Black Clover Chapter 314 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scan

Black Clover Chapter 314 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scan

Mereoleona makes a return appearance in Black Clover Chapter 314! Additionally, we see that Morris was only a sacrifice for the devil Lucifero’s emergence. Continue reading in the spoilers section. The episode begins with a flashback that details Yami’s struggle, hopes, and dreams. As a child, hardly one believed in him due to black magic. We learned more about the Black Bulls Captain Yami in the last chapter. We first met Yami when he was a child and unsure what to do with his grimoire. Additionally, we witnessed young Julius and Nacht from the moment they met.

Black Clover Chapter 313 Recap

Morris’s decision to open another portal and let the destructive Devils work gives us a clear understanding of the war raging in the Underworld. Captain Yami used to avoid connecting with others due to widespread belief that his powers could be dangerous.

Previously, Yami appeared alongside another warrior, whom we later learn is Nacht. He informed Yami of his Dark Magic’s enormous destructive potential. Nacht commended Yami on his ability to unite people and recommended that he pursue a career as a Brigade Captain.

On the other hand, Yami swears that he will one day organize his own Brigade, despite the fact that other Brigades will not select the individuals he will choose.

Yami’s objective was to form a Brigade comprised of individuals with criminal records, missing persons, and those who had been shackled. A Brigade of this nature will aid individuals who wish to utilize their strengths and channel their potential effectively.

Black clover Chapter 314 Release Date

Black clover Chapter 314 Release Date

According to sources, Black Clover Chapter 314 will be released in stores on Sunday, November 21, 2021. Rest assured that we are working diligently to obtain spoilers as soon as possible. We will put them in this section as soon as they become available. However, due to the fact that time zones vary by location, the show may arrive earlier in some locations than in others.

  • JAPAN – 1.00 am 21st November
  • USA/CANADA– 10.00 am 21st November
  • India– 9.30 pm 21st November
  • The UK– 4.00 pm 21st November
  • Europe– 5.00 pm 21st November

Black clover Chapter 314 Discussions and Predictions

In flashbacks, Charmy is seen wearing ragged clothing and appears to have been through a difficult period. Fans want to learn more about her past. Additionally, we require more Charmy/Yuno, but oh well.

Lucifero has yet to arrive on the scene. Although his host Dante has already been defeated, he is still the highest-ranking devil and hence may prove challenging to defeat.

Readers are ready to witness real combat, which is sure to occur now that Yami is awake. Asta is also anticipated to play a big part in Moris’s defeat.

Black Clover Chapter 314 Spoilers

  • ‘Assembly’ is the title of the chapter.
  • This is occurring as a result of Lucifero’s abilities.
  • The public is taken aback by her.
  • The devils emerging from the get manifested as a colossal devil.
  • Lucifero expresses gratitude to Morris for his efforts.
  • Following Morris’ death, the second gate opened even faster.
  • The chapter concludes with the manifestation of Lucifero being punched by Black Bulls.
  • William is a source of concern for Langris and Patri.
  • Members of the Black Bulls are depicted casting a spell.
  • Mereoleona vanquished the gigantic demon.
Black Clover Chapter 314 Raw Scan

Black Clover Chapter 314 Raw Scan

This week there will be no break! We anticipate the release of the upcoming Black Clover chapter 314 raw scans on November 17, 2021, in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. These are the raw materials suppliers. Scanlation teams will translate the raws, and the fan-translated English version will be available shortly. These will be available on or about November 20, 2021. You’ll need to conduct a Google search for them, but keep in mind that they are illegal.

Where to read Black Clover Chapter 314

The most recent chapters are and will continue to be accessible for reading on Viz Media, Shonen Jump, and MangaPlus.

Is Black Clover Coming To An End?

According to insiders, the series may have struggled with sales and may be nearing its conclusion. However, the story has developed a sizable global fandom that eagerly awaits the release of new chapters.

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