a player who has a Shield on him. You will still receive 50,000 Coins (which is far less than you would have received otherwise), but the player’s building will not be damaged and will not have its Star rating reduced. Note that the Shield will not protect you against Raids, which is critical information to know.


The ability to place Bets is available if you have amassed a substantial number of Spins. With each spin of the Slots Machine, you increase numerous Spins, but you also increase your chances of winning a substantial sum. The rewards you receive from slots Machine spins are multiplied by the number of bets you place.

Village Building

In Coin Master, villages function as the equivalent of levels. Each level consists of five buildings that you must put up to complete the level. You must upgrade all of the buildings in your current Village to a 5-star rating in order to complete it and go on to the next Village.

Village Building Coin Master

The cost of upgrading buildings is Coin, and upgrades get more costly the farther you advance in the game, so be prepared for a long period of time spent grinding. They do not have any unique effects or functions, and their sole purpose is to serve as buildings to indicate your progress toward the next Village.

As of right now, there are 314 Villages to build in Coin Master, each having its own distinct theme that you may learn about through playing the game.


It is possible to retaliate against a player who has attacked your Village using the Revenge mechanism. If another player has successfully attacked your base, you have the chance to retaliate by attacking their base as well.

Revenge Coin Master

Simply said, take a spin on the slots machine. The game will send you to the Attack screen and transition you to a random Village if you acquire a full row of Hammers in a row. Look at the top of your screen; there should be a Revenge option there somewhere on the screen.

Selecting this option will bring up a list of all the players who have recently attacked you, which you can then choose from. Then you will be transported to the person’s Village, where you will be able to express yourself.


Cards are acquired by opening Chests, which are purchased with Coins and contain a variety of goodies. There are various themed Card Collections to choose from, and each Collection has nine individual Cards to play with. Get all nine Cards in a Collection, and you’ll receive benefits like free spins, a large infusion of coins, and even Pets if you’re lucky enough.

Cards Coin Master

There are three different types of Chests that you may acquire; the more costly the Chest, the greater the number of Cards that will be found inside. Because of this, the grade of Cards you may obtain from a Chest is determined on your current Village Level.

In addition, as you go through the Village levels, you will have a greater possibility of receiving unique Gold Cards from the chests you open. Gold Cards are essentially more valuable copies of other cards, and their Collections provide far greater prizes when they are completed.

The Card Trading mechanism in Coin Master is one of the most interesting elements in the game. Joining Coin Master forums and groups is a fantastic idea since you may send up to 5 Cards to your pals every day. Many of them have specialized Card Trading areas where you may make agreements with other Coin Master players and trading cards.


Chests may be purchased from the in-game shop for Coins, as previously mentioned in the Cards section. All Chests have the potential to provide you with cards of up to 5-star quality. However, the more costly Chests have a larger chance of delivering higher-quality cards. Higher-level Chests also have a lower chance of dropping low-level cards than lower-level Chests, so if you’re hunting for a specific 1-, 2-, or 3-star card to complete a Card Collection, you’ll want to spend Coins on lower level Chests.

Chests Coin Master

Besides Pet Snacks, you may receive Pet XP and extra Spins by opening chests. Due to the fact that they are added to your inventory on top of the cards you receive, they have no effect on the likelihood of receiving a Card.

Card Drop Odds by Chest

According to which chest you open, you have a better chance of getting a card that is of a particular rarity. For example, the Mystery, Ruby, and Valentine’s Chests are the only ones that have a possibility of dropping a Joker Card; the other chests do not.

Starting with Village 3, the Wooden, Golden, and Magical Chests are all available for purchase. The Small Lucky Chest can be found in Village 4, the Small Easter Chest can be found in Village 10, the Big Easter Chest and Emerald Chest can be found in Village 20, the Valentine’s Chest and Big Lucky Chest can be found in Village 30, the Viking Chest and Saphire Chest can be found in Village 70, the Fortune Chest can be found in Village 100, the Ruby Chest can be found in Village 110, and the Epic Chest can be found in Village 130.

Listed below are the official probabilities as determined by Moon Active, the company that developed Coin Master. The Bonus Spin possibilities for Mystery, Valentine’s, Small Lucky, Big Lucky, Small Easter, and Big Easter Chests are determined by your current Village Level. Pet XP works similarly; the higher your Village Level, the greater the amount of potential Pet XP you can receive from a Chest containing it.

The Joker Card

In addition to participating in Coin Master events and unlocking Mystery Chests, you can win the Joker Card, an extremely rare collectible card. The Joker Card has the power to transform into any other card, even Gold Cards if you like. Take note that Joker Cards have an expiration time, so make sure to utilize them before they are no longer usable!


Pets are cute creatures who join you on Raids and Attacks. The wonderful perks that these faithful little animals provide will aid you on your path to become a Coin Master even further. When you enter the Pet screen via the game’s menu or by touching the Egg beneath the Slots Machine, you will be able to create a pet.

As soon as your Pet is activated, they will provide you with its bonus for the following four hours. However, once those four hours have passed, your Pet will go asleep, and you will be unable to reap the benefits of the medication for an extended period of time.

Pets Coin Master

Feeding your Pet with Treats can help to shorten the period it takes for them to recuperate. You may either pay real money to buy food right away, or you can take a spin on the Slots Machine for a chance to win some tasty treats. Treats are offered in addition to the standard prize you receive as a consequence of your Spin outcome.

Pets’ abilities to give benefits can be enhanced by providing them with XP Potions that raise their level. Unfortunately, XP Potions, like Treats, have a chance of falling with each spin of the Slots Machine’s wheel.


When you attack another player, Tiger increases the amount of Coin you receive as a reward. The Coin bonus rises in proportion to Tiger’s level.


Rhino may only be unlocked once you have completed the Creatures Card Collection. When Rhino is active, he has a chance to deflect enemy attacks, similar to how a Shield accomplishes its job.

Increasing Rhino’s level through the use of XP Potions improves the likelihood that Rhino will successfully fight off an enemy attack. Rhino has a ten percent chance of preventing an enemy attack at his lowest level of proficiency.


Despite the fact that Foxy is the very first Pet you unlock when playing Coin Master, he also happens to be the most valuable at a later stage in the game.

In Raids, Foxy provides you with an additional shovel, which means you have one more chance to locate Coin or dig out a Chest. Foxy becomes available when you reach Village level 4.

Play with Your Friends on Coin Master

Speaking of other individuals, why play this game with strangers when you can play this game with your friends? When you first start the game, you may link your Facebook account and do everything a social, mobile game can do.

such as piss off your friends by spamming them with game invites, bugging your friends to give you free stuff in the game, or attacking and raiding their villages and fortifications.


1. How can you receive free spins Coin Master?

By coming to our website! We offer fresh links for free spins every day as soon as they become available.

2. What are cards for in Coin Master?

You collect cards to complete a collection which consists of 9 cards with the same theme. Every time you finish a collection you get spins and gifts.

3. How many levels are in Coin Master?

Right now there are 314 Villages (levels) that you can play.

4. What do the stars mean in Coin Master?

Stars show your rank and of other players. You can get more stars by building your village and collecting cards.

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