Blue Lock Chapter 157 Raw Scan, Release Date, Spoiler, Color Page, and Everything You Need to Know

    Blue Lock Chapter 157 will be available in the near future. The majority of fans have been eager about the Blue Lock Chapter 157 release date, time, cast, and other data. This page has been updated with all the latest information regarding Blue Lock Chapter 157.

    Blue Lock Chapter 156 Recap

    In the next chapter of Blue Lock, it’s time for “Bastard!” Around the conclusion of the last chapter, Ego revealed his final trump card for the upcoming league. Kunigami Rebsuke, one of the final remaining wild card players, was in the mix. The forthcoming chapter will mark the start of the first phase of Neo’s league. Additionally, the Club Teams will participate in a joint training session as part of this effort. This predicts a clash between Isagi’s German environment squad and the German Bastards. As implied by the chapter’s title, the outing is intended to introduce each member of the group.

    The squad will begin by practicing under the supervision of a Blue Lockmaster. Almost definitely, the team will lose this match. As a result, Isagi and his squad will suffer a significant setback. We’ll also discuss the different circumstances in which professional Club Teams compete against one another in Blue Lock Chapter 156.

    Blue Lock Chapter 157 Release Date

    Blue Lock Chapter 157 Release Date

    Blue Lock Chapter 157 is scheduled to be released on December 22, 2021. The next chapter of Blue Lock is planned to be released the following week, as is customary.

    Blue Lock Chapter 157 Countdown

    Blue Lock Chapter 157 Spoiler

    Jinpachi Ego is hired as Japan’s World Cup coach following a review of the Japanese Football Association’s present state of the game. Japan, Jinpachi says, lacks an aggressive goal scorer. As a result, he establishes the Blue Lock, a prison-like facility where 300 gifted strikers from high schools throughout Japan are segregated and pitted against one another. The only survivor of Blue Lock will get the privilege to play striker for the national team, while those who lose will be forever forbidden from participating.

    Yoichi Isagi, a striker who failed to lead his high school soccer team to the national championship, has been chosen to participate in this high-risk endeavour. Rather than scoring himself, he gave the ball to a teammate who missed, causing him to ponder if he had been more selfish, the outcome may have been different. Yoichi is presented with a rare opportunity for self-discovery through the Blue Lock Project. He aspires to be the finest striker globally and lead Japan to World Cup victory.

    Blue Lock Chapter 157 Raw Scan

    Blue Lock Chapter 157 Raw Scan

    Blue Lock is a weekly manga that updates every seven days. Blue Lock Chapter 157 will be published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on WednesdayDecember 22, 2021.

    Where to Read Blue Lock Chapter 157?

    We don’t recommend any illegal Website or platform to read the manga. You can read Blue lock Chapter 157 on kodansha.

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