CmonBruh Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin


Knowing the meaning of the CmonBruh emote is the best way to avoid controversy when utilizing it, so come on in and learn more!

CmonBruh Twitch Emote Meaning

When we are perplexed by what is going on or in response to racist statements in the chat, we utilize the CmonBruh emote. This one is really straightforward! It is used to show confusion or bemusement at what has been stated or done.


CmonBruh, also stylized “cmonBruh,” is a Twitch TV emote used to express confusion, especially when something in the Twitch stream is perceived as racist. This emote as the TriHard emote, is sometimes used with racist motivations, so be careful.

The CmonBruh emote like the TriHard emotes, should be used with caution because its connotation can be construed as racist if used incorrectly. We can give the most excellent suggestion to ask the channel moderators what their policy is on this particular emote and only use it with their permission.

CmonBruh Twitch Emote Origin

CmonBruh is widely assumed to be a Twitch staff member. CmonBruh’s origin, like that of much other Twitch emotes, is unknown. It looks to have begun in February of 2016. The emote was first mentioned on Twitter on February 9, 2016, by user @shofu, who termed it “racist as fuck.”

In order to curb racism and problematic use of the emote, many popular streamers, including HasanAbi, have recently banned (warning: explicit language) the CmonBruh emote outright on their Twitch channels. In this particular tape, the unfortunate situation occurred when Hasan brought up the subject of Nicaragua, which sent his conversation into a racist spiral.

The emote was uploaded to the Urban Dictionary on September 28, 2017, about a year and a half later. It has been amended a few times since then to include its various interpretations. It’s been a popular slang phrase for a while, and it’s difficult to say where it came from.

How is CmonBruh Pronounced?

haHaa pronunciation is as simple as screaming: “C-mon-Bruh”.

When to Use CmonBruh?

Cmonbruh, you should use Twitch to say how absurd what a streamer said is. It is frequently used when you think something expressed by a streamer is foolish, even if they are completely earnest.

How Can I Use The CmonBruh Emote On Twitch?

If you want to use the CmonBruh emot in Twitch , You must install the BTTV(Better Twitch TV) browser extension.

Follow The Steps If You Want To Add CmonBruh Emote:

  • Visit
  • Choose your browser.
  • Install the browser extension for CmonBruh.
  • Now you will be able to use CmonBruh Emote.


Download the FrankerfaceZ browser extension, which provides you access to a variety of third-party emotes including CmonBruh, LULW, and more.

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