Blonde Release Date, Countdown, Cast, Trailer– All We Know So Far

When Is Blonde Coming Out (Release Date)

NC-17 and Marlyn Monroe are two such topics that excite people way beyond their lifestyles. As controversial as what happened with her, the movie seems to catch some bombshells themselves.

From all the bombshells to Me Too kicking off the production of this movie, many factors involved to make this movie have a story of its own, but you and fans’ joy, finally this movie is highly expected to release well this year. So if you’re interested to know everything about this movie of Blonde, this article is all you need.

Blonde release date on Netflix: When will it air?

We all know how controversial this fictional biopic of Marilyn Monroe is. Dominik is quite famous for his work resonating with critics before reaching the mass audience. His choice to make difficult films make him a great director. The director has been fascinated with creating this film since 2012.

In 2019 Ana De Armas was announced to play the role of Marilyn Monroe. People started to catch the resemblance well. After which, Netflix partnered with the filmmaker to release it on the platform. Since then, it has been put to many stops for multiple reasons, but at last, we will be able to watch this movie on our screens soon.

Blonde Overview

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Blonde Movie Quick Info


Blonde What would it be able to be About
  • Movie Name: Blonde
  • Writer: Andrew Dominik
  • Director: Andrew Dominik
  • Based on : Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates
  • Cast: Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale
  • Genre: Biography, Drama, Mystery, Romance
  • Production: Plan B Entertainment
  • Producer(S): Dede Gardner
  • Music: Nick Cave
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • Theatrical Release Date: September 23, 2022
  • Digital Release Date: TBA
  • Film Industry: Tollywood
  • Streaming On: Netflix

When Is Blonde Coming Out? (Release Date)

After being delayed for two long years, the release date of this series has been finally announced by the streaming partner of Blonde. The series for sure has seen many ups and downs where many controversies and events have become big pits for this film, but after all the wait, Blonde has been announced to release on September 23rd 2022 where the trailer of the series was released on June 16th, 2022.

Blonde Movie Countdown


Blonde: What would it be able to be About?

Blonde is a story of Marilyn Monroe’s internal life, majorly from the 1950s to 60s which is heavily s*xualy fictionalized to keep people interested. This story will focus on Marilyn’s journey from her to rise to her tragic demise, which yet is seen as a mystery.

You can witness this story touch all the key aspects of her life, telling how it felt like to be a world-famous s*x symbol and what caused the demise of a diva.

Do note that the story will be a fictional depiction of her story so it won’t be a hard reality of anything that happened to her. This movie was created purely for entertainment and as a tribute to the world’s biggest diva.

What can we expect from Blonde?

So the very first thing we need to be clear about here is that this movie will explicitly be fictionalized when telling the tale of Marilyn Monroe’s internal life. Based on the famous book ‘Blonde’ this film will portray what it is like to live a life of the world’s famous s*x symbol with a tilt of fiction which, for a fact, will be heavily s*xualised.

What can we expect from Blonde

Starting in 2020, this film has had many pits and falls, but finally the movie has received a release date and soon will be gracefully depicting the complex and tragic story of Marilyn Monroe. Fans have been waiting eagerly for the release of this movie for a long time now, which will finally come to an end very soon.

Who will be playing roles for Blonde?

This movie has been filled with many renowned names that Ana De Armas will resemble to Marilyn Monroe. Besides her, Adrien Brody will be playing Arthur Miller, Bobby Cannavale will be coming as Joe Di Maggio, Caper Phillipson as The President, Sara Paxton as Miss Flynn, and Julianne Nicholson as Gladys.

Where can you watch Blonde, and why should you watch it?

Besides the NC-17 rating, which can be a subjective reason, there are many reasons why you should wait and watch this film. Since this movie is fictionally based on Marilyn Monroe’s, it already excites one to go for this film.

Besides that, it will be a great drama movie that will keep entertained throughout the run time, just like the life of the beloved diva. The filming style of this movie seems to be very fresh and exciting, which further will make this movie a must-watch for both cinema lovers and Marilyn’s fans.

You can watch this movie on Netflix on the release date of the movie, whereas Netflix has also decided to keep minimal cinema screening of this film on the same day of its release on Netflix all across the world.

Blonde Trailer

Yes, the Blonde trailer is available on YouTube. If you want to watch this trailer, you can enjoy the below.


This movie has been highly anticipated by the fans as well as critics as the much-awaited masterpiece of Dominick, the director of this film. After all the pit stops, this movie will soon be released on your Netflix accounts.

So if you’re interested in watching it, you should get your Netflix accounts quickly recharged. We’ll be making updates and changes for any further updates on this movie that are announced by the crew or streaming partners of this film. So make sure you stick to us for that.

Frequently Ask Questions About Blonde Movie

1. Where can you watch Blonde 2022?

We can expect Blonde to be available on Netflix.

2. What are the genres of Blonde?

Blonde under the genres of Biography, Drama, Mystery, And Romance

3. What is the release date of Blonde?

The release date of Blonde September 23, 2022.

4. Who is director of Blonde?

Blonde is directed by Andrew Dominik.

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